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The International Writers Magazine:USA Politics

Big Brown
Dean Borok

It’s an unfortunate omen for Barack Obama that he was awarded the Democratic nomination the same week Big Brown crapped out at Belmont
. I say Obama was awarded the nomination because he didn’t win it. Hillary Clinton beat him hands down in every big primary except Illinois. Obama was carried forward by a children’s crusade in the caucus states, which have very little to do with big-time politics. She was browbeaten into conceding even though she was ahead in the popular vote.

Clinton could have gone forward to the convention and insisted that the full convention vote on whether or not to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations, and she would have won that vote too. She could have ripped the nomination from Obama the same as you rip a newborn from a mother’s breast, but it would have been too distasteful (not for me). The whole party ganged up on her, not to mention the media. The media, as we all know is in the pay of the big Republican interests. The party is so sure of beating McCain that they would prefer to have an easy mark to push around in the White House, who owes them, instead of having the Clintons, who would run them. If Obama gets elected, which is not a foregone conclusion considering the polls showing white voters going over to McCain, he is going to owe everything to the party apparatus.

If he gets elected. Even with Bush’s shit record and the economy in the garbage can, not to mention Katrina, WTC, Iraq, an Obama victory is nowhere near being a foregone conclusion. He doesn’t stand a chance of winning in the redneck states, which were easy bait for Hillary Clinton. People may be sickened by the Republicans’ wicked thievery, incompetence and hypocrisy, but the electorate has an overall favorable opinion of McCain, and they know how to split their vote. McCain could conceivably be swept into office on the coattails of a massive Democratic sweep of Congress, the same way the garbage gets swept in to dock in the wake of the Staten Island Ferry.

And that’s not even counting the millions of Democrats like myself who are repulsed by the whole Obama cult. If this Obama does not win, there are going to be evil repercussions inside the party, and a putsch to get rid of the dorks who helped him knock off Hillary Clinton. It’s going to be The Night of the Long Knives.

This whole situation brings to mind the Aesop fable of the dog with the bone, who, seeing his reflection in the water lunges at the bone in the water and loses the real one out of stupidity. Because the Democratic Party, partly because of listening to wicked advice, decided to buy a pig in a poke instead of going with a sure winner. We were this close to a social revolution, and we ended up buying a bill of goods.

At the same time that the Democratic Party was jettisoning a sure winner in favor of what appears at best to be a dicey proposition, one of Obama’s main pillars of support, The New York Post, was hyping another one of its star picks, Big Brown, to be the first triple crown winner in 30 years. Every day The Post provided wall-to-wall coverage of the horse, including his diet, training regimen, drug history and adoring, suitable-for-framing portrait photos of his little horsey butt.

Naturally, Big Brown finished dead last at Belmont, which must have made a lot of bookmakers happy, and I have no doubt that these bookies made sure to spread some of that largesse in the direction of The Post’s team of hungry sports “journalists”. Big Brown is not the only bag of bones to receive The Post’s official imprimatur. Last fall I wrote about a marvelous piece of betting misinformation emanating from that rag when it favored the lowly Jets over the top-rated Cowboys by a wide spread. Naturally, the Jets tanked too, enriching gambling operators throughout the tri-state empire.

Anybody who lets The Post do their thinking for them is an imbecile, and that extends to its political coverage. The Post backs losers as a matter of course. But it’s not because they’re stoopid. Oh no, they’re not stoopid at all! (we’re the ones stoopid, because we’re the ones who are eating their garbage)The Post backs losers because it pays well.

Back the Jets against the Cowboys and you get paid by the bookies. Promote a glue factory prospect like Big Brown and you get paid by the bookies. It’s really hard to figure out, isn’t it?

Back Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton and you get paid by AIG and the big banks and insurance combines. And we’re talking REAL MONEY here. AIG can cough up some serious dough. No wonder every day since February The Post was screaming for her to get out of the race.

Now that The Post has gotten Hillary Clinton out of the way, they are going to go after their tomato can, Obama, the same way, just like I pictured it. The end result is going to resemble an internet car crash photo, only smashed up against the windshield is going to be American society.

© Dean Borok June 15th 2008

Health and Safety in New York
Dean Borok
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