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The International Writer's Magazine: Our Tenth Year - April 2009 - Welcome
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Martha's Vineyard - Tranquility on the East Coast - Sabina Lohr
Martha’s Vineyard, a vacation locale where thousands of visitors pour ashore each year

Roughing it in Japan
Paul Haire
I checked my guidebook to see if there was anything I could do in Kyoto for free. It soon became apparent, no.

What is the truth in wine? From wine, we find friendship, happiness, and intimacy. But do we not also find sadness, heartbreak, and treachery?
Golden Village: Richmond BC
Habeeb Salloum
A bit of Asia in Canada, housing the products of all these lands
Fish Eye More Than Just A Lens
David Russell
We were a three person Hollywood group plus a technical crew from Munich, coming down from the Austrian Alps

North To Alaska - Part 9 Arrival
Sam Black
We left the Army RV Park at 0800 and headed toward Homer, Alaska, a 180 mile run.

What is news?
James Campion
This is a subject I talk about incessantly with colleagues: What is news? In other words, what should be something we know about nationally...
Serfdom USA
Andy Carloff
The economic, buyout plan of the United States government is made with the thought that the New Deal of Roosevelt ended the depression; but the unemployment during the "New Deal" only worsened during this period
End of capitalist error in East Africa?
Ronald Elly Wanda
You can almost smell the fear. Collapse, catastrophe and calamity seemed to be dominant in all subjects financial.
Prague Spring
John M. Edwards
Bohemian Rhapsody or Bozo Nightmare? Alchemy and Apparatchik Chic in Prague
Outrage Squared
Pitch Forks & Torches
James Campion
Outrage is cheap currency these days.
The Sky Is Not Blue in Burma
David Calleja
Although more than 6,000 individuals in Burma's prisons have been released as part of a "goodwill gesture" by the military junta, let's not kid ourselves.

Mexican Standoff & US Bankers
Dean Borok
A lot of people are very unhappy about our border with Mexico. A couple of years ago the complaint was about Mexicans sneaking into the U.S. in search of jobs. Now there are no jobs. Feel better?

Daniel Cann
We arrived late, tired and dishevelled at the Prince of Wales Backpackers in Bundaberg. Enquiries like ‘So how is it here?’ were met with muted derision and raised eyebrows

Learning History Through Martial Arts
David Calleja
" I look at myself as a martial arts anthropologist, and if we lose it, we’re losing one more aspect of the culture," declares New Yorker author of the web TV show Martial Arts Odyssey, Antonio Graceffo.
REVIEWS Film & Books
A Story about Jack
James Nantau
There was a man who’s first name starts with J but it was not Jack and he did not live in New York. A lot of people live in New York City but he was not one of them.

My Date with Britney Spears
Adam Graupe
I stood in the entryway of the Denny’s Restaurant waiting for my blind date Marcy to arrive. She told me on the telephone that she looked like Britney Spears

That Old Black Magic
James C. Clar
Tom and Karen had come to Hawaii in a last ditch effort to "save" their marriage but it just wasn’t working.
J. Malcolm Garcia
It begins raining while the boy runs. His arms pump back and forth and his legs stretch in long strides as he bounces lightly off his feet.
Redcloud and Sunshine
Floyd Frank
The woods have always been my playground. When I went to college in Colorado the Rocky Mountains were a natural extension for my love of the outdoors
The Loan
Martin Green
“Nick’s going to ask you for that loan.   I knew it when they announced those furloughs.”
Christine Lawrence
Carol stood up, doing up the buttons on her coat, and got off the bus at her usual stop. She walked hastily along the street, without a glance to either side, her stiletto heels tap-tapping on the shiny paving slabs.

The Adjunct Detective
Michael Hammond
Legendary among road-weary part-time professors, adjuncts, Stu Hanagan, for more than a decade, rode public transportation from school to school, college and university, teaching composition and literature courses to predominantly ambivalent general education students.

The Ask and the Answer
by Patrick Ness
Walker Books- Pub May 2009

Sam North review
In novel that is not afraid to play with typography spraying ‘Boom’ across the pages as bombs go off and men die in ever greater numbers, the tension rises inexorably page by page This continues to be highly original, brilliant writing filled with vivid intense frontier people clinging to life and honour in total insanity.
Jack Clarkson
Videogames and Hollywood have never really got along all that well. The games industry keeps making awful games that cash in on blockbuster movies. What I want to ask is why?

The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

Ben Bennet review

Thrilling unacknowleged adaptation of Battle Royale to post-Apocapyptic USA. Gripping teen survival story.

Swimming Against the Tide
by Helen Bailey
Laura Lloyd review
In between attempts to thwart ‘The Kipper’ and fearfully avoiding aubergines, Electra Brown still needs to find time to conduct The Glam Plan

Nathaniel Wolfe and the Bodysnatchers By Brian Keaney
Hannah Skorzewski
Nathaniel Wolfe is a boy with a special talent. He can see ghosts. Nathaniel Wolfe and the Bodysnatchers plunges the reader into Victorian London, capturing the true atmosphere of the era
Desire: Where Sex Meets Addiction
by Susan Cheever,
Charlie Dickinson review
This latest memoir DESIRE is yet another addition to the literature of personal disaster, exploring the dark corner of human experience that is sexual addiction.

Collected Stories by David Leavitt
Dan Schnieder review
if the word hack had not already existed, it would have to have been invented for a writer like Leavitt.

The Declaration by Gemma Malley
Fleur Homfray review
The Declaration is a fantastic book about the future that grips the reader from the moment you begin
Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
Michael Luzanycia review
They see what you’re typing, they know where you buy your coffee if you’re skipping school and they know who you call. Cory Doctorow sets this amazing read in San Francisco following the heroic yet geeky Marcus

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
The Mayflower Theatre Southampton
A Jen Ames Review
The best part of the tour of Joseph and his multicoloured overcoat (as my Grandad announced it was called in the bar beforehand,) was the end.
Wendy and Lucy
Tiffany Lee review
When a film captures the deep insecurities of modern society with little but a girl and her dog, it makes you wonder, should the Hollywood majors be looking to independent films for guidance in getting it right?
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