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The International Writer's Magazine - February 2006 - Welcome

Hackwriters '06

Greyhound Day
The Places in between
M.Joseph Hunt

'Buy the ticket, take the ride'
Pizzo - gelato heaven
Raymond Clement

Sperm Whales in the Azores
Wade Hughes
Salzburg Ice Caves
Amber Turnau
Clegg Jenkins
in Dragon Country
Le Weekend in Paris
Sam North
On a Plain far from here
Lauren Almey

Downtown Bogota
Annie Taylor

Dick Cheney: King of all the Media - James Campion takes a shot

Western Hypocrisy and Jihad
James Skinner

Who Are The Dumbest People in the World?
Nasem Javed
on market research

James Campion- the gory truth about Arab politics

Loony Tunes and Religious hatred
James Campion
Holidays en famille
Anna Kosmanovski
A 6 week vacation with strings
A Berlin Moment
Elizabeth Haggerty
One cold morning
Family Pictures
Debralynn Fein- about survival
Sparrow Watch
Eric D Lehman
on mountain song
Letters from the Dead
Joseph Grant keeping the peace
Memoirs of a Disco King
Paul Dale Roberts
Grounds for Abuse
M Joseph Hunt on Café Culture

Virgin Gorda Football Authority
Richard Corwin

On Learning Khmer
Antonio Graceffo in Cambodia
IN DEPTH Analysis

Mustapha the Sheep

Sidi Benzahra
Some kids were mean back then
The Oddballs
Mike Knowles -
on reflection I wish I'd never eaten that crocodile
Alan Stokes
Everyone had to start somewhere
Graham Attenborough
Let him be happy, while he still can. It won’t be long now.
I sleep in a squat
Punkerslut gets a job

"He's right," Donny said, "You're not a punk any more."
The Little Things
Xara Higgs -
the importance of crystal duck
Xara Higgs
got that razzamatazz
Lost in Fiction- Shorts
Mark Cunliffe

The New World
Dir Terrence Malick
A Dan Schnieder Review

Where I've been, where I'm going by Joyce Carol Oates -
A Dan Schnieder critique
Middle East Dogs Dinner
James Skinner puts indegestion on the menu

Alito Sworn In
James Campion

Gladys and Bruno
Richard Corwin with circus follies
Wedding Knot

Joseph Grant
says 'I do'

Damage by Sue Mayfield
A Lucy Baily Review
Illmore Chronicles: The Dwellings Debacle
by David Lee Stone - A Keren Arnold review
Walk the Line Dir James Mangold
A Gabriella Davies Review
Damon Runyon's Guys and Dolls

A Kate Maskell review

The Wave by Walter Mosely
A Charlie Dickinson review
Underworld: Evolution - Dir Len Wiseman - A Kate Maskell review
A Note of Madness
by Tabitha Suzuma
A Gill James review
Five Decades by Irwin Shaw
A Dan Schnieder review
A World Apart by Caro Fraser
A Marcel D'Agneau review

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