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World Cup fever Continues
Mandy Mand in Japan
Japanese soccer hooligans went crazy and threw themselves off the famous Totomi bridge into a river in the middle of Osaka

Hey people, thought I`d send you all the gossip on World Cup footietastic madness which is going on out here - As you know - sadly - England never made it through and so over the past week I have had to deal with hundreds of Japanese students who are in a word 'gutted' cos Beckham has gone home and will never see his smiling face or strange looking hair again!
World Cup should be seriously renamed Beckham mania as Japanese laydeeez are going crazy for him! A very rich and exclusive department store was opened up one night especially so that the England team could go shopping. It was printed in the newspapers and all over the television news the next day that Beckham bought a Ukata (summer type Kimono) and a pearl necklace. These items are now completely sold out as everyone raced to the store to buy their own Beckham memorabilia! The Golden boy also said in an interview that after he retires in five years time he intends to come to Japan and open up a soccer coaching school for Japanese boys. Am trying to picture just what Posh will say about this idea when he gets home and also - the fact that this beautiful man sadly has a very funny and strange little voice - I can`t quite imagine him speaking Japanese!Konnichiwa beckham styley!

So alas - there were no great riots - the English Hooligans weren`t so scary, except for Fat Boy Slim who was caught doing a V sign at the TV camera whilst sitting in Osaka stadium. Zoe ball gave him a right old ticking off and then I later discovered my friend had spent the rest of the night hanging out with them . I was most upset I had missed it! It also turned out that the crazy soccer fans just so happened to be Japanese!

When Japan beat their match against Argentinia - Japanese soccer hooooligans went crazy and threw themselves off the famous Totomi bridge into a river in the middle of Osaka. Only problem is that people tend to also throw television sets, fridges, furniture, you name it - into this river and so I guess its not really very clean. The other wee problem was that the sides of the river are vast concrete walls which made it a little impossible for them to get out of the river once they had jumped in - doh! Japan are out of the World Cup too which is very very sad especially as we have a shrine in our appartment dedicated to the Japanese team who are very very cute.

My flatmate likes a Japanese player called Nakatta whilst I am extremely fond of a very cute Inamoto who actually plays for Arsenal. Other 'Hotties' are Miamoto (goggles! - he fractured his nose) and Toda (red hair geezer - looks like a cross between Beckham and those red muppet type puppets in that famous old movie 'Labyrynth' which starred David Bowie).

My other bit of exciting World Cup news is that Michelle and I were taking a stroll one night when we just so happened to bump into the England Team who were heading into Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. This is where I could exaggerate the story completely and tell you all that we joined them, had lots of drinks, hung out with the gang and learnt a few tackling tactics. But I know you just won`t believe me so will tell the truth- hurray for being honest. We were very very close. Sometimes it's nice to be tall in Japan. The team were protected by lots of Japanese Policemen waving their red flashing sticks and as the team trooped into the cafe they were screamed at by a million Japanese girls breaking down in tears and sobbing whilst they yelled for Beckham and took plenty of photos on their digi cams.

The place was madness, the windows of the cafe bordered up so no one could see in and what was just a simple night out turned out to be a military operation. I managed to see most of the team however who looked pretty unfazed by it all and dressed very smart. Actually - they looked pretty knackered poor loves.

I don't even think they ate any Japanese food whilst over here as one of my students is a waiter at the Portopia Hotel and he served them when the England team were staying just before the tournament. The squad bought their own Chef and so chicken , peas, and mashed potato was served up followed by a good old english cup of tea! Not a single sushi in sight!

So now we're just down to the semi finals and its all getting very exciting - yay!!
Only problem is that after the World Cup - am not going to be able to have anything to talk about in my lessons - boo-hoo.

I am heading off on my hols next week for a bit of time-out and relaxation away from the World Cup madness. Its a small Island called Ockinawa which is extremely beautiful and just like a tropical Island with gloriously golden sandy beaches. The intention is to spend four days lazing on the beach and taking in the sunshine - If I can drag myself away then hopefully I`ll be back with lots of wild and crazy stories which I will happily share with you. But you'll have to wait until next month.
Hope you are all well and groovy tastic
© mandy mand July 2002


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