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James Campion Reader Feeback

REALITY CHECK with James Campion June 4th 2007

Free Trade Propaganda
James Campion
Have you seen the new ad for the Armed Forces? CBC has been running it incessantly during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Prime audience. Good demographic. No doubt.

Two thoughts about your article: (FREE-TRADE PROPAGANDA : 3/28/07)
1) This being a free country, anyone can run an ad showing the other side of the story in the Army. It's up to someone to just do it. The reason you have competition between Coke and Pepsi, for example, is b/c they're motivated to one up each other. So if someone is motivated to run an ad (or try to run an ad) about the U.S. Military, go for it!
2) There's enough in the media and history books about the reality of war. If people don't understand or can't surmise the real story by now (of what war is and does), then we're raising a nation of total idiots. Which I don't believe.  And you're right: Why would the Army do anything but try to make the military appealing b/c we MUST have one and we must be able to defend ourselves.
Thanks for the food for thought,

Gimme a fucking break. You want the other side of the's called the 6'0'clock evening news. You want the other side of the the New York Times. There are anti-military attitudes on display all over the place. At least the Army has to pay for their brand of propaganda, Katie Couric gets to spew hers for free.
It's a great commercial by the way and I need something good to look at during March Madness considering the remainder of my Bracketological experience has turned into liquid shit.
Bill Roberts

I'm reminded of a great line from the Bill Murray movie Stripes where, after talking buddy Harold Ramis into joining the army with him and suffering one too many harsh revelees at the hands of Sgt. Hulka, Ramis screams at Murray, "Where's the Winnebago?!"
Look, everyone knows those commercials are exaggerations, just like everyone knows that McD's hamburgers (or any similarly promoted food products for that matter) never look as good over the counter/drive thru as they do in commercials. Jim, I know you're one for saying, "Don't take that step or else you're down a slippery slope..." with things like censorship. Doesn't the same apply here? If it could be done, you know there'd be all these bandwagon jumpers doing their take on so-and-so's take on this guy's take and that gal's take, then the next thing you know there's no time left on network or cable TV for actual shows/sports.
Ken Eustace

If a few good men are convinced by a stinking commercial then I am wrong about the quality of people in the military. Most people that choose this path do so knowing full well why they are there. Sit down with some and you will see. Don't underestimate people who are not afraid to protect.
The true question... Where are the complaints about the mass merchandising of our youth?
I am inundated with Disney demands. Dolls, towels, band aids, cereal, cars, bikes, stickers, cups, bathing suits, wall paper, books, blankets, soap, etc.
To hell with Walt and his sons if they were doing it for our children, then why am I paying 12 bucks for a cup with a statue of a Heffalump in it so I can cut the bottom out, drain the goo, and put the stupid elephant on the top of a four-year-olds' birthday cake. Answer that smarty.
Tom Carlson

Article: Why I should be a Juror
James Campion
Unfortunately the author did not experience the privilege of serving as a juror. He was dismissed for being a freelance journalist

One of your best, James. (WHY I SHOULD BE A JUROR -- Issue: 4/4/07) Once again you cracked me the fuck up. Brilliant.
What? No mention of the Constitution? Perhaps another time. It is a bit excessive a topic for filling your humble space. Adios and let the income tax protesters go free!

I really like the pig blood bullet.......and I completely agree about rapists. It's almost exactly what I told my fellow jurists last summer while deliberating over an aggravated sexual assault case. They don't just rape you, they attempt to kill your soul.
Mike Janicek

Don't forget that 9/11 was an inside job so you might want to reconsider the crooked politician treatment as more than a piece of thrown fruit, and last but not least, my personal horror is what to do when crimes are committed against children. If you want you can send them to me, and I'll perform my special forms of torture........

Regarding jury duty and the comment you made about Jesus and judging in your April 4th article about "Why I Should Be A Juror"..."the Biblical axiom attributed to Jesus about "not judging, lest ye be judged" is silly". Of course I would urge readers to examine your entire quote. If Jesus lived the perfect life, and I believe this is evident by his unique handling of the oft-violent circumstances that life threw at him, then Christ could rightfully address the multitude of shortcomings in others. When you are God of the universe and creator of all things, you tend to be the pre-eminent expert on the way people should carry themselves. With love and respect for others, not condemnation and ridicule. Loving correction and wisdom personified, as was the case in his Sermon on the Mount, was simply applied to steer us away from the arrogant belief that we are even remotely fit to judge anyone.
I am not accusing you of slamming God, but I certainly wanted to respectfully comment on your article. I like a fair chunk of what you have to say. You are quite logical, thorough, and even energetic in your presentation, I just think you should take another glance at what the Son of God was, and is, all about. God's blessings to you, sir.
Ian D. Penswick

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