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The International Writer's Magazine - November 2004 - - Welcome

Hackwriters '04

Politics & Poetry
Fighting words with Bly and Barks by Eric D Lehman
Exit Stage Arafat
James Campion

Second Term Madness
James Campion

Election: The Image Gap
Dan Schneider

Hail to the Thief
Antonio Hernandez
Bush's Low Paid Mercenaries
Larry S Rolirad

The Boss is Back
James Skinner
Moral Values?
Barry Mitchell on the Bush Bandwagon
When Doves Burn- Pt Three
Phil Mershon in post trauma

A Dog Story: Tamil Nadu '82
Stewart Hughes

Betty does the Taj Mahal
Betty Schambacher
A King is Crowned in Cambodia
Antonio Graceffo

Cricket Dreams
Colin Todhunter
A lion up close & personal
Darren Shea
Ancient Tyre
Guy Burton
From Toronto to London
Clive Branson flies BA
Bangor to Belfast
Clive Branson in N.Ireland

Babtized by the Rainforest
Marcie Pullman adventure cycling in Costa Rica

Korea reunited
John Duerden explores the issues

Gangsta Bitch

Heather Neale - death threat
Canadian Life
Clive Branson
on strippers

Slogans and Taglines
Naseem Javed making words count
Building Ohanas for Alohas
Molly Ness in Hawaii

A Demedici Watch-Chain Maker
Rev Antonio Hernandez

James Skinner on all our oppressors
Secret Life of a Chav
Kerry Savage
in Burberry heaven
Gucci Girl
Michelle Attridge
A Gazelle is an Antelope
Daniel Thant is not feeling well

The Elevator
Sam Barnes- irresistable

Zwolf the wonder dog
David Tavernier - about a dog who could save marriages...

A Babershop Conversation
David Tavernier
Never once had a haircut I liked.

Meeting Water
Tolu Ogunlesi under fire in Lagos
Doing the Right thing
Sam North
The Last Voyage of a Warrior
Michael Halmshaw

Ice Cream
David Tavernier - a tale in 3 parts
The Girl in the Baseball Cap
John Ludlam

Deconstructing Gigi
James Skinner
Day Out in Dartmoor
Natalya Popova

Let's Go to Mauritius
Eugen Englebrecht

In Babylon
Guy Burton-
By bus in Syria

The Pchum Ben Festival
Antonio Graceffo
Red Sox
Thomas Foster

Chile Days Revisited
Dermot Sullivan's Diary

The Monk from Brooklyn
Antonio Graceffo

No Mod Cons
James Ryder living without

Stage Frightener
Michael Williams and his guitar
Wishing For Tomorrow
Rowena Betts on growing up
Get that book published
Antonio Graceffo

Daytripping in Venice
Chris Thomas runs out of time

Climbing a hill in Yemen
Betty Schambacher
About a Father
Anne Young remembers

On The Shelf
James Ryder in a bookshop
It Aint Cool
Daniel Moore isn't buying it

Suits U Sir
Michael Halmshaw & Armani

All we want is more, more, more
Kat Roberts

A Boy Possessed
Andy Walker
Counter Couture
Clare Sager tries to resist

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India 1945
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the closer we came to Bombay, the greater our impatience to arrive
Melinda & Melinda
Robert Cottingham welcomes Woody Allen's return to form

Kelly Armstrong's STOLEN

A Gemma William review of Werewolves in the USA

What the FX@X Do We Know!

Dan Schneider
DVD review

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A Charlie Dickinson review
The Fog of War
Dan Schnieder DVD review
The Kid Stays in the Picture
Dan Schneider review of the DVD
A totally Incomplete Review of 2004 Movies
Sam North
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