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The Peaceful War of Existence
Michael Levy

The word `WAR' seems to frighten a lot of folks. I must admit that those that wage war need to understand that there are no winners -  just some lose less.  Does that mean we do not have the right to defend ourselves from aggressors?  Can we appease or gratify an enemy intent on our death? Certainly Not; the opposite is true. We need to understand what a credible battle means and why it is necessary.  We have to comprehend who we are and how our bodies function to gain answers.  Every day `war comes into our lives even though we are unaware of it's presence'.

The human being is born with a flight, fight mentality.  It served us well many moons ago but today it plays havoc with our immune systems.  In today's world, we are taught to live by social graces and to operate in a civilized manner.  This means loving thy neighbor.  All is well until we live next door to the neighbors from hell.  What then, do we run or fight? Let's take a closer look at our bodies for truthful answers.

Every moment we are alive there is a war going on inside ourselves.  Good germs are fighting bad germs.  Good Bacteria is fighting bad bacteria.  Good cells are fighting free radical bad cells.  A constant battleground.  Armies are lined up and millions of bad guys are eliminated. Should the bad guys ever win, we will capture a sickness and die.  Before our passing we might have to wage war on a cancer or some other debilitating disease.  It could turn out to be a long drawn out battle.  Do we just say I want peace and surrender or do we fight?  Do we value life?

In our lives, our bodies will fight many battles just to stay alive.  Fights are part of nature.  If a butterfly is helped out of it's cocoon it will die. It has to fight to free itself -  then it can take wings and fly.  Nature is formed by the survival of the fittest. Severe weather, earthquakes kill life and then new life grows.  The old is replaced by the new.  Our bodies are part of nature and function in the physical world we live, fueled by spirit.  When it boils down to evil guys trying to kill the good guys what do we do? Can we afford to be impassive, unresponsive or indifferent?

The obvious question to now ask is "Who are the good Guys"?  Well lets go back to our bodies. Who are the good guys there?  The cells that want to destroy us or the one's who want to keep us healthy and flourishing?  We need to grasp spirits meaning for solutions.  Spirit has designed the show called nature and we are part of nature. Our egos will give us the tendencies to destroy out of a need to possess and hold power. This comes in all shapes and sizes - in so many ways.  Politics, religion, science, man made laws, all can hold extreme dogma.  When it turns into a mad Dogma, it needs to be put down and War becomes the only way. Once the dogma has festered into such disease that it will destroy everybody.  Many free radical, bad cells of terror will develop, and their propaganda and lies will darkly  envelope all the morality and goodness of humankind. Cells of bad terrorists called fundamentalists wish to kill innocent healthy cells called justice and freedom.  In the middle of this battle lives unaware, gullible cells of people that want peace with no action, no war.  They will sacrifice themselves out of futile ignorance of Spirits power to protect.  In the same unaware way, folks kill themselves with the foods they eat and the worry and anxiety they inhale.

A war must be fought to combat evil's disease.  The good guys must eventually win or there will be no one left on earth to know the difference between good and bad.  Once we bury spirit, we bury humankind.  Life on earth for humans will cease to exist. We cannot allow rabid dogmas and misguided radical teachings to take us down a path of no return.  If we do, then a nuclear holocaust will develop.  The remains of the day will be a pile of ashes and dust. Before we reach that stage, we must put our guardianship in God and invest in Spirits irrevocable trust. What great company to invest our time in. The harvest will yield;  One Planet, One People, One God.

When we accept these words as our truth, folks will no longer feel the need to prove their point. Belligerent humans will be replaced with the peaceful war of existence. That war is against poverty, disease, pollution and any other acts that take life prematurely. Spirit will provide the means to save lives, if we listen without conditions, to the one true God. The motto from the founding fathers of America is "From the many one."
We now need to turn that around and say "From the Holy One are born many, all content and gratified within Spirits intelligence of Love & Joy."

© Michael Levy 2001

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