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The Why's in the Road.
Michael Levy
Could our sick stock portfolio be a reason we are visiting the doctor?

Each day in our lives there are decisions to be made. Most are small but nevertheless can have significant impact on our happiness. We amble along and make the most of each situation we face as the result of our actions. But there will come a time when we come to a BIG fork in the road. A big Y. Do we turn left or right.

Perhaps we have been laid off from a job we had for twenty years or more? Maybe we are confronting a divorce after twenty years of matrimony or was it purgatory?
Possibly we are grieving after a tragic death of a love one for whom we cared and nurtured for many loving years?
Perhaps we are 'worried sick' about a war with Iraq and all the ramifications from other countries?
Could our sick stock portfolio be a reason we are visiting the doctor?
Maybe we have been diagnosed with a debilitating illness.
Which road are we to follow now and where will it take us? How do we make our decisions? Who do we listen to? Do we take the advise of a good friend who means well, but has not grasped true meaning in their life? Do we take the counsel of our doctor who has not found the cure or the reason for his own illness? Should we listen to our accountant, lawyer or broker, who could have a host of corporations giving them commission for all the clients they send? Who is it we can trust?

The road ahead has many twists and turns. Even if we choose the correct route, why then, many diversions and detours will be placed in our way. And should we choose the wrong route, why then, we will only get lost at many junctions which will take us deeper into the abyss of a nomadic erratic life. Many why's to ponder. The biggest being
Why Me?
Why is life treating ME so cruelly?
What have I done to deserve this?

The answers are as complex as the life we fabricate. If we have fabricated a life of little meaning then Why- becomes -Because. We have traveled routes that were enjoyable when our journey started but became boring or monotonous as it wound its way round each bend in the road. Many times we stopped short. We did not go the extra mile.
We forgot to tell our loved one's how much we loved them every day.
We forgot to fully complete the job in hand at work, which would have given an outstanding result instead of just a good result. We forgot to forgive a relative or friend and now they are gone forever. We ignored the warning signs our body was telling us and carried on regardless of stressful symptoms. We ignored the warning signs the stock market was telling us. Fear and greed ruled. Then all of a sudden `To late was the cry.' Could these be a few of the reasons to the question Why?

There are probably enough Whys in our lives to put us in a state of depression for a long and unhappy time and then end up dying of some incurable dis-ease.
One of the oldest adages is "as you sow so shall you reap." Now many times we will say I have always thought good thoughts about folks and I have always done what it is that was expected of me. But expected by who, other folks who are asking why? Could it be a case of the blind leading the blind into a fabricated life that is man made and has lost Universal guidance. Are we so intent in pleasing a misguided society that we go down the wrong route even though our instinct and intuition are telling us `No don't go that way.'

Could it be we have taken the wrong fork in the road many years ago and now we are just realizing we are back at the crossroads. Perhaps we were at the crossroads many years ago but our minds were so fogged up by polluted thoughts, we drove into a future crisis, with no map to find our way out.
You will hear many people say life is a struggle. Life is an endurance test. We have to suffer to gain heavenly bliss. These jumbled up thoughts have been handed down to people generation after generation for thousands of years. Now many believe this to be our truth. That is why we are at the fork in the road and do not know which way to go.
Our Whys have no answer, for when we say; "that is how it is. It is destiny. It is fate. It is impossible to be in Joy all the time."

For all the folks who think this way, Why then, that is how it is. So they will continue to say Why me, and never will they come close to a significant answer. Not until the `Why ME's' tune into the `Real ME's' route to happiness. When we begin to follow wisdom's blueprint of the super infinite highway all is unburdened. Only then will we find the correct route in the Y's of life. The Why's within the crossroads, which lead to wisdom's intelligence of boundless thoroughfares to joy.
It takes many years of practice to obtain anything close to perfection. In Spirit there are No choices, No freewill, No Why's in the road. There is only perfection, with an infinite truthfulness of dimensions of divine bliss. When we progress down life's path with the wisdom of universal intelligence as our guide, we find we ride the on a first class ticket, luxuriously surrounded by mother earths richness.
We find wellness is an absence of illness and we live well.

Financially wealth finds it's way to us. We do not need to chase after it. We magnetize everything we need by understanding we need very little to enjoy life.
And there lies the secret my friends. We need to enjoy living life as a servant of spirit and not try to be it's master.
Why? Why, then we find it is impossible Not to be in JOY 24 hours a day.
Every day- in every way. And it gets better all the time.
It is the only true free-way to prosperity.
Time to encompass the real "Me." Our True, Ageless, Unrestrained Soul.
© Michael Levy October 2002

Michael's poetry and essays now grace well over 1500 web sites, Journals and Magazines. He is a renowned guest speaker on Finance, Wellness and Inspiration. He has appeared on TV in the USA and UK and hundreds of radio stations throughout the world.
Michael Levy. Author, Poet, Philosopher.

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