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contact us - Submissions by the 27th of every month

We welcome intelligent and observant travel articles from around the world and review pieces (film, literature, and other arts). We have a policy of rejecting defamatory material or work that would offend. There are other places for that material.
Hacks exists to aide writers experimenting with their craft and share their experiences with others. We do like people to read the current issue and be aware that other people may also be writing about the topic you have chosen to write about.
Submitted material should be written in Word and between 1000-2300 words, spell-checked and where possible be factually correct. (If submitting travel journeys it is useful to state airlines, hotels and useful contacts at the end of the piece and supply images.
If writing fiction, do check our section in Dreamscapes to see what we consider suitable material. It is widely varied but we do reject horror or excessive foul language and/or explict sexual content which is adequately catered for elsewhere on the www.

Please see the guidelines for submissions before sending us an article.

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