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James Campion has a new book -'Trailing Jesus'

All of us here at The Desk, and key members of the troop at Fort Vernon, are pleased, and little relieved - because there is nothing more annoying than an author in the final stages of completing a book - to announce that the final manuscript for jc’s third book is whisking its way to print this week. The six-year odyssey to be titled, "Trailing Jesus" is due for release by Christmas.
Compiled using the original journal entries made when jc spent the spring of 1996 in Israel walking mystical landscapes draped in the pall of cultural and religious violence, it is a true story of two thousand years of spiritual revolution and an inspired dissection of western civilization’s most controversial figure.

Whether you hail from the Judeo-Christian ethic, have a working knowledge of Biblical history or are fascinated by the blind aggression currently being perpetuated by nations in the Middle East, you will enjoy "Trailing Jesus", which, much like jc’s first two books, "Deep Tank Jersey" and "Fear No Art" exudes an irreverent honesty and ferocity that has been the trademark of its author.
As usual, the book will be available through, as well as, and all Barnes & Nobel outlets. More locations to be announced soon. If you are interested in pre-ordering the book from us directly, please contact us at
Free shipping still applies.

In the meantime, jc’s contribution to Volume 4 of the critically acclaimed, "In Our Own Words - A Generation Defining Itself" published by MW Enterprises is currently available in paperback. The complete essay entitled, "Resurrections in Babes Clothing" appears in this collection of fine poetry, asides and essays from members of the Lost Generation.

jc Excerpt: "I was raised a cynic in the best American sense. Everything was corruptible and nothing could be considered sacred as a result. This gave us a false sense of freedom as American kids. We loved the protection of slipping the noose and pointing fingers at the fallen hippies, the nouveau riche and the bohemian madness that rendered the playing field a litter of cultural corpses. Television minds caressed and seduced with apathy, we bought the hype. The louder the cry, the faster the result; solutions meant the end of the line, and we couldn't accept that in any conventional sense. After all, there was too much dawn left to go."

For more info go to The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Chapters Globe, Amazon UK and most online booksellers.
Also, check out the work being offered by the good people at Voyant Publishing at including "Adrift in a Vanishing City" by jc’s friend, novelist, Vincent Czyz. This and other groundbreaking literature is available at bookstores everywhere. If you are interested in young, cutting edge authors, please check them out. It is a first class outfit with the guts to reveal the future of the craft.

Finally, quick props to Managing Editor, Sam North and everyone across the pond at Hackwriters. This is truly the best webzine dedicated to writers everywhere. Please check them out, as well as jc’s weekly rants, at

Once again, we’d like to thank you for being a true-blue Check Group member. Keep reading, and sending your mail. It is much appreciated, and as in most cases, gets sent to print for readers of the Aquarian Weekly and Reality Check fans worldwide.
Have a lovely change of seasons and remember...
The Wounded Staff
Reality Check News & Information Desk

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