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The International Writers Magazine
: Portsmouth University Creative Arts Dec 2004

Creative Arts Level 2: Visual Theatre – Review
8/12/04 University of Portsmouth- Wiltshire Theatre
Review by Gemma Roxanne Williams

Simply entitled "Silent Scream" and based upon the Japanese Kakemono painter Kwashin Koji (hauntingly played by Stuart Crang); this series of four abstract tales was both well devised and superbly acted.
Each evocative tale stood out in its own right, while adding to the piece as a whole- each tale being linked by the presence of Kwashin Koji, and an imitation of his producing a drawing- which gave the enthralled audience a clue towards the following tale.

The lack of speech, and presence of fittingly haunting and bold music, as well as the use of drums, sticks and collective voice at times, really assisted a powerful piece of acting, allowing us to focus on the unfolding action. Blank, Japanese style masks, and a variety of unusual costumes and props both aided the authentic Japanese feel as well as adding to the mystery which kept the attention of the captivated audience throughout.

I particularly liked the use of lighting, allowing shadows to be cast on the back wall- creating a beautiful ghostly, mysterious affect-aiding the enchanting mystery of the tales.
Altogether a very well finished, strong piece , which bodes well for all involved as there was not one poor actor/actress; very professional, especially considering all involved are still only in their second year!

Puppet Master: Anona Evans, Ken Leung, Zoe McCall, Caroline Stollery
Sleepy head: Matt Brawn, Laura Coope, Lucy Shakespeare, James Talbott, Clover Tucker
Tailor Maid: Marc Broad, Georgina Lord, Michelle Nelson, Clare Robinson, Ellie Young
The Most Curious Kakemono of Kwashin Koji: Stuart Crang, Helen Evans, Chris Underhay, Abby Vail.
Lighting, Sound, Publicity and Stage design: Laura Pedack
Unit/Technical Co-ordinators: Stuart Olesker, John Stanton/Gemma Roxanne Williams
University of Portsmouth 2004


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