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The International Writers Magazine: Review

Paris Chic & Trendy by Adrienne Ribes-Tiphaine
(The Little Bookroom)
ISBN 1-892145-53-7
ISBN-13: 978-1892145536
Tiffany Lee review

A woman’s enjoyment of the shopping experience has long since evolved from the desire to look good. Shopping for the right garment is a quest for an identity, a sense of self confidence, individuality; all of which emerge from the sheer, and perhaps childish, pleasure of ‘dressing up’.

When we walk into a shop we do not want to be met by one perfect outfit. Instead we want to be submerged into a chic wonderland of possibilities, to be offered the chance to exercise our own creativity in forming our own unique look, and no-one understands that chase better than Adrienne Ribes-Tiphaine.

Paris Chic & Trendy is the ultimate handbag sized, fashionista bible. Written in the style of a serious of short extracts offering an insight into some of the hottest Parisian boutiques and key locations, Ribes-Tiphaine takes her reader on beautiful journey into the heart of fashion, sophistication and glamour. Catering for all tastes, the trends discussed in this book vary from Asian prints to gothic rock, from pretty in pink to tailoring, from mainstream to avant guard. Ribes-Tiphaine inspects the stores to great detail and explores whether they are relatively expensive, whether they offer high-fashion or everyday wear, and most interestingly she discusses the intimacy of the locations by highlighting particular locations where you can interact and receive advice from the designer.

Ribes-Tiphaine is extremely sensitive to the average reader, and does not demand a previous understanding of industry terms. The writing style is informative and fun yet she manages to voice her obvious enthusiasm for the subject when she delves further into the history of the stores and the designers, which became the real highlights when reading this book. Ribes-Tiphaine reveals fascinating information about how vital fashion must-haves originally emerged onto catwalks, and effectively into our cupboards, such as the ballet pump. Similarly, she engages with how some of the stores included played a role in female history, for example Bridgette Bardot appearing on a beach wearing an item from the exotic Chantal Thomas collection, therefore promoting female sexuality.

If Ribes-Tiphane fails to excite your palate with her delicate depiction of the varying influences among the designers, then the stunning photography by Sandrine Alouf will. It may not have you packing your bags and jet setting off to France straight away, but it will definitely add a touch of Parisian class to your coffee table.

©   Tiffany Lee March 2008

Tiffany reviews for and is studying for her degree in Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth

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