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The International Writers Magazine:OIL

10 Reasons Why Oil Price Speculation Requires a Change in the Rule of Law
Michael Levy

High oil prices that are governed by the commodity markets are in dire need of common sense law and order. When speculation and detrimental logic and reasoning take central command of human society, the results always turn out to be damaging to the majority, at the abundance of the few.

The experts and speculators will argue we need free markets and any interference will take away free trade. Well, in many cases they are correct, however, when it comes to essential commodities of food and energy they are completely out of order. Here are a few reasons why essential commodity markets require new legislation.
1. There has been no shortage of gas at any filling station for the past 10 years yet prices are up 1200% because of futures trading going out more than eight years. Even the Saudi oil minister has recently stated the price of a barrel of oil should be no more than $70.00. Demand from China and India is still far less than that of the USA. The Chinese stock market is down 50% signifying a sharp slow down. This news still is not enough to stop the wild speculators hiking the oil prices.
2. When hurricanes hit Florida many gas stations are closed and there is a real shortage of gas for a few days. However, if a gas station increases its prices they will be prosecuted for price gauging. Therefore, if we take the experts argument that there is a  shortage of oil then that still does not give anyone the right to profit from the shortage as this is deemed to be prices gauging. How can the USA governments have double standards and prosecute gas station owners who price gauge and not treat commodity markets in the same manner?
3. Oil is an essential commodity for every day living in the same way as water is an essential commodity. It makes no sense to trade water so why leave oil in the hands of anyone who wants to make a quick buck gambling on prices.
4. Pension and hedge fund managers have invested billions of dollars in oil futures. The futures markets are very volatile, thus, no place for pension funds to risk the money for people who trust them to build future wealth. The fiduciary duty of a pension fund manger is to find reasonable returns with low risk and the commodity markets is not that place.
5. If the price of oil was regulated between $40.00 - $80.00 a barrel, the price could go up and down on supply and demand. This would be fair to everyone, for even when supply was plentiful, the price would not drop below $40.00 which will still give a fair profit to most oil related industries. When oil is in short supply the price would be limited to a ceiling of $80.00 which is more acceptable to world economies.
6. There is a moral issue that greed cannot come before peoples basic needs ... No right-minded, ethical, principled government can allow starvation and financial ruin because of a system of trading that is completely out of control.
7. The price of a barrel of oil effects transport, food supply, industrial production and every part of modern day living. If terrorists wanted to devise a plan to destroy the world. economies what better way than finding a method to allow oil to trade at $140.00 a barrel. Why play a game that makes terrorists and anarchists happy.
8. Goodwill to all people is the credo every democratic country is built upon.$140.00 a barrel oil delivers no goodwill. It only brings hardship and political uneasiness.
9. Noble deeds and fair dealing is the hallmark of success for every truly prosperous person. Since the world is made-up from people, where are the noble deeds and fair dealing in the commodity pits.
10. We are all put on earth to help each other succeed in the pursuit of freedom, liberty and happiness. There is no freedom when people are slaves to greed. There are only liberty takers when oil trades over $80.00 a barrel. And finally financial hardship brings misery and discontent.
The time for change in essential commodity trading is now. To quote a few voices from the past...
 “Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor” - Thomas Jefferson
“For greed all nature is too little.” -Seneca
 “It is greed to do all the talking but not to want to listen at all” -Democritus
“He who is greedy is always in want.” -Horace   

© Michael Levy. June 16th 2008

International talk show host Michael Levy, is the author of eight books, a mystical poet, inspirational philosopher and wellness/healthy living speaker. His latest books are "The Joys of Live Alchemy" and "Worry Causes Wrinkles" which can help a person change dark negative situations into beautiful, colorful, positive actions, that bring de-lights on the darkest of days.

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