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The International Writers Magazine: Dreamscapes

Crystal Ball
"If you could forsee your fate, will you still like to continue it?"
• Linn Li
Lying comfortably in Mum's warm womb, I am waiting the right time to get out of it. I actually already know something about the outside world , I can hear my parent's chatting, even I am hiding here. They're planning a huge party to celebrate my birth.


One day, I have a strange dream. A honeyed voice calls out to me.

"My angel, beauty of the world, your soul and heart are my desired treasure. You'll own the dream life if you can provide that to me. Anything you want it , you'll get it." A coolest man talks to me. He has pale skin,long blonde hair, a sharp face like marble without any emotion.

"Who are you? How can you know I am a beauty ?" I raise my enquiry.
"You don't need to know who I am, just trust my words. " He replies.

I hope to have a pony for my third year's birthday. A Mini-Cooper car for my 18th year birthday. My mind is wandering , and he quickly seized a deal.

"You like pony? Mini Cooper?" he asks.
" Eh? You ! " I cry out.

A crystal ball suddenly appeared in his palm.

"Look at it."

I see a pretty girl, a lovely house with garden, a birthday party, a pony, dancing party, a silver Mini Cooper car, a boyfriend, husband, two kids - it all passed by like movie scenes.

" That's me?" I ask.
" Yeah? Angel? I'll take my gift now."

My head nodded naturally.

There's a sudden pain on my ringfinger. There's a wound on it. He tastes the blood with eagerness. His eyes spark with excitement and satisfaction.

"So fresh! " he murmurs.
"Remember to touch the crystall ball if you ever need more!" He vanishes.

With very loud crying, I finally enter the world. My coming brings a great joy to the family. A celebrating party is held in the home. All my relatives join the party with gifts. I discover the crystal ball is in there.

My life is performed exactly as I saw it before. I have a perfect family. Jealous friends. But I feel more and more disturbed as time goes by. There must be something missing, must be.....

One night, my husband and kids are already sleep. I take out that crystall ball in the garden. Moonlight shines with calm and peace. I touch it.

He instantly appears in front of me.

"My angel, long time not seeing you."
"I want my soul and heart back. "
"Are you not satisfied with your perfect life? Anything wrong?"
"Nothing, I just want my soul and heart back."
"You'll lose everything you have, my dear. Think twice, there's no chance for you to change your mind!"
"I don't need to think twice. I've already considered this for a long time."
"Your wish comes first. " He bowed.

He put his palm on my ringfinger. I feel warmth. My scar is cured, and he vanishes again.
I know there will be a storm coming. I never expected it would come so soon, and so strong ...

After one week, my husband is fired because the company he works for are declared bankrupt. We don't have income to pay to the mortgage. We have to move to a small apartment . He begins to drink and smoke heavily. Enjoying afternoon tea with friends becomes a impossible. We are in an economic crisis, it's impossible to find a job. He often loses his temper and we quarrel quite lot.

One day he's drunk again, and beats me and our kids - which certainly never happened before. I sobbed for a whole night, and in the morning, I find he has committed suicide without leaving any words.

I find a part-time job in laundry shop to support living. It's a very hard time, sometimes, we don't have sufficient money and food, but finally, after some time, we overcome it.

I see my kids grow up, marry their sweethearts, and have their own kids. I upgrade to grandmother, our life is become better and better, but my health gets progressively worse. I realize that my last day is approaching......

One midnight, I find that crystall ball again, touch it and he appears . Time never leaves a mark on him. He's still the most handsome and coolest man in my heart. We stare at each other for a long time.

"I'll die in a couple of days.' I tell him. 'I hoped to say good-bye to you."
"Why you don't touch the crystal ball when your husband gone?"
"I was too much occupied ."
"Do you regret the choice you made?"
"You mean getting my heart and soul back? No, never. I tasted tears, happiness, sorrow, struggle , love and pain."

I see some hesistation on his eyes. He paused for a while and speaks.

"I will not let you die. "

I found myself lifted from my body. Suddenly I am standing in the sky with him. He kisses me gently. I am changed back to my youthful body.

"You know how hard I have to control myself not to find you? You know how much I suffer when I saw you work hard to support the kids? Finally, we can be together forever."

I saw my kids and grandchildren cry over my death. They will never know that I am much happier than I was living in their world. God likes to play favorite tricks. That's definitely the truth.

© Linn Linn Li November 2013
li.linn3 (at)

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