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Directed by: Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon.
Screenplay: William Steig (Characters)
J. David Stem, Joe Stillman, David N Weiss

Shrek 2 is already the most popular film of the year beating off Harry Potter 3 and I wouldnıt be surprised if it doesnıt beat Spiderman 2 as well. We may not know what we like most of the time, but Shrek certainly hits all the right buttons for moviegoers. However, it is worth mentioning that a lot of effort has gone into this animated film to make is as fresh and entertaining as the first one and it although it can no longer surprise us with its originality, the sequel does make everyone laugh and there can few higher purposes in life than that right now.

The story is Meet The Parents v Prizzi's Honor . Well, OK, maybe not exactly that, but when Shrek in invited by his brideıs parents to visit them at Far Far Away they are expecting her to have married a Prince, not an ogre. Shrek and Fiona take the trip, taking Donkey along, inviting many 'Are we there yet' jokes. When at last the King and Queen and the people meet the ogre they are shocked. At dinner, it is very tense indeed. Even Donkey can see not all is well. The Kingıs reaction is to hire a 'hit cat' in a pub run by the 'Ugly Sister' to take care of him to pave the way for Prince Charming to be the husband. The hit cat 'Puss in Boots' tries his best, but soon sees that he cannot defeat this Ogre and changes sides. They set out, with Donkey, to discover the real truth about the Fairy Godmother who has gone corporate in a big way. On the way they managed to steal a special potion called 'Happily Ever After' and ...well we wouldnıt want to spoil anything, would we.

Shrek and Fiona Meet the folks

Puss n' Boots looking 'innocent'

Thereıs a lot of talent having a good time here. John Cleese as the King, Jennifer Saunders perfectly typecast as the Fairy Godmother, Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots, Julie Andrews as the Queen and Rupert Everett as Prince Charming. Everyone wonderfully cast to good effect. Of course, Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz are as amazing as ever as Shrek and Princess Fiona, perfectly pitched alongside Eddie Murphyıs hilarious Donkey. (If only Murphy was as funny in his own movies.) One highlights from the movie is when the Three Pigs, Three Blind Mice and Pinocchio come to Shreks rescue in a spoof of Mission Impossible. Seeing Pinocchio all tied up in knots is wonderful. But all the way through there are astonishing moments from other films and fairy stories, always subverting the genre and making us laugh. Is it for kids or adults? How do they get Donkey's hair so real, never mind Prince Charming's swaying locks. Well who cares, it's great. For once in life, this Dreamworks enterprise is for all of us and if you are in need of a laugh, join the line up and see Shrek 2 this summer yourself.

© S.N. June 2004

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