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: Go and See a Live Play!

Vancouver, B.C.… going out on our own productions will stage the Canadian premiere of Stiff Cuffs
by John D’Aquino & Christina Cocek,
directed by Stellina Rusich & Jennifer Copping and starring John Cassini, Fiona Hogan, Chris Robson and Rain Ivana at the Squire John’s Playhouse from February 3-12, 2005.

…we’re all waiting for somebody…
FEBRUARY 3-12, 2005 at

"Haynes Kittridge" is alone, doing her laundry on New Years’ Eve after the clock has struck midnight. "Billy Allman" rushes in, anticipating the arrival of his best friend’s wife, Julie. Will Billy go through with the affair? Will Julie have a change of heart? Will Billy's anxiety be too much? Stiff Cuffs explores what happens when two misfits - Billy and Haynes, unexpectedly come together - all the while not realizing...they were waiting for each other.
Stiff Cuffs is directed by Stellina Rusich (as actor: Terminal City, Monk, Night of the Iguana) and Jennifer Copping (as actor: Tommy, See Grace Fly, Ill Fated), stars John Cassini (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Seven, NYPD Blue, The Handler, Break A Leg), Fiona Hogan (I, Robot; Mental, the musical), Chris Robson (See How They Run, Nucklehead Fever: New Wit) and Rain Ivana (Arrest and Trial), co-produced by Paul Armstrong (A Dog Called Bitch, SubUrbia, This Fringe Venue Is Now Being Held Hostage, Of Diners & Buses) and Brent Karl Clackson (TV: The 4400, The Outer Limits), associate co-produced by Amy Chu (Skidrow Theatre), stage managed by Michael Brooks (Summer & Smoke, Storyeum, Of Diners & Buses), set & lighting design by John R. Taylor (Of Diners & Buses, A Dog Called Bitch), sound design by William Moysey & graphic design by Karen Munro of KD Design.
SQUIRE JOHN’S PLAYHOUSE - 316 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.
February 3-6 and 10-12         Tix: 604 778 371-9629
Thursday, February 3 (Preview)         8:00 pm                                    $12.00
Friday, February 4        (Opening)      8:00 pm                                    $15.00
Saturday, February 5                         8:00 pm & 10:30 pm                $15.00
Sunday, February 6 (Two for One)     2:00 pm                                    2 for 1             
Thursday, February 10                       8:00 pm                                    $15.00
Friday, February 11                            8:00 pm & 10:30 pm                $15.00
Saturday, February 12    (Closing)      8:00 pm & 10:30 pm                $15.00            
This is an approved Equity Co-op. Thank you to our sponsors: The Lyric Acting School, Impressions In Print, Office Depot & Kitsilano Laundromat.


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