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Most Rev. Antonio Hernández

We stand at the brink of war. The people who have been victimized by Saddam Hussein are even now tasting their own blood, as much as Hussein and his government are doing. But... I’ve got a brilliant idea-- and I’m not the first to have this idea. Actually, former President Jimmy Carter had it long ago.

Why don’t we just walk over to Hussein and say, "Hussein, you’re a murdering bastard and a liar. Look at these photos of Hiroshima. Do you really want that to happen to you? If not, give it up." Hussein may be many things, but stupid he is not. I have a feeling he might reconsider what he’s doing. He might even be reconsidering now -he has stated that he will not leave Iraq, but will die there to save face. Those aren’t exactly fighting words, at least not in my book.

The interesting opposition to Hussein wants Iraq. He wants to be the president and run the country. He should-- it’s his country, he’s interested in democracy and would make a great U.S. ally. As it stands, Baby Bush wants an American general running Iraq for about two years-- after we obliterate it, that is. Almost everyone on the planet is urging Bush to rein himself in.

This, of course, will never happen. Just the other day on the American station MSNBC, George Bush’s biographer was admiringly calling him a "gunslinger". The Republican toadies there to support "President" Bush agreed happily. Quite a gunslinger; he’s shot himself in the foot from the beginning. Naturally, I’m not really the one to ask about all this: I don’t accept the legitimacy of Bush’s election. Most people I know don’t accept it. We feel there has been no president in the White House since Bill Clinton left.

Perhaps that’s it: perhaps this bastard in the White House can be stopped if we declare that his act of war is null because he was never really elected! This way Mr. 'Oil' Bush won’t force a second term. Ah well, I am grasping at straws. The feeling seems to be that Bush is a man who will throw you into the river, just to see if the saying is true about drowning men....

What also seems popular these days is the view that Saddam Hussein was left alone, for precisely this reason: to let Baby Bush have him. We all know Bush stole the election, the people were not heard, and he’d have to have a ready-made cause-celebre, wouldn’t he? Why didn’t we crush Hussein the way we crushed Qaddafi? Am I the only person who saw the television documentary last year, showing Qaddafi tip-toeing through the tulips and talking universal peace? Now that guy was whipped.

Hussein is the man with his finger on the pulse of the world’s oil. That doesn’t sit well with the fat Texas oil cats, but Hussein’s still in our hair. Then again, what are a few tens of thousands more lives compared to the oil monopoly? Let us also not forget the Bush Dynasty and its heritage. Baby Bush finishes Hussein, gets into the business of overtaking his country, takes over the oil, spits in Saudi Arabia’s face, looks good on the cover of Time, and-- what the hell, who knows-- perhaps a Nobel Prize for this idiot, who barely squeaked through Yale with a "gentleman’s C".
Or perhaps not.

The people are sick of Bush’s stupidities, September 11th and its subsequent gallantry notwithstanding. People are beginning to see that we voted for Al Gore, like it or not. People can see (20-20 hindsight) that Gore would never have brought us to this brink. Someone said to me recently that he’d like to talk to the people in Dade and Palm Beach Counties in Florida, to ask them what they think of the last presidential election.

We exchanged knowing looks, the way most Americans do when the subject arises. We don’t have a real president. The emperor has no clothes. While all this is true, the emperor also has his finger on the Button. Can’t we rush out a little more plain truth in a home-spun dress, truth about Baby Bush, before he presses that Button?

After all, he knows that this could happen to him-- he looks as spooked now as he did back when he was running for president. That’s the look that Americans call a "shit-eating dog" look. It’s the look of someone who got away with something, and is afraid of being found out. It’s also the look of someone planning to get away with something else.

So are we all afraid-- afraid that he will manage to get away with something else. This is really something--something that Europe doesn’t want, that no true soldier wants, that will surely end thousands of lives, that Americans don’t want. There is an operation in Iraq right now: "Human Shield". A few folks, mostly Americans, are there with the Iraqi government’s permission, to actually stand guard at the water supplies, hospitals, schools and other places where the innocent will die. My fingers are crossed for these brave people and their task ahead-- what else can I do, what can I say, what can I write?

Sooner or later we have to see this mad, murderous, destructive, war-mongering usurper for what he is, AND I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT SADDAM HUSSEIN.

People have said Baby Bush will win his 2nd term if we are at war during the 2004 elections. But I beg to differ- we’re on the brink of going into a 2nd Viet Nam. When we were in Nam, Johnson got his Texan ass booted out of the White House at the end of his term anyway, didn’t he? Everyone said, "Johnson the Warmonger". People are saying "Bush the Warmonger", and he hasn’t even done much... yet. It sounds too simple, but that’s what we have at the end of the day. And no MacNamara to blame.

As of this writing,pols show well over half the United States disapproves of Bush’s actions regarding Iraq. They hate the U.N. even more-- and what has that to do with Bush? Even his contempt for the U.N. has Americans turned off in a big way. Bush is not quite like Daddy; he’s more like Reagan, in all the wrong ways. He’s come a long way in destroying America with the few years he’s played president in office.

Sooner or later, Bush will be totally exposed for the madman he is. Even with September 11th dropped into his lap like a plum pudding, he’s screwed up big time. People are seeing a martinet, a strutting idiot who wants to see his own people suffer, and who wants war. Did Hussein lose a twin brother someplace?

Hussein is doing nothing new. Bush is doing nothing new, and Americans are doing less than nothing new. I should think that those facts tell us quite a bit about what’s going on now. At this stage, anything could go in any direction. Hussein might disarm, if it helps him keep his real power. Bush might back us out of war-- but most likely not. The American people might begin seeing Bush for what he really is, and get very angry about it.

This Bush scrutiny, which has not taken place until now, is actually fun for me, in a way. I want to see if Baby Bush will catch at straws, once he’s in the drink.

© Rev Antonio Hernandez March 2003

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