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urban ink productions proudly presents:

Rare Earth Arias

Featuring the commissioned word arias of six women writers from the Downtown Eastside and the reactive luster of some of Vancouver’s most acclaimed theatre divas, Rare Earth Arias is an earthly meeting of words, dresses, electrical conductivity and the celebration of the rare voice.
Rare Earth Arias features the writing of Wendy Chew, Rosemary Georgeson, Leith Harris, Sharon Jo Jelden, Ruth Matemotja Barnett, and Muriel Williams, all members of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Writing Group. Artistic Directed by Marie Clements and Maiko Bae Yamamoto, and directed by Mercedes Baines, Rachel Ditor, Kathleen Flaherty, Lorena Gale, Sophie Merasty, and Adrienne Wong, Rare Earth Arias is performed by Patti Allan, Patricia Collins, Tasha Faye Evans, Patricia Idlette, Suzie Payne and Vera Wong with the operatic stylings of Katherine Harris.

Set and costume design by Barbara Clayden,
lighting design by James Proudfoot and stage management by David Kerr.

Rare Earth Arias is presented at The Firehall Arts Centre - Studio (280 E. Cordova),
October 17th to 26th, 2002.
Special pay what you can preview on October 16th.
Tickets: $12/10.
Call 604.689.0926 or visit
Group rates available, please call 604.692.0885.

urban ink productions is a Vancouver based, First Nations production company founded in 2001 By Marie Clements. The mandate of the company is to create, develop, and produce Aboriginal and multicultural works of theatre, writing and film, utilizing an approach that embraces the combination and integration of artistic disciplines, including different forms of theatre, story-telling, dance, music, video and multi-media. urban ink productions seeks to create new works which celebrate and bring together different cultural and artistic perspectives and inter-racial experiences.

Previous productions include Urban Tattoo on tour to the Festival de Theatre des Ameriques in Montreal, and Burning Vision in association with Rumble Productions. The company has also published an anthology of poems by the Downtown Eastside Women’s Writing Group, entitled Rituals of Rock in association with the Firehall Arts Centre.
Rare Earth Arias is produced with the support of the Firehall Arts Centre Launch Pad program.

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