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••• The International Writers Magazine:Welcome To Chapel Arts Plant-Based Café Review

The Chapel Arts Plant-Based Café - Bath

I wanted to write - I guess *my first* ever review of a cafe/meal - though I certainly feel like I’ve been *documenting* them for quite some time now, albeit via Instagram! I’ve not yet, until now, committed to actually writing-up a review. So here goes; oh and actually this is quite fitting, as I found this cafe via Instagram a little while ago, and have been wanting to visit ever since! Yes! The food looks that Yummy!

CHapel Arts Cafe
Chapel Arts Cafe

The Chapel Arts Café. Bath. UK

It's called Chapel Arts Café and is 100% PLANT BASED which is fab news... as I am too, or at least I think of myself as wanting to be...

Firstly its in the basement of an Arts Centre in Bath. I believe they have concerts /Live Music and such-like in the main building... so that's cool - and/or - bad news depending on whether you can navigate the steep, possibly wet/slippery, external staircase... and somewhat, dare I say ominous-looking-alley ( that too mean...? Eepers!) However, once inside, any and all spooky thoughts are gone ... the cafe is one small-to-medium-sized, simple room full of mishmash chairs/tables,. and even a comfy-looking sofa!

The counter where one orders is full of the most mouth-wateringly yummy looking goodies. I had to NOT look at them and concentrate on thinking of actual sustenance for my lunch ! (...though I suspect I will return for a cake another time...)

The menu has, I’d like to believe something for everyone and they have a seasonal soup too - for those wanting something simple and light...

Chapel Arts Cakes

The cafe must also have quite the juice menu - which I didn't spot, till after I sat down and noticed so many people drinking them ...and if I’m honest - watching the girl behind the counter making them - each one looked even better than the next; bright oranges and greens - wow - so so colourful !!!

Thai Burger I was quite hungry from my day of mooching about Bath, so ordered what turned out to be a slightly bigger item; the Thai burger... honestly I hadn’t even read the description/menu properly and so those potatoes were such a nice surprise...and the quantity - wow ! - it... The “fixings” or “trimmings” were as amazing as the burger, I cannot even begin to describe and I know the photo doesn’t do it justice...but the thinly peeled cucumber and the finely chopped tomatoes and onions - all with a delicate totally yummy dressing - fab.

I was eating and making all sorts of yummy noises - I hope in my head, only, as Y’know, a bit bonkers (...though I do have a friend that quite often, quite audibly, “FoodGasms!” - I was wondering though, does he do that when eating alone...? I must ask! ) - anyhoo if ever there was a time to loudly FOODGASM, this was it. I think I texted at least two friends and immediately Instagrammed the burger photo; saying that this was indeed, the most delicious burger I’d ever EVER eaten..

I’m obviously no expert on Thai Food, and would never claim such, BUT, even “muppet-mouth-me” could taste FLAVOURS and SPICES and all so complimentary and subtle, the texture of the burger was moist and soft - oh and the potatoes; wow - they were cooked to perfection, soft and fluffy inside, with a slightly crisp skin, with a sprinkling of spices that absolutely complimented the burger to a T...quite simply it was all delicious...

I’m going to add the description from the menu that I only half-arse-read before ordering...
Aromatic Thai flavours of lemmongrass, galangal, a hint of chilli and lime leaves in a crunchy quinoa, black bean, sunflower and sesame burger. Served on a grilled bun with leaves, pickled chilli and a side of barely roasted new potatoes.”

Honestly my mouth is watering just reading that...

Suffice to say, I was hugely impressed, though I gotta say I also lucked-out getting there and my order-in for lunch, before the noon-lunchtime officially began as it seemed the minute it hit Noon, the queue was quite long and the relaxed mishmash of seats and tables made it kinda difficult for the queue and people trying to seat, to navigate ... but if being popular and busy is the only negative... then that's not so bad!!
Chapel Arts Cafe 
Enquiries and Booking for Evening Tel: 01225 920256
Open Sundays 10 - 4pm
*Open till 7pm Thursday thru Saturday

Find it at: St James Memorial Hall., Lower Borough Walls, Bath, BA11QR

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