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Rainbow Hunter
• Victor Castleton

Double Rainbow

Riding eastern bound winds down the trail, I encountered a rainbow hunter; I said hello, but she turning to the skies spoke wisely, "I would do whatever the Lord wants me to do," she said.
Isn't that a good sign? I asked staring at the fuzzy sun slinging a half a rainbow playing with a steamy cloud. "Yes," she said after a few seconds of silence, "it is a beautiful rainbow..."

Vacillating for an instant she asked "isn't?" raising her blue eyes expecting an answer. We embraced and I kissed this elusive hunter on her cheek and she was glad and smiled; stretching her hand she held on to the fading lights of the day, blending with the swirling clouds above the trees.

Now the wind turned to the west whispering secrets and short tales going my way unwinding time.

A Ride Through The Park
Victor Castleton

I knew how to get there. Someplace around here there must be still this path leading to the water.
Block Island Here We Come!
Victor Castleton

That morning I loaded up the bicycles on the Jeep’s rack. “We are going to Block Island!” I cheered!

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