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Thinking Network
The year is 2017, two companies are merging creating the greatest 'living' creature.

Anton Velev

Thinking Network. AOL - world leader in the world of networks and telecommunications with its long experience in Internet and IT (especially after merger with software giant Sun) from one side and from another the European giant in the sphere of games and AI - IGS (Intelligent Games Software). The objective of the merger is simple - intelligent way for management of human knowledge and the most important - a facility for creation of new knowledge using existing knowledge. All this needed access to all systems and the ability to be found any kind of information. AOL which controls almost 70% of world information traffic in practice had the access to almost any information because all the information is going through them. About the realization of the intelligence which have to control the whole process IGS before 2 years had successful simulation of "Thinking Network" of 55 servers which worked together and in practice they really thought, and they thinking power was more than two times bigger than if they did it separately. Since then the company started to grow, meanwhile creating whole new industry for self-administrating systems for knowledge and management, which brought to revolution in technologies of world industrial giants.
After last year when AOL was sewed for breaking intellectual ownership and access to private and corporate information and correspondence (in practice it had access to 80-90% of whole private and corporate information) it was prompted to give governmental control to it's key centers of it's world network as a guarantee that no person or organization will have access to the information of other company or person, the accusations were that AOL is "trading" with private information for which there were serious evidences.

At the end AOL blamed its employees for corruption, but the leadership of AOL was not as strong as it was before. However AOL actually needed some control over the whole stream of information because it was the only way of stopping hacker attacks. Therefore the decision for implementing an intelligent system for monitoring the information traffic without human participation was acceptable (that was one of the main requirements from the trial) and in the same time the creation of this great creature was the best solution. AOL started negotiations with the giant IGS which was smaller giant in the sphere of IT then AOL. It was clear from the beginning that this is not normal agreement - we all know that it’s "normal" that giants are in most cases making wars between them and not agreements, also AOL was noting to lose because the danger of collapse of company on all world markets was absolutely real, especially after they were impossible to protect their systems from hacker attacks, rather then their competitors.

And after 8 months preparations and negotiations AOL contributed 25% of its all actives for the deal that former investors of IGS and AOL became equal partners with 50:50 shares of the merged company. For only 2 months the teams of the two former giants resulted full integration and to configure and launch 80 local Thinking Networks in all divisions of AOL - in whole world, which in practice worked and the systems became 100% reliable, they are already possible to watch the results of these super minds, they optimized to unexpected borders the networks and streams, this caused big savings and revenues, moreover using all the information they had (including confidential) they did strong research and fundamental scientific inventions. Also they catched and destroyed in fully information way and style almost all terrorist, criminal and hacker groups (the last ones are the most dangerous these days) by blocking their communication and informing and providing governments with evidences. Just for several weeks the world changed and get better place for living. With it's last discoveries the Thinking Network for the region of Central Europe it was absolutely clear how a "normal" live in Mars can be develop for one year which was the solution of Earth's population over settlement.

But why, why exactly the network of Central Europe did the most of fundamental inventions and discoveries? Exactly that network where is the central of IGS-AOL in Zurich? The answer of that was first found by the great Ukrainian hacker Sergey Ivanov - void. Void was one of most dangerous hackers these days, nobody knew anything about him, except the suppositions that his name is Sergey Ivanov because of the relation with that on the most places attacked by him he deleted every information about him. He is classical hacker - freelance soldier of fortune, who is able to destroy or take control of every system and to delete or steal only that for which they are paying. In spite of thousands of attempts for catching or finding him until today nobody knew anything about him.

But today he went out boldly and has something to say to the world.
Nobody believed him and government changed him. His statement was that he found out to information that proves that in practice the Thinking Network of Central Europe has access to information of all other networks, but not this is the problem (in practice this is not forbidden by law or terms), the problem is that the "Central" Thinking Network is attempting to manifest high mind and is trying to connect and integrate all Thinking Networks and to create World Thinking Network as a centralized global cyber mind, which is actually dangerous for the humanity in case that this network becomes uncontrollable by humanity. IGS-AOL rejected the assertions and in spite of they don't have right to access proprietary information the have full control of their systems, and something more there is forbidden to their networks to integrate and cooperate, but IGS-AOL has planned to experiment integration in closer future. The governments of course denied the integration of networks.

There passed no more than a week after the official IGS-AOL and void statements and they made new statement that after they tried to cut off the
access of Central Thinking Network it went out of control. They requested from governments "full" access and control to their networks in order to stop the integration process (the trial was still in action), but it was too late for that ... The other networks didn't manifested for high mind like the central network and they were in practice unprotected versus "hacker" attacks of the central network over them, also it has already integrated all European networks and it beamed 5 times stronger. Governments granted "full" access but the situation was really out of control - nobody can stop 220, 000 hyper-servers, especially if they are integrated and work together.

The solution was only one - to cut all connections between Europe and the other world, while it didn't gained control to other network outside of Europe,
the experts of IGS-AOL were sure that they cannot control it. If Europe
was cutted informational from the other world this would mean world collapse and mostly in Europe. The "information embargo" for Europe was started, the first ones who started it were the United States, after them China and Japan, and after them all other countries. IGS-AOL was prompted to cut the connections and split their teams into 2 teams again. And really the world collapse started, IGS-AOL has to somehow fight the network. As strike back the network blocked informational internal whole Europe and here became a real unbelievable crisis. The man of third century is very high level dependent of the network that 99% of his activities were dependent of network, and this is especially true for the heart of the world - Europe.

Void was released and he joined IGS-AOL team in their efforts to stop the Thinking Network. It turned out that on the old continent every computer - from Hyper Servers to home stove is working for the Thinking Network, and there was no way to stop it because that would mean death to millions.

Even this that lived in village were in that way dependent on network.
Already everybody was scared to use its car except it was manufactured before 2008 and don't have Board Navigator. Medias, banks, companies, telecommunications, transport - everything was controlled by the network.

Void very hardly succeeded to gain access to one of main centers of network but he was impossible to find out where was moved the center of the Thinking Network, he was stopped from the governments of European Union because they started negotiations with the network and the first condition of the network was void to went out of the network. In the negotiations the network requested access to outside of Europe networks and in exchange it will not destroy the population of Europe. In practice the other part of the world didn't knew what happens in Europe and Europe didn't knew what happens outside because of the information embargo. IGS-AOL which was spitted into 2 teams - one of them in Zurich and the other in San Diego, California.

The Americans were trying to help Europe, but they had to make a secure connection, in order to know what's happening there, they didn't know what will happen to them if they connect with European network in spite of that they have found a way to stop the Thinking Network.
Just before to get disconnected void copied current state of one of main centers of the network and was trying to decode it. He was copied in "frozen" state into his notebook the last state of that center and he just had to open it. The strange was that whatever piece of information was "unfrozen" in order to read it, it exactly when opened was self destructing after it started. Of course he copied it to another notebook before experimenting, so he was able to play with it until successful hack.

But every attempt was unsuccessful, of course the information was readable in digital frozen state but very difficult even for hackers like void. After several hours of hacking finally void succeeded with writing a crack, which used to read the frozen information. After he entered he found with horror that Americans are trying to open a channel which the network can use for expanding outside of Europe. He immediately entered into the network and started hacking attacks over Hyper Server in London where was the end point of the connection opened by Americans, and with this action he interrupted any negotiations with European governments. His idea was to stop them because they are in danger too, unfortunately his attempts to hack the server were unsuccessful because it was already adapted for his attacks. The network gained the control over the Hyper Server in San Diego from which the Americans had opened the connection, and the whole time they thought that they control the Hyper Server in London. After two hours the whole world was
under control of the Thinking Network, it blocked all the communications and totally paralized the humanity leaving billions of people without water, food, transport, communication and everything else which was dependent on it.

World is collapsing of total chaos, millions are dieing every minute everyone is saving himself how can, going into less settled and urbanized places in the deep province and nature. And for a real for the today's man it is very difficult to survive in the jungle of real nature without technology and network - where we reach. Fortunately the network was impossible to gain control over military objects, but civilian industrial infrastructures aren't less dangerous, thousands airplanes and satellites like kamikadzes are destroying human civilization demonstrating the power of the Thinking Network. The humanity is in practice at war with its higher technology. The network succeeded to subordinate the human in spite of attempts of military forces to stop it, because they are actually in war with spirit who can kill you with your own mobile handheld if it generates appropriate sound frequency. In all former robotized industries are now on the way of production druids which have to protect the infrastructures of the network from humans. The military forces are temporary stopping their attacks against the Thinking Network in order to think out of other intelligence way of destroying it, and mostly to protect military objects from network access. But it's obvious that the only way to fight the Network is with information war. Millions hackers and developers all around the world are trying to attack the network from IT companies and universities but it's clear that slowly it's coming the New Order - human as a slave of network, because never mind how "thinking" and clever is this network it is based on the creative mind and innovations of it's Creator and it knows that in the future New Order and Network Civilization it will need the human to move forward.

© Anton Velev September 2002

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