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Michael Mann’s RHD [Robbery Homicide Division]

Season Opener Sept. 27th. 2002.
RHD stars Tom Sizemore as ‘Sam Cole’ an LAPD Lieutenant who has the daunting task of deciphering the vicious acts of high-level drug-dealers, money-launderers, corrupt cops and the many minions of such crooks who are never what they seem to be.

Michael Mann’s return to TV- he is famous/notorious for MIAMI VICE and CRIME STORY - is a superlative whodunit-police procedural wherein you can see the cast actually THINK and FEEL HUNCHES and know when to NOT intimidate suspects and punch their macho insecurities into overdrive.

Sam Cole never oversteps the mark in his interrogations of truly sociopathic perps. In this role Sizemore as scenes with a cop on the take played by Mario von Peebles that ring as authentic as a steeple bell on a clear pristine morning.

RHD’s first episode was so intricate that you had to watch and weigh every move by the law enforcers and the law breakers. It is an exhilarating show that looks and sounds like a full-force theatrical movie. An exemplary exercise in ubercool style superimposed upon overly familiar subject-matter explored cleverly for its subtext.

© Alex Grant Ocotber 2002

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