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The International Writers Magazine:

The Man From Perfect by Andrea Semple
published by Piatkus £6.99
Paperback 320 pages
ISBN: 0749936029

Review by Lynn Ede

If you’re escaping a slobby, directionless boyfriend to jet off to the sun, this could be the holiday read for you. Our Leeds resident author Andrea Semple has done it again. Providing us with a page turning alternative to the miserable love lives most of us lead from time to time.

Ella Holt, the main character, shares her space with Rob, who she loved until he lived with her. Surrounded by his discarded Doritos bags, empty cans of Stella and tripping over the games console leads, Ella feels there must be more to life than watching her lover regress to young teen habits rather than becoming more sophisticated and serious.Serious about her. Yes this is ringing bells with all of you out there I can just feel it. But what to do? Pondering this, she idly fills in a magazine questionnaire about the Perfect Man. What she doesn’t realise is that her replies are picked up by a major dating agency which sends around the suave James, complete with intrusive media coverage, to fill her every questionnaire tick of what the Perfect Man should be. Fine wines, candlelit dinners and foreign trips follow in the wake of the dumped, hapless Rob who can merely look on. Final misery for him is the tiny box James presents to Ella, slipping the sparkling contents onto her finger. Wedding plans and a Las Vegas setting seems like the ideal for Ella but could prove a little too much for all concerned.
Happy holidays!

© Lynn Ede June 2006
Freelance Journalist & Illustrator

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