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An intense, edgy thriller for readers who love suspense, action and romance
Paperback: 495 pages
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books March 1st 2012
ISBN-10: 0340997087
ISBN-13: 978-0340997086

'Six weeks, four days, sixteen hours and twenty minutes since the jail door had slammed on Genie. Seven weeks since the school broke up for summer. God had got her into this room but it would take more than prayers to get her out.... '

Thirty-four kids are missing from the mountain town of Spurlake B.C. No one ever hears from them again. The town community is considering electronic tagging all their children. Meanwhile, Genie Magee (15) is imprisoned behind bars at home by her mother, who claims her soul is possessed by the Devil. The Reverend Schneider leads all night vigils to pray for the missing kids’ souls, to stop a sickness in the town that seems to drive the kids away. As stormclouds gather over the mountain town, Rian, Genie’s boyfriend, plots to break her out and steal her away from Spurlake forever.

First Reviews: Stunning sci-fi novel, with an exceptionally likeable central pairing and a fast-moving and exciting plot. Totally crazy in the very best way.
Robert James at Bookbag

Thirty-four children are missing from the Spurlake/
Cedarville area over a two-year period. Are you being
vigilant? Are you able to recognize the signs of a teen in
trouble? Do you know where your child is after school? Need help?
Come tonight to the town meeting led by the Reverend A C Schneider – 7pm Princeton Park, Fir and Geary Streets.
Prayers and parental advice from the Mayor’s Office.
All concerned families welcome
There are statistics about missing kids in Canada. Unbelievably an average 60,000 kids a year go missing each year. 
They are categorised by the RCMP as:
Kidnap, Parental Abduction, Runaways, Accidental, Wandering Off and the most worrying of all Unknown. Nearly 12,000 kids ended up in the unknown category last year.
The Repossession is a story about just 36 of them.

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