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Cassie Bond

One of my guilty pleasures in life has to be reading my horoscope but sometimes they can offer a general outline of what a person is like. I am an Aquarius which according to astrologers means I am a honest and loyal friend but beware I can seem detached!

A very reliable article I read about my horoscope said that Aquarians are prone to weak ankles which is totally true as I broke my ankle playing basketball on a trampoline with three other girls. I am a calamity Jane and frequently fall over, normally in front of vast amounts of people. I am now past the point of being majorly embarrassed by myself. I don’t really exist on this planet as my head is normally in the clouds and I suffer from an overripe imagination which is not good in dark places where there is no one around. My greatest love in my life is my family and it really hurts to be apart from them but I feel I have to or I will always have the mental maturity of a twelve year old girl. I am the youngest of my family so I have always been protected and I think my sister still sees me as her three year old sister. Both my sister and my brother have weird names (they are called Chad and Misty). I have the nickname of bub at home (I don’t know why) or babypuff because of my hair. I have recently discovered that my name means frivolous or spice tree.

I would love to devote all my time to writing but unfortunately I can’t survive on air so I am divided between joining Greenpeace, teaching English or joining a magazine. I think magazines are too full of advertisements and would love to produce my own magazine which would be full of topical and hard-hitting articles. I would love to be able to empower women through this instead of filling it with pieces on how to please your partner. I think that the society that we are living in now lacks strong role models and is instead too full of the unrealistic, fake glamour of Hollywood and of size zero models.

Two of the greatest challenges I am facing so far in University has to be managing my money as I am abit harebrained at times and learning to cook my own food. As of yet I haven’t burnt anything which I think is an accomplishment in itself. As long as there is frozen meals in the world I won’t starve. I am a total addict of Starbuck’s frappucinos, especially the mocha ones and could quite happily spend all my student loan in there, which is why I avoid it like the plague.

© Cassie Bond November 2006

Cassie is studying Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth
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