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Reverend Father Antonio Hernández, O.M.D., A.B.F.
Founder of the Independent Order of American Buddhist Fathers


Why, oh why, am I not surprised to see Old Chisel-chin (that's Senator John Kerry to you, mister!) duking it out with Baby Bush (a.k.a. White House thief)? I ask you: who cares about what either of them did or didn't do in the 1960s? Bush is a liar, a thief, a megalomaniac, a man worse than Reagan and a truly destructive force. John Kerry, bitterly enough, is the pretender who doesn't challenge this nasty incumbent. He lets Bush openly and wrongly accuse him of the same things.

We're sick of it to the point of not wanting to vote. (Not that our votes count.)
If I were John Kerry, I would use the debates to challenge Bush on the following questions:
1. Where are Usama bin Laden and his people?
2. Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
3. What is going to happen to Social Security, Medicare, and education?
4. Why are the rich being unfairly undertaxed?
5. Why did you steal the election in Florida?
6. What would you tell the families of Iraqi casualties- not just Americans?
7. Why do you campaign for an illegal amendment to the Constitution?
8. What exactly did YOU do in 1969?

And that, my friends, would just be for starters. Except that Kerry is too slow. People accused Abraham Lincoln of being slow, obtuse and undereducated. They were WRONG! The same things are being said of Kerry. I am beginning to wonder if they are right. This was the shining hope to fight Bush?

As my readers knows, I never supported Kerry until I had no choice. My support was all for Richard Gephardt, who left the race weeping like a baby, after the Iowa Caucuses. So much for logical hope. This Kerry fellow was not only unknown, he was a nonentity. All of a sudden, there he was out front. Before Democrats could catch their collective breath, there was that pesky little John Edwards, running with Kerry like a faithful spaniel.
That's some clown act- or so it looks to me from where I'm standing in the circus tent.

What we all have to ask ourselves in America right now is this: is jus any old candidate better than the lying, conniving thief in the White House? The answer is yes. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Even at that, supporters are starting to balk at Kerry's perceived silence on major issues. The only thing he has made clear is that he doesn't support gay marriage, either. Great! It looks like two Bushes for the price of one!

The polls (read: I'll-manipulate-the-numbers-any-damn-way-I-please) are weird. Something close to two-thirds of the country is allegedly in love with Bush and his gun-slinging ways. Yet that is allegedly the same number of Bush-haters. The clean, pure statistic? It's about the same for Kerry as for Bush: forty-who-gives-a-shit percent.
Them ain't good numbers in an election that is said to be the closest ever. What does it say about Americans? That we believe our votes don't count? That we don't care? That we are being royally screwed? Can anyone say, "All of the above"?

We're being screwed, we don't pay attention and we don't care. When Americans take that attitude, it really makes us out to be the crude, puerile barbarians the rest of the world already knows we are. Even in this election, which could mean the difference between rational action and World War III, Americans are pooling themselves to add up to one gigantic let-down. How's that for participle-dangling?

I ask myself and my fiends why we can't try to make the world wrong about us, just this once. While they mindlessly blunder through life, too stupid to read, too dimwitted to listen to the news, they fight me on the subject- they say that the world really is wrong about America. How? I ask them. Some people have actually answered me with that time-honored wisdom: "DUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH". Forget September 11; we have.
I'm beginning to believe that word really does define America.
September 14th 2004

You Have The Right To Remain Vocal
Rev Antonio Hernandez on Gay Rights and homophobia in the Bush Administration

Rev Hernandez will be taking a well earned break for a while. We will see him again later after the Bush landslide is over. Ed


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