The International Writers Magazine: M: I.111

Mission Impossible 3
Starring Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Director J.J. Abrams

Danielle Ward

fter the unstoppable addiction that we had to ‘Lost’ and ‘Alias’ what more could director J.J. Abrams do for us thrill-seeking viewers? Well he has directed the latest adventures of Ethan Hunt for starters.

At first glance it appears that Mr Hunt has no intention of supplying us with the show-stopping stunts that we have grown to love. It seems that he has left the force for good but when his old recruit Lindsey is discovered to be in trouble he jumps back in action.

Old favourite, Luther Strickell, (Ving Rhame) returns as the technical expert at his side, and soon they attempt a rescue. With Declan, (Jonathan Rhys Meyers; Bend It Like Beckham) and Zhen, (Maggie Q) by their sides they start to realise who they are really up against. It is a master mind in the form of Owen Davian, (Philip Seymour Hoffman; Cold Mountain, Happiness.)

It takes a lot to stop an international weapons supplier when your bosses are against you. John Brassel, (Laurence Fishburne; The Matrix) is not what he seems and with Musgrave’s, (Billy Crudup) help they have some amazing adventures along the way. The special effects have a no-expense-spared quality and the action comes thick and fast. For those who are not interested in the action aspect, there is still a love-story sub-plot.

Michelle Monaghan (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) plays the beautiful girlfriend Julia. But whether you go to drawl over Tom’s good looks or to watch some amazing action, no one will be disappointed. This is definitely one film where the squeal is as good, if not better, than the original.

© Daniell Ward May 9th 2006

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