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Endgame or Endtimes?

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The Guns of Central America


This bizarre trip, from Havana to San Salvador, took me through five levels of Central American gun culture. My journey started in Havana – probably the safest capital in Latin America.
Streets of Valletta
Dene Bebbington

Valletta is a cosy, walkable capital city. Located on the Sciberras peninsula, it's just a mile from the city gates to Fort St Elmo overlooking two natural harbours its sandwiched between.

The Cruel Dumbness of Ron DeSantis
James Campion
Or How to Use Innocent Humans as Political Props and Get Sued 
- He is the leading Republican candidate for president if Donald Trump goes to jail for stealing classified government documents, defrauding the state of New York, or fomenting an insurrection against the United States

alone and pregnant
Some Days Are Like This

Juliana Perry

Plaguing my mind more often than not these long evenings are those five simple words. The phone is silent and the remains of my own dinner sit haphazardly in the sink

The Customer isn't always right
J A Laraque
Have you ever been somewhere such as a store or a bank and someone in front of you is getting all loud and making a scene about something that is completely their fault?
Eat more Veg
Sustainable Changes to Your Everyday Life
Indiana Lee
Thinking about what you eat or you wear can make a huge difference

REVIEWS Film & Books
Survival Shock
Sam Hawksmoor
Celeste was suddenly awake, a sharp pain in her heart.  She found herself sitting on the floor of the revival cubicle with her legs drawn up being sprayed with some saline solution that made her flesh and eyes sting.
One Last Drink
Martin Green

a January night in San Francisco.  Outside it was cold and foggy.  The bar was a small one, a neighborhood place where people stopped in for a drink after work.  Right now Paul was the only one there.  
The Woman in the Photograph
Abigail George

She had never met anyone called Siegfried before. Wondered what he was like when he was a boy being called on in class. Was he teased, mocked, bullied on the playground like she was for her ‘proper’ English?

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The High House
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Sam Hawksmoor review
The Climate is not our friend

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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