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Three continents -Twenty countries - Rebecca Lowe's
Bicycle Blog to the Middle East
Zagreb, Croatia to Kostajnica, Bosnia
Greenland: A Melting Arctic Wonder
Icebergs the size of skyscrapers and a domineering ice sheet taking up more than 80% of the total landmass, every world traveler should strive to visit Greenland. But it is suffering from the terrible consequences of global warming.
Bloom’s Footsteps: My Dublin Odyssey - Alex Worthy
It was a pain to wake up at 4 in the morning to catch our Ryanair flight but it was rewarding to see Dublin so empty.
Where Knights Ruled          
Clare Thorne
In a sea peppered with Greek isles, Rhodes is as far east as you can go and still be in Greece. 
Hapsburg Trieste Dreams
Dr Steve Collins
The more I explore Trieste the more apparent was the Hapsburg cultural legacy in this outwardly Italian city
Make Africa Your Winter Escape
Ibtisaam Ganief
Breath-taking sights, exciting wildlife, friendly people and a fantastic climate ...
Chicken Man
R.J. Fox (More from Love & Vodka)
Sergei turned off the main road, onto a very narrow, pothole-laden dirt road that seemed barely wide enough for a bike—let alone a car. Yet somehow Sergei managed to make the car fit, even if it meant scraping against a tree from time to time.
Top Dubai New Year’s Eve
Ibtisaam Ganief

New Year’s Eve is a night where friends and family get together and celebrate the success of the year that has just passed
Earworms in Bohemia
Jane Anderson

What is it about Smetana? As we walked across Charles Bridge, having been in Prague less than an hour, I realised that I had developed an earworm.
Andriy Rozumovskyi musical festival competition of young performers - Kateryna Dzekun
This good tradition started in 2012 in Baturyn palace when we celebrated the 260th birthday anniversary of Andriy Rozumovskyi
Rozumovskyi Palace
Ukraine Hetmanate
Kateryna Dzekun

The imposing Hetman palace in all its beauty can compete with the most distinguished palaces of the world
Germany's Other Forest
David McVey

In the Saar-Hunsruck you can find peace, quiet beauty and the sense that few other English speakers have bothered to seek it out.
In the Shadow of Never Mountain
Matt Norcini

The church bells echoed through the quiet town streets of Berat, Albania. It was 6pm, and it was time for giro. We had read about this tradition of “total town promenade” and, honestly, thought little of it.
Back in Transylvania
Josef Oberwinzer

“I hope it will be totally crazy” was my new German friend's mantra ever since we agreed to drive to Transylvania together.
Palermo’s Inimitable Hotel Orientale
Paul Michelson

Part of me was thinking, “This is great!” The other part was thinking, “What have I gotten us into?”
Salzburg Mozartwoche 2015
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

In Salzburg every year is a Mozart year, when visitors from around the world flock to this lovely Baroque town for the annual Mozartwoche.
The Holy See
Fred C. Wilson III

The Vatican City State or Holy See is the world’s smallest country. It’s located in the heart of Rome the Italian capitol.
The Shortest Distance
Jans Schaper

By the time I get to Kyrgyzstan I have been hitchhiking for several months.
After Hours at the Colosseum
Samantha Connors

Silent and reflective, we stood there. Solitary figures against a glorious backdrop of antiquity—like lonesome time travelers.
Ten Masterpieces in Florence
Emily Mead

Florence is one of the most remarkable cities in the world. One of the most visited cities in Italy. Here are a few must-see works of art and architecture.
The Terrible Wonderful Beautiful Trip - Abbay McCandless
The best trip of my life consisted of a lost credit card, a lack of lodging arrangements and a crumpled twenty-euro note. Twenty euros that is, in a country that uses the pound as its currency.
Beautiful Burundi: A Country Less Travelled - Fergus Simpson
After over a decade of civil war and ethnic strife, Burundi is starting to receive a gentle stream of more open-minded travellers.
Samantha Piergross in Paris

Backpack strapped on and duffle bag slung across my body, I trekked from my gate inside of Orly to the shuttle bus.
Rediscovering Jewish Sicily
Irene Shaland with Bianca Del Bello

The Semitic people were the first group to colonize Sicily and establish a city-port they called Zis, now known as Palermo. They spoke a language similar to Hebrew...
The Non-Skier’s Guide to Enjoying the Swiss Alps
Irene Shaland

The majestic Alps with all their infinite beauty and sublimity were often on my mind as an ultimate destination place.

Fire Monkey
Manila in the Year of the Monkey

Fred C. Wilson III

Walking through Manila’s Chinatown during New Year’s celebrations is an experience in itself.
Philipine Art - Alive with Color
Fred C. Wilson III

A nation’s art is a mirror into its soul; it reflects the cultural milieu a country is part of; Filipino art isn’t any different. Filipino canvases are awash with vibrant colors.
Asan World Flower Botanical Garden
Tamara in Korea

This was my destination for an escape from winter. Despite its international flavor, this garden is somewhat off the beaten track for foreign tourists
Canberra: A Colonists Dystopia
Sian Davies

Canberra is a place where politicians, military chiefs and top civil servants enjoy their affluence in a purpose built utopia for the ruling classes.
Western Australia Road Trip: Pros & Cons - Samantha Lego
After 30 days, 7,364 kilometres, $1,500 in petrol costs, countless litres of wine and more than a dozen road kill cows, my travelling partner and I joined the ranks of hardened road trip warriors
Hunting for Leeches and Treehouses in Southern Laos
Matt Norcini

“Are you scared of leeches, Matt?” It wasn’t a question I had been prepared for or was thinking about.
Butterflies of a Dark Light
Bad Mike
on Kudle Beach
It is as difficult to hang yourself in a hammock as it is to slip the panties off of a spinster virgin at an Episcopalian revivalist picnic.
Carving A Piece Of Cambodia
Paige Lim

"Clink, clink, clink". Every strike of the hammer sends my chisel plunging into rough sandstone, dislodging tiny chunks which scatter haphazardly across the table.
The Ring of Fire
Frank Beyer

Volcanic slopes of Central Java, terraced potato fields, farmers in conical hats, hell yea. I was finally getting the feel of the finest tropical island in the world.
Three Strangers and a Writer on the Magome-Tsumago Trail: A Journey - Sze-Leng Tan
Never did I realise that the trail I followed that day was an answer to my heart’s calling.
The Grand Oak, Coorg, India
Marianne de Nazareth

It's a pretty comfortable five hour drive from Bangalore, if you are looking for a quick getaway from the chaos that the city has descended into. The Grand Oak is the bliss, that stressed souls need.
Spiritual Nepal on two wheels
Junesh Twana

It was ready to leave the dust, noise and disambiguated traffic of Kathmandu behind for seven days.
Dalian Rocks!
Frank Beyer

Dalian, a city in the north-east of China, lies on the southern tip of the Liaoning peninsula and faces Korea across the yellow sea.
A search for a piano in Beijing
Adam DiFrisco

It was my last night in Beijing after being in the city for a month...
Majuli: The Assamese Wonder Explored - Sean Lee
Willing to explore the least charted corners of the world? You could head for Assam’s Majuli (India) this year.
Chennai Express
A city of 4 million, and the Chennai Express, one big road, shared by rusting cycles, three wheelers, vintage bus behemoths, and water buffalo
Visiting Japan
Fred C Wilson 111

Meeting up with pen-pals in Tokyo
Fred C. Wilson III

The Gambling industry depends solely upon the continued prosperity of other Asian economies
Manila on Foot
Fred C. Wilson III

Manila on foot can be an enlightening adventure- it's one big outdoor food court with barbeque grills on most blocks.
Serene Destinations in Australia
Stacy Eva

Australia is a standout amongst the most lovely nations on the planet and is likewise hailed a significant destination.
Last Call for Mercy
Michael Britton

Hsuen frightens me. I guess it is the way she takes care of the rat problem in the Step Down Guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur.
Bad Dreams in Turtuk
Bad Mike stranded in Turtuk

Sadly no one has ever died of unhappiness. Many have perished in landslides and rock falls. Some may even have perished from eating rancid cabbage.

Volkswagen, Vagabond, Vistas
Lloyd Ryan Beere

What I may have originally thought a hoax or possibly a scam turned out to be one of the greatest and most fulfilling things I have done alone
Christmas in Chicago
Fred C. Wilson III

Christmas in Chicago can be a wonderful experience if you know where to go.
Letters from Belize
Caroline Ervin

We landed in Belize - the bus creaked off in the direction of the orphanage, and I saw a land so beautiful that I wanted the ride through it to last forever
Wyoming - The Big Empty
Fred C. Wilson III

It was my first bus trip out West. I’ve always wanted to see the majestic
Rocky Mountains close up

Upstate New York
Ivan Maddog Noble

Some stretch of stone between Albany and Syracuse. Generations of forgotten old men lived in these timber palaces.
Hub Of All Action- NYC
Rachel Duggan

Fast pace walking. Honking cars and taxis. Crowded streets. Many cities sound like this but there is no other place like this one. New York City.
Twin Oaks - A Utopian Community
Fred C Wilson 111

It was my inaugural drive in '67; my first time behind the wheel. And there was a horrific hurricane brewing out east.

Tucked N - The Smoky Mountains
Marianne de Nazareth

We were searching and trawling the net, to be able to spend a day in a cabin in Pigeon Forge, Knoxville.
Ontario’s Lake Country along the Maple Syrup Trail
Habeeb Salloum
In one of Canada’s most picturesque regions with gleaming lakes and rivers it is Maple Syrup Season!
Reclaiming the Land of the Kawarthas
Habeeb Salloum & Muna Salloum

The region of Peterborough and the Kawarthas is a tourist destination par excellence.
Day-Tripping Out of Portland: 6 Striking Natural Wonders in 3 Days - Tonia Hauser
all photos © Tonia Hauser 2015
Visiting the city? Take time to appreciate Oregon’s breathtaking beauty, just outside.
Travels with Mathias in the Yucatan
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

“We were told,” said Mathias, “that this is really the entrance to the underworld.” 
Big Sur Country
Fred C Wilson 111

Northern California’s not the place to visit in early autumn. The weather’s cold, cloudy and it rains nearly every day
Bon Bini Curacao
Fred C Wilson 111

Willemstad is divided in two halves by shark infested Santa Anna Bay

Walli F. Leff

The trail along the Deschutes River in beautiful Tumwater Falls Park, just outside of Olympia, Washington, passes by the waterfalls...
Patagonia – The Road to Insanity

Olivier Guiberteau

A bus trip would take forty-eight hours and likely boredom, possible rectal damage, and potential insanity – but also, a great adventure.
Amish Country
Fred C. Wilson III

In all honesty I rarely ate so well; mashed potatoes with creamy homemade butter and gravy, yummy roast beef that melts in your mouth, corn bread with dressing, fresh homemade Dutch apple pie
In Darwin's footsteps, on a luxury cruise in the Galápagos islands

Jean-Marc Theodorowicz

To many visitors, the Galápagos Islands remain the image of a paradise; a mythical place - so symbolic in essence- like a child’s dream that beckons, beyond the wildest imagination.

*Prince Christian Sound by Bonnie Devet: awarded “notable essay." in The Best American Essays 2014 series (ed. by John Sullivan) published by Houghton Mifflin

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