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••• The International Writers Magazine: Review
Rubery Girl with Cat (Blue) Shortlisted for the International Rubery Book Award + Honorable Mention in the 26th Writers' Digest Book Awards USA

Girl with Cat (Blue) by Sam Hawksmoor
'London doesn't exist, has never existed, all those who say it does are liars!'
Publisher: Hammer & Tong (Print UK) (USA)
ISBN-13: 978-1545156629

*Kindle version on Amazon - ASIN: B076JLMXNN

• Allen Cook review
Exciting epic fantasy novel

I found it hard to put Girl with Cat (Blue) down.  This story of time tunnels, geographic displacements, maps, codes, friendships and love takes place in the imaginary settings of London (Lundein), France (Gaul) with a tip-of-a hat to Spain (Zaragoza).  The novel comes out of the tradition epic fantasy (Lord of the Rings).  It packs a punch that is hard to deflect.

Girl with Cat (Blue)

The complex plot involves two girls, Jules and Saska living in the two different worlds of London and Lundein both sharing the same space.  Other major characters include Saska’s half-brother, Kye, her faithful companion, Merry, and Jules dependable friend, McReady. Kye is an artist who paints pictures of Saska.  He escapes war-torn Lundein via a secret time-tunnel into London.  At an art exhibition, Jules spots a portrait of Saska with her blue Cat beside her. She immediately sees that Saska and herself are identical and she has an inexplicable longing for the blue cat. The story then begins in earnest.

Sam Hawksmoor skillfully intertwines historical facts with fantasy in relating the story of the conflict between the Gauls (descendants of the French) and the city-state of Lundein (descendants of the English).  He weaves a tapestry of yarns of many cultural elements that include pop music, food and art into an exciting, albeit violent, narrative.  Girl with Cat (Blue) could easily be the first of many sequels. As McReady states at the end of the book, “I know where we have to go next, Merry.  I have seen another world and it is amazing.”

Hawksmoor is a talented writer who tells a story that is a suitable fit for our present-day cultural clashes.  It is a funny, bloody, colorful narrative that never fails to surprise the reader.  Girl with Cat (Blue) provides great entertainment. 
Blue Cat

© Allen Cook July 2018
Dean of Bridgeport University Connecticut
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