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A few days in Amsterdam
Sam North

A perfect city break when the sun shines
First Impressions of Rome
Makenna Kaminski 2.19.24

Look! Confused, American female right here!
Jerusalem upside down!  
Dr Marwan Asmar
Visiting Jerusalem two weeks before the war
Five Days in Paris 2023

Sam North

I think my niece is trying to kill me...
Shalom and Cosmopolitans: Loosely Jewish
Ian Stark
Traveling to Israel
The Iron Lady and the Violin
Audrey Kelly

Music on the streets of Paris
The Water is Burning Me!
Isabella Miraldi
Visiting the Dead Sea has been a dream of mine since I discovered its healing properties
Surfin’ Safari in the UK
Peter A. Carrigan

I would’ve once thought a British surfing safari was a world of wrong, a contradiction in terms. Like warm beer and regular trains on London’s Northern Line, some stuff never sticks.
Travel and Trade
Peter A. Carrigan

I presume I’ve gained knowledge from the road. One thing I’ve learnt for sure is that trade opens the doors, keeps the wolf away and greases the wheels.
Jordan 2020
Tabytha Towe's pre-Covid travels

This is the final entry to the travels I did just before Covid 19 struck. So here goes my pretty intense five days in this wondrous Middle Eastern country
Tabytha’s Africa journeys
Part 1 - Cape Town 2020

I caught up on one of my favourite things to do, especially in that part of the world, hitting up some wineries!
Living On the Reserve

Tabytha in Africa - Part Two
Conservation week with Lions and other precious creatures

Israel - 2020 - Life in a time before the virus
Tabytha Towe

If ever there was a top 5 for places to travel, Israel was always high on that list. And man, am I grateful I made it before the Covid-19 lockdown
Kigali, Rwanda
Tabytha To
The Week Before Lockdown in Africa
- The Best Coffee in the world is here! 15.5.20
10 Facts About Car Rental from a Modern Traveler’s Perspective
Ksenija Tocilina
A Walk on the French Side
Jane Anderson

The Route is the French leg of the famous Camino, St Iago de Compostella becoming St Jacques. It starts at Le Puy en Velay, famous for lentils but with a rich history and architecture that overshadows the humble pulse.
Vive le Renault 4L!
David H. Mould

“Do you have a lot of 4Ls in the United States?”
The history of the French automobile industry lives and breathes—or rather wheezes—in Antananarivo and other Madagascar towns.
9 Best Places for Bungee Jumping Around the World
Valentina Yepes
Brit Library
Visiting with the Treasures
of the British Library

Bonnie Devet

It’s a British morning, with its customary grayness suspended heavily from the sky. Eager souls, including me, are queuing along London’s Euston Road, alining a ramp before the entrance to the British Library.
The Certosa di Calci
Brian Appleton

Once when I was a teenager, I decided I wanted to know what it was like to be a monk. Somehow my mother arranged for me and my brother to spend two weeks in the Carthusian monestary near Pisa, the Certosa di Calci.
Cado - Bretagne
Keith Perkins

Dawn has broken and I lie recumbent as a nascent dawn softly bathes our bedroom in a grey light. A distant rooster crows.
Keith Perkins

It’s a sunny, breezy late September morning as my son Colin and I stand on the docks at the Port de Foleaux--a collection of a few hundred sailboats on the Vilaine River in southern Bretagne.
How to fall in love with Barcelona in 4 days - Jeremy Raynolds
Haven't decided where to go on holidays yet? Travel to Spain!
Explore authentic Amsterdam during your first visit
Paul-Christian Markovski

Amsterdam is fun. The tourist crowds not so much. They can tire you when you are keen on exploring the city and the locals' way of living. Check out the following advice on how to avoid the tourist crowds
Happening on Claddagh
in Ireland: 2 Hands, 1 Heart
Carrie Bailey

Outside of Catholicism, Celticism, and faeries, the Irish lesson is one of human stubbornness: authenticity. Protect what you believe.
Getting to Dublin
Chris Brauer

It started with what was probably good advice from my travel agent.  “Small airports have a tendency to cancel their flights without much notice.”
Into the Sahara
J. Jaye Gold

Last night we crossed the border. The guards kept us there for four hours, searching our belongings in hopes of finding anything that would justify the payment of a bribe.
Petra by Horse, Mule and Donkey
Elizabeth von Pier

It is early morning and the sun is casting shadows on the monumental canyon walls leading into the Siq, a half-mile narrow passage used to enter and exit the “rose city” of Petra in the Kingdom of Jordan.
A Blindspot in Turkey
Nina Nooit

Ispir, a small town tucked away in the mountains behind Turkey’s Black Sea coast, in the historical area of Pontus, is a blind spot on any travellers’ map. I spent a few days there, feeling stared at ...
Why Going on Israel Family Tours is a Great Idea
Jason Haze

Are your children going to have their school break soon? Then it's time for you to take a leave from work and book one of many Israel family tours right away!
Art Shaped Box
Steve John in Madrid

According to Hemingway “Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night”. I had more tweaked it’s nose and ran away but sleeping above one of his old haunts meant I was entitled to a lie in.
Festivals, Friends & Fishermen in Accra, Ghana
Elizabeth von Pier

Accra, Ghana was a unexpected surprise. I went there with my sister who was on a volunteer work assignment...
Ljubljana:The Green Capital of Europe 2016
Ljubljana, the city that loves dragons currently holds the title of Green capital of Europe.
The World Before Bach: the 13th Misteria Paschalia Festival
Krakow, 21-27th March 2016
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

For eight days Krakow, Poland’s second city and cultural capital, hosts the Misteria Paschalia Festival during Holy Week, on the days just preceding Easter, when the city is suddenly filled with Baroque music
Three continents -Twenty countries - Rebecca Lowe's
Bicycle Blog to the Middle East
Podgorica, Montenegro to Serbia / Kosovo border
Total miles cycled: 1,340
How Web Writing Work Can Pay for Long Term Travel
Sean Lee

Believe it or not, it’s possible to trade in your life as an American office worker for a life of perpetual travel in some of the world’s most exciting places.
Mount Tabor & the Sternbergia lutea Neil Manspeizer
Mount Tabor is located in the lower Galilee region of Israel. From its slopes one may look toward the Plain of Megiddo. This spot is believed to be the exact location where the world will one day end.
Operation Irish Castle
Dan Morey
We knew when we got back from Europe someone would ask us if we’d seen any castles; and if we hadn’t seen any castles they’d give us that tragic look that said, 'Oh, how sad...'
My Family’s Fair Harbor
Leanna Johnson
Come with me, back to Scotland, to the cliff that faces my family’s land — and the sea. We’ll sit and sip a cuppa as dolphins cross the Sound of Jura, fins flashing just above the horizon.
Greenland: A Melting Arctic Wonder
Icebergs the size of skyscrapers and a domineering ice sheet taking up more than 80% of the total landmass - but it is suffering from the terrible consequences of global warming.
Bloom’s Footsteps: My Dublin Odyssey - Alex Worthy
It was a pain to wake up at 4 in the morning to catch our Ryanair flight but it was rewarding to see Dublin so empty.
Hapsburg Trieste Dreams
Dr Steve Collins
The more I explore Trieste the more apparent was the Hapsburg cultural legacy in this outwardly Italian city
Make Africa Your Winter Escape
Ibtisaam Ganief
Breath-taking sights, exciting wildlife, friendly people and a fantastic climate
Chicken Man
R.J. Fox (More from Love & Vodka)
Sergei turned off the main road, onto a very narrow, pothole-laden dirt road that seemed barely wide enough for a bike—let alone a car. Yet somehow Sergei managed to make the car fit, even if it meant scraping against a tree from time to time.
Top Dubai New Year’s Eve
Ibtisaam Ganief

New Year’s Eve is a night where friends and family get together and celebrate the success of the year that has just passed
Earworms in Bohemia
Jane Anderson

What is it about Smetana? As we walked across Charles Bridge, having been in Prague less than an hour, I realised that I had developed an earworm.
Andriy Rozumovskyi musical festival competition of young performers - Kateryna Dzekun
This good tradition started in 2012 in Baturyn palace when we celebrated the 260th birthday anniversary of Andriy Rozumovskyi
The Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk
the first democratic constitution in the world - Kateryna Dzekun
One may claim that the modern history of a nation begins with its constitution.
Rozumovskyi Palace
Ukraine Hetmanate
Kateryna Dzekun

The imposing Hetman palace in all its beauty can compete with the most distinguished palaces of the world
Germany's Other Forest
David McVey

In the Saar-Hunsruck you can find peace, quiet beauty and the sense that few other English speakers have bothered to seek it out.

Traveling India solo: Pros & cons
Chris Heise -
There's no place on Earth quite like India.
Does The Australian Working Holiday Visa Offer Nothing But A False Pretence?
Henry Kauntze
A bed of roses for world travellers?
Returning to Iran During Tumultuous Times 9.1.23
David Devine

It is still possible to visit as a tourist
Murli Menon
I have just returned after a memorable trip to Tamil Nadu, the ancient kingdom, of the Cholas.
Heritage walk through Ahmedabad
Noyonika Banerjee
Water was the key to freedom for this city
Stupid Things We Do On The Road.
Peter A. Carrigan
It is those first 48 hours which are the most dangerous time for travellers. When you'll get ripped off, lose your keys, suffer gastroenteritis and do something stupid.
Life on the Tracks
Colin Todhunter
A Journey on the Tamil Nadu Express 11.26.20
Best of Taipei by Metro in 5 days
Gisele Ribeiro

Taiwan is a great option to get exposed to Chinese traditional culture without too many bureaucratic restrictions. It is also a valuable gate to Asia as well.
Kyrg Republic, a wonderful contradiction in terms. Episode #1
Bradley J. Thornton
- a wonderful hidden jewel in Central Asia. 8.1.20
Thailand: 5 days by boat & metro.
Gisele Ribeiro

Our first adventure riding the metro in Thailand was getting to the vibrant Ratchada Night Market, where there is a vast variety of cheap and exuberant clothing and all sorts of exotic merchandise.
The forgotten hinterlands of India
Andrew McKean

“India lives in her seven hundred thousand villages” - Mahatma Gandhi
The Chronicles of Cambodia
Vlad Linder

I set off to a place, where you could hardly hear a foreign tongue and where you wouldn’t have pancakes with strawberry jam for breakfast.
UAE becomes hub attraction for international film-making
Marwan Asmar

The UAE is becoming a prime location for top international movies. Today, it stands as the third global center for film-making after Hollywood and Bollywood.
Jaipur - the Pink City
Murli Menon

It's Holi and where else to enjoy it other than the colourful state of Rajasthan. Boarding the Aravalli Express at Ahmedabad, I arrive at Jaipur Station at 8 p.m.
Trek to Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet
Murli Menon

After completing three pre-scheduled treks in the Nepal Himalayas, we decided that we would proceed to Mount Kailash through the Kodari border between Nepal and Tibet.
Jodhpur Blackbuck Sanctuary
Murli Menon

The forests around Jodhpur are dry deciduous with patches of Khejri trees which vie against each other for space. My resort has several green trees, which are soothing to one's eyes.
Raipur Fort Rajasthan
Murli Menon

Visiting the Raipur Fort luxury homestay at Raipur in Rajasthan. High velocity winds are a constant feature of Raipur and they blow through the Khejri groves and coupled with the sounds of crickets ...
Riding the Elephants
Joe David

When I hopped my silver jet to India, it was only with one thought in mind: to ride the elephants.
Visit to  Laguna Anjuna Resort -
Murli Menon
in Goa
Goa is a paradise for all those who love the sun, the sea, the sand and the surf. Laguna Anjuna is a short walk away from Anjuna beach, one of the many beaches that dot the coastal highway from Goa to Kerala.
Trekking in Kalaw
Daniel Webster

I took the bus from hot and steamy Mandalay and in the former British
hill station of Kalaw was greeted by two bright smiles from my guiding couple, YuMon and Phyo.
Borra Caves in Araku Valley
Murli Menon

Araku Valley is a paradise for all those who love the sun, the mist, the clouds and the hills.

Tadoba National Park
Walter Moore

Want to enjoy a vacation in the wilderness? Tadoba National Park promises to offer matchless beauty and excitement for all wildlife lovers.
Temples, Torii & Tatami on a culture-crammed Tour of Tokyo
Elizabeth von Pier

The Japanese love to give gifts, often for no reason at all, and we found that even the smallest purchase from a street vendor came nicely wrapped
Silky Suzhou: Venice of the East
Eric D. Goodman

Silk is what put Suzhou on the map. That, and the gardens, which date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Shanghai in the Fast Lane
Eric D. Goodman

The sheer density of Shanghai sort of hits you in the face as you drive into it. Some say the city is literally sinking under the weight of it’s own development. It’s also said that half of the construction cranes working in the world are in China - and most of them are right here in Shanghai.
Boating with the geese at Prayag
Murli Menon

One of the most nature friendly spectacles at Prayag is to watch hundreds of migratory birds stopping over during their long migratory journeys from Siberia to India.
Panamik – Nature’s own spa
Murli Menon

After spending three weeks at Leh, I came to know about the sulphur springs at Panamik, which offered miraculous cures for arthritis, digestive ailments and skin diseases.
Why Go To India?
Martin Noval

Indians are overwhelmingly untroubled, healthy, joyous, life-affirming people, a fact that anyone who has spent time in traditional villages and among local people can affirm.
Manila in the Year of the Monkey
Fred C. Wilson III

Walking through Manila’s Chinatown during New Year’s celebrations is an experience in itself.
Philipine Art - Alive with Color
Fred C. Wilson III

A nation’s art is a mirror into its soul; it reflects the cultural milieu a country is part of; Filipino art isn’t any different. Filipino canvases are awash with vibrant colors.
Asan World Flower Botanical Garden
Tamara in Korea

This was my destination for an escape from winter. Despite its international flavor, this garden is somewhat off the beaten track for foreign tourists
Canberra: A Colonists Dystopia
Sian Davies

Canberra is a place where politicians, military chiefs and top civil servants enjoy their affluence in a purpose built utopia for the ruling classes.
Western Australia Road Trip: Pros & Cons - Samantha Lego
After 30 days, 7,364 kilometres, $1,500 in petrol costs, countless litres of wine and more than a dozen road kill cows, my travelling partner and I joined the ranks of hardened road trip warriors
Hunting for Leeches and Treehouses in Southern Laos
Matt Norcini

“Are you scared of leeches, Matt?” It wasn’t a question I had been prepared for or was thinking about.
Butterflies of a Dark Light
Bad Mike
on Kudle Beach
It is as difficult to hang yourself in a hammock as it is to slip the panties off of a spinster virgin at an Episcopalian revivalist picnic.
Carving A Piece Of Cambodia
Paige Lim

"Clink, clink, clink". Every strike of the hammer sends my chisel plunging into rough sandstone, dislodging tiny chunks which scatter haphazardly across the table.
The Ring of Fire
Frank Beyer

Volcanic slopes of Central Java, terraced potato fields, farmers in conical hats, hell yea. I was finally getting the feel of the finest tropical island in the world.
Three Strangers and a Writer on the Magome-Tsumago Trail: A Journey - Sze-Leng Tan
Never did I realise that the trail I followed that day was an answer to my heart’s calling.

The Edge of the Earth
Madison Damore
The sound of waves crashing up against the rocky terrain. The faint smell of salt lingering in the air. The ocean rolling out and crashing back in. The ocean greeting the cliffs - the cliffs we are about to hike.
The Beauty of Saxophones in the Storm
Lilly Nichols
One windy evening in Quebec City
More Than We Bargained For
Chloe Rector
The road to the bookstore snakes through the Great Smoky Mountains. The deeper into the curves we go, the more we think we may never see civilization again.
Forsyth Park: Heart of Savannah
Evan Malcolm
A visit to the Farmers Market is a must ...
Lighting Up San José El Paraiso
Tyrel Nelson 8.18.23
GRID Alternatives in action

Installing solar in remote Nicaragua.
From Stem to Stern
Sadie Wilson in St Lucia

"As soon as we get into the room, put your tennis shoes on, we are going for a little hike." Mom said with a grin on her face.
Memories of My Mother & Mexico - Tyrel Nelson
To say my mother had a green thumb would be a drastic understatement. It was more like she had fertilizer fingers – whatever she put in the ground was bound to thrive.
The First-Class Experience
Todd M Clayton Jr

Before this pandemic hit the world, I travelled the world First-Class and I wanted to share my experience with new travellers and other people.
If I Could Only Find the Words
Tyrel Nelson

Cementing friendship volunteering in Xiloxochico, Mexico
A Packing Checklist For A South American Road Trip
Stuart Cooke from MyBaggage
Essentials for independent travelers
Cruise LLAs and TGHs
Martin Green's observations

Life's Little Annoyances and Things Guaranteed to Happen when cruising at sea
An Insufferable Trip
Cassidy Sommer

Our four-day trip to Arizona from South Carolina started with my getting infectious mononucleosis. For the few of you who don’t know, that’s the kissing virus.
Big Horn
It Happened at Little Big Horn

Bonnie Devet

Time haunts the Little Big Horn. On top of Last Stand Hill ... sits an obelisk, the kind Victorians loved to raise during the 19th century in order to honor the dead.
Tyrel Nelson
A week with Xperitas in White Earth
Claire Grulick on Mauna Kea Hawaii
“I think that’s the tail right there”
“I thought that was the belt?”
“No, no. Because that’s the Little Dipper”
Lost in Translation: Learning the Cartagena Hustle
Ashley Harvey

We carefully crawl our way to the top of the mud volcano; sunscreen, clay, fresh water wafting in the air. It’s a frenzy.
Onwards to Colorado Summers
Jelly Stone

Summer is the time when Colorado lets its hair down and enjoys. So, be sure that you’ll meet many locals and tourists on your hiking trails,
Miami & NY in the Fall
Sam Hawksmoor

Miami is just perfect in November....
Murals in the Jungle
Benjamin Schick in Cuba

Dust swept up and gravel crunched as the old military transport truck that had probably been on the island since before the Revolution, battered its way up the rustic mountain road. The chill of the morning air cracked across my face like a whip.
Ottawa Music & Beyond Fest 2018
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

Ottawa chamber music summers have become quite famous and now attract throngs of music lovers to the shores of the Rideau River.
Nashville Skyline
Duncan Shaw

So, why was I going to Nashville? Why would I try for a year to make this happen: after two prior dates didn't work out, I made sure the third time was the charm, but why?
Border Crossings
Kara Dyer

International travel can be a stressful activity. This includes the planning process, deciding on the perfect location and the perfect accommodations. Then the packing; oh the packing! ...
La Jinetera
Barbara Torresi in Cuba
While waiting for Mr Right to rescue her from a life of hardship she rarely passes up an opportunity to make a few bucks

Falling off the Wagon at the Chicago Lowrider Festival
Todd Wells

My brother-in-law is a car guy who likes tinkering. I thought a bunch of cars that have been trained to sit up and hop would be perfect, both for him and our kids.
This is Cuba
Joe Zoyhofski

When my cousin asked me if I wanted to drive his 1957 Ford Club Victoria, of course I told him yes. That was a mistake ...
Havana Visit
Jerry Alan

It was heating up on the balcony.  Laurant, laboring on a homonym, was trying to finish his sentence but a desire to crawl back into bed with Tahimi kept returning to his mind. It was 12:30 pm and she was still asleep.  He was up since nine. 

How to Manage Your Money While Traveling
Joe David

A US$100 can shrink seriously if you don’t shield it from the money grabbers (bankers, fluctuating exchange rates, money exchangers, and more) ...
How to Spend 48 Hours in South Beach -
Elizabeth von Pier

I'm a landlubber spending two days in South Beach between the end of a cruise and the beginning of a vacation in the Virgin Islands.
Miami for the Art Lover
Elizabeth von Pier

Miami itself is an open-air art museum. It's a joy to walk along Ocean and Collins Avenues in South Beach and admire the pastel and neon art deco buildings which now house hotels, cafes and restaurants.
Pure Escapism at the Arizona Inn - Jane Cassie
The natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert embraces the cosmopolitan city of Tucson that sprawls over 495 square miles. Signature Saguaros stand at attention with their arms stretched skyward, proudly displaying their heritage.
Headed for the Devil’s Nose
Tyrel Nelson

The northbound coach charges into the night. Not a word can be heard; the roaring of the motor provides the soundtrack to an otherwise silent ride.
Taxco-City of Silver
Fred C. Wilson III

Taxco is officially known as one of Mexico’s ‘Pueblos Magicos’ Magic Towns thanks to its excellent crafters, colonial buildings and magnificent scenery.
Beautiful Vancouver
Fred C. Wilson III
Vancouver’s a city of wondrous excitement, a world class city which boasts of fine art galleries, great restaurants and more
Rio: Summer 2016
Maddie Koehler

Rio offers a plethora of activities and culture to explore, and our favorite way to do so is through its magnificent food.
Celebrating Cape Breton Island
Habeeb Salloum & Muna Salloum

It was time to discover why Nova Scotia declares Cape Breton Island, 'the masterpiece where your heart will never leave'. 
Taste of Chicago
Fred C. Wilson III

What is the biggest, the most popular, and most well attended culinary event in the world…take a guess…give up? The Taste of Chicago is the world’s largest outdoor food fair. It’s the quintessential event of Chicago summers.
San Juan del Sur,
Gateway to Nicaragua
Janet LoSole

The hangover from Nicaragua’s protracted civil war persists. Dire warnings from our Costa Rican neighbours about the danger I would face made me nervous about visiting there on my own with my two little girls.
Visit Ram's Head Inn - Shelter Island
Escape to Cool Summer Evenings

The lounge’s live music nights have become a favorite for classic rock and jazz lovers
Driehaus Museum - Edwardian Era - Fred C Wilson 111
The Dreihaus Museum is a living testament to a much quieter time when quality craftsmanship was the measure of a person. It’s a study of the Gilded Age and all things Edwardian.
The Cartagena International Music Festival 2016
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

Music lovers from around the world gather in Cartagena, Colombia, for the annual International Music Festival. Renowned musicians from across the globe fill the city’s plazas, churches and theatres with music.
Volkswagen, Vagabond, Vistas
Lloyd Ryan Beere

What I may have originally thought a hoax or possibly a scam turned out to be one of the greatest and most fulfilling things I have done alone
Christmas in Chicago
Fred C. Wilson III

Christmas in Chicago can be a wonderful experience if you know where to go.
Letters from Belize
Caroline Ervin

We landed in Belize - the bus creaked off in the direction of the orphanage, and I saw a land so beautiful that I wanted the ride through it to last forever
Wyoming - The Big Empty
Fred C. Wilson III

It was my first bus trip out West. I’ve always wanted to see the majestic Rocky Mountains close up

Upstate New York
Ivan Maddog Noble

Some stretch of stone between Albany and Syracuse. Generations of forgotten old men lived in these timber palaces.
Hub Of All Action- NYC
Rachel Duggan

Fast pace walking. Honking cars and taxis. Crowded streets. Many cities sound like this but there is no other place like this one. New York City.
Twin Oaks - A Utopian Community
Fred C Wilson 111

It was my inaugural drive in '67; my first time behind the wheel. And there was a horrific hurricane brewing out east.

Tucked N - The Smoky Mountains
Marianne de Nazareth

We were searching and trawling the net, to be able to spend a day in a cabin in Pigeon Forge, Knoxville.
Ontario’s Lake Country along the Maple Syrup Trail
Habeeb Salloum
In one of Canada’s most picturesque regions with gleaming lakes and rivers it is Maple Syrup Season!
Reclaiming the Land of the Kawarthas
Habeeb Salloum & Muna Salloum

The region of Peterborough and the Kawarthas is a tourist destination par excellence.
Day-Tripping Out of Portland: 6 Striking Natural Wonders in 3 Days - Tonia Hauser
all photos © Tonia Hauser 2015
Visiting the city? Take time to appreciate Oregon’s breathtaking beauty, just outside.
Travels with Mathias in the Yucatan
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

“We were told,” said Mathias, “that this is really the entrance to the underworld.” 

*Prince Christian Sound by Bonnie Devet: awarded “notable essay." in The Best American Essays 2014 series (ed. by John Sullivan) published by Houghton Mifflin

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