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Steven Becks' 'Ghost Ship'
An Alex Grant Review

Loads of cheesy CGI, lashings of blood-boltered mayhem, and a direct steal from ALIEN - except that the vessel is maritime and all the monsters are human in GHOST SHIP.

It provides a neat little "Hallowe’en Special" from the director of last All Saints’ Eve’s 13 GHOSTS and from the trio of producers of tvland’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

A motley band of salvagers/scavengers led by the diminutive Gabriel Byrne seek out a luxury liner of Italian flag missing since 1962. Adrift in the Alaskan Seas this latter-day Titanic is a soul-seeker with a quota to fill: luring the greedy the lusty and the lame-brained to their ghastly deaths. Enough said. Every late October the system throws up a hole-filled cheese morsel to devour. GHOST SHIP fulfils all low-brow, low-maintenance expectations and has the lagniappe or fillip of truly hammy, ham-fisted thespians thickly sliced and imperviously coated in cheap mustard.
Who can ask for anything more for 31/10? ? Schlock sandwich time, folks!

© Alex Grant October 2002

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