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Hackwriters & Journalism Competition

Festive Facts for Fiction Competition
Did this Christmas leave you thinking, "stuff the turkey, this is not what it is cracked up to be". Or are you one of the lucky ones for who Christmas is a time of joy and good will to all men, women and dotty relatives?
Whatever your experiences, Hackwriters and are giving you the chance to use your festive facts to win a set of the finest fiction from Random House Publishing. has recently launched a brand new creative writing zone to give budding writers the chance to upload their work for all to see. Along with advice and feature articles, seasoned writers including Ed McBain and Ian Rankin will be on board to judge the work. Charts allow other users to vote for their favourite uploads and there will be countless opportunities for hotshot writers to get noticed. Go to to discover how to upload your work.

To enter our competition, select a newspaper or magazine to target and write a feature in 1000 words or less on your exploits and experiences over the Christmas period.

The best entries will win one of three sets of books from Random House, including ‘By The Shore’ by rising literary light, Galaxy Craze and ‘Survivor’ by Chuck Palahniuk, author of ‘Fight Club’.

When is the deadline? Who do you send them to? How do you send your entries? Details Here:

Submit your entry to
In what format? A Word 97/98 file, Claris 4 (Mac users)/ or rtf file.
When? By Feb 8th 2001
All entries will then be forwarded to the judges and you'll hear who has won, from them and us, sometime in March.

So Get Writing we want to hear from you.

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