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Reverend Father Antonio Hernández, O.M.D., A.B.F.
Founder of the Independent Order of American Buddhist Fathers


It was early June. Hoping for a taste of my old homeland, I bought myself a Sunday Chicago Sun Times. Gleefully ignoring the Times tendency to herniate its readers, I opened her up and dove in, news-hungry and all eyes. As usual, something smacked me in the cojones right away: some dithering idiot had written a piece of crap that quite a few papers like to call 'political editorial'. This maniac wrote that the upcoming American presidential election is not so much about whether presumptive John Kerry can win. He wrote that "it's about whether Bush can lose."
Whether Bush can LOSE?

Touch Screen to Eliminate Bush

For a brief moment, trying to distract myself from this alarming non-partisan-sabotage-trick opinion, I chuckled at a cartoon. It made reference to Bush's recent trip to the Vatican. There was the pope and Bush, cute as buttons, with the pope telling Bush that the American media don't like him either. When Bush exclaims, "Really?", the pope retorts, "Is the pope Catholic?" Suddenly I stopped chuckling. That cartoon was... well, a picture really is worth 1,000 words. So I was forced back to the piece of crap.

The reporter told of a "by the way" attitude towards Kerry's campaign. In proper media parlance, this attitude is correctly referenced as "burying the story". I liked his metaphor, because it implied that the media seem to preface everything about John Kerry with the words "By the way...". It saddened me, because it's true. Perhaps it will change. Perhaps it's a good sign, because no one actually looks at the replacement very closely when he is replacing an insupportable monster. What's the name of the new leader of Iraq? I rest my case!

The reporter also wrote that Bush need not "take center stage" for any issue because he's so busy deflecting criticism. That was an idea I found idiotic. Not nearly as idiotic as Bush, but close enough. Bush has been on center stage through this entire Scottish Play, and he's been calling it by its proper title the whole time. Does the conservative media think we haven't noticed? But this is not the whole issue....

The issue is just how badly Bush will lose the election, for lose he most certainly will, or I'll eat my Aunt Fanny's corset without salt or pepper. It is typical of the infamous Bush arrogance that he not only promises a second term (he's had no first term, has he been smoking the pages from his bible?). No, he's also asked his favorite toadies who do not live in Washington to BUY HOMES THERE. Not quite so arrogant. Apparently he's really thinking of the not so distant future, when he'll need places to flop while on the lam: he's just hired himself an attorney.

For nigh on four years I've been loudly declaring it: George Bush is NOT a legitimate president. He's a usurper, a liar, a flunkie with a messianic complex and a warmongering madman. He salves his conscience (and suckers the world) by assuming a Medieval preacher-like persona, one that suits him about as well as a gorilla costume on Her Majesty the Queen. Now that St. Ronald Reagan has passed, no one is left alive to hold next to Bush for comparison. Bush knows this, so now he prepares his own spider-holes. Have I left (left... ha, ha) anything off the list? Oh, yes: Bush is an A-grade fascist and a murderer.

That's another problem with this man's "leadership": people getting out of it with their lives. How many have we lost again? I lose count.
More comforting is the news that is worth the telling, writ large: REPUBLICANS ARE DEFECTING. Where they defect to is probably akin to the place they go when asked to be rational. But at least they're going. And so, with any luck, will Bush. My real message here is not for Americans; it's for the world. I ask you most sincerely: keep your fingers crossed on Election Day 2004.
The world- and your soldiers- depend on it.
© Rev Antonio Hernandez June 7th 2004
Holy Communion


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