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California Ghost Hunters

The Scratching Entity from the Citrus Heights Vortex.
Paul Dale Roberts

The location is Citrus Heights, near Sacramento.  The residence will remain confidential by the request of the occupants.  The date is March 16, 2007, Friday.  The start time of the investigation is 21:30 hours.  Roll Call for S.P.S. (Sacramento Paranormal Society) Paranormal Investigators are:  Donovan Turner/Lead Investigator; Jason Kowing/Equipment Operator/Intuitive; Deona Joya 'DJ' Vastine-Sharp/Investigator; Paul Dale Roberts/Ghost Writer; Janet Michalk/Intuitive; Kelli Meador/Investigator.


Before the investigation took place, there was a briefing about the investigation at DJ's home.  While all the investigators got their equipment ready, we all convoyed over to the residence in Citrus Heights.

When I entered the home, I was introduced to all of the animals of the residence.  I love animals, so I am going to tell you what animals they had there.  There is the 6-toe cat named Bo, Buddy the Rottweiler/Cattledog mix; Hally aka Halutosisis a lab/Sharpee/hound mix; BK aka BabyKakes the cat; Tasia Marie the cat; Angel the Himalayan cat; Missy the cat, Judge - a Persian cat and 4 big goldfish.

The animals keep a balance to this residence.  A residence that has animals and a possible vortex to an unknown dimension.  After the investigation started to take place, I felt that if it weren't for the animals, there would be more of a negative atmosphere in this home.  If you continue to read this, you will understand why.  

I was completely impressed with this investigation.  This was an investigation into the unknown and you felt a presence as soon as you walked through the door.  The occupant told me how she felt a lot of activity in the garage, things were tossed around.  In the hallway and one of the bedrooms, the presence is strongly felt.  In fact at one critical moment some time ago, the occupant felt like she was almost possessed.  The occupant thought perhaps their were many entities at her residence, that possibly there could be a vortex.  A helpful ghost that she affectionately called Jim would at times grab her by the wrist, as to assist her from other spirits in the home.  Her Persian cat Judge, she calls a 'familiar', because the cat seems to be aware or familiar to what is happening to her, when she experiences a visit from one of the resident ghosts.  The occupant has been scratched by an entity and her daughter has also been scratched, probably from the same entity.  

When I walked into the living room, I felt something brushing the hairs on my arm.  Then again I felt it.  It was an eerie experience and I made a comment about it quickly in the beginning of this investigation.  The occupant said at one time she saw a dark shape in the kitchen, it stood there for a while and then walked away.  

Donovan explained to me that the equipment being utilized in this investigation are the following:
RCA 80 gig hard drive DVD; DVD burner; 15 inch flat panel monitor TV, infrared security camera; EMF detector; digital recorders; Sony handy cam night shot; temperature gauges; walkie talkies, flashlights and of course I was armed with my notepad and pen.

 Being a scribe to an event like this is a great experience, especially since there is so much activity.  But, I haven't gotten to all of the activity that took place, please be patient as this article continues.

As the TV monitor recorded what was occurring in the residence, there were orbs flying all about.  Some were identified by Donovan as dust particles, but when a large orb goes across the screen, then hovers and shoots straight up, well, then it's got to be something more than a dust particle.  One orb actually flashed on the screen.

As I interviewed the occupant, she told me that at times she has seen a mean faced man in the front room window staring at her.  Yes, if it weren't for the animals, I think the balance of things in this home would surely turn over on the darkside.  I went alone to the shed in the backyard and as I stood inside the shed, I felt a feeling of dread.  Then some of the animals entered the shed with me and the dread feeling went away.  DJ feels a flutter movement on her arm.  Donovan all of a sudden feels a sharp pain on his side.  We raise up his shirt and there is a scratch mark on his back that appears before our very eyes.  The TV monitor flutters 3 times for no apparent reason as I watched various orbs make maneuvers through the hallway.  

 Jason and I, investigate the master bedroom.  This is when things started getting strange.  As we enter the master bedroom we hear a crinkling sound.  We think nothing of it, we both think it was just a cat in the bedroom.  In fact I tell Jason we better chase the cat out of the bedroom.  Jason with flashlight in hand goes over towards where the noise was.  The noise stops as soon as the flashlight comes on.  There is nothing in the area of the noise.  Jason checks the closet and behind the dresser and still no cat.  Where did the noise come from?  Jason entices the spirit by asking the spirit various questions, hoping that we would get some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in which we will analyze the audio tapes later.  Before we walked into the room, the dresser door was opened on its own, according to the occupant.  The atmosphere in the master bedroom gets thick.  Jason and I, find it hard to breathe, then simultaneously we both start coughing at the same time.  My left ear starts ringing.  I walk out of the master bedroom the ringing stops.  Then I enter the bedroom and the ringing starts all over again.  We both hear a tap on the door at the top level of the door, where no animal can reach.  It's a small tap and it was done when Jason asks the spirit to make his or her presence known.
Janet and DJ are the other team and they are in another bedroom in the house and Janet sees a darting shadow figure crossing the room.  DJ witnesses small pinpoints of light, several of them in the room, including some flashes of light.  This is the room that Jim the ghost hangs out at.  It's a small bedroom.  Janet later hears a tapping noise and a faint whistle in the living room.  The final team before I left this home was DJ, Jason and I.  

The occupant told us that a certain area of the backyard her animals will not cross.  We investigate this area and nothing occurs.  We then head over to the shed where I had the feeling of dread and again the ringing in the ears occurs, but goes away quickly.  Jason at the same time felt a lump in his throat and felt sadness.

Then everything was back to normal within a couple of minutes.  We left the shed and then went into the garage area, where activity has been recorded before and we detected no activity in the garage.  DJ later shows us her wrist and 3 tiny welt marks appear on her wrist.  When I left the residence to get home and write my article, I had my cell phone on the ready.  I called Jason and he relates another shadowy figure crossed the kitchen area after I left.

I usually like to make my articles humorous, but for some reason I can't muster up the humor for this article.  When you experience something out of the ordinary, it makes you think about our own existence and the existence of life after death.  This home gave me a message that there is something more to our everyday lives.  I couldn't shake the feeling there was something sinister in this home.  A force that could be dark, but I believe the animals of this home keep that sinister force at bay.  I remember the occupant's departing words to me.  "Welcome to my world!"  

For more about S.P.S.,check out their website at:
Paul Dale Roberts, Freelance Writer

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