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We welcome features on the future of the future
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21st Century Futures

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Albert Einstein
“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed."
The Economist, 12. 4. 2003
William Gibson
“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”
Zadie Smith
“The future is just wasted on some people.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters
The Future

The Caring Future
Sam Hawksmoor

One of the questions I used to dislike the most when a kid was ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ You’re like 12 years old and you have no idea what you might like to do at 20, let alone 40.  All you really want is for school to be over ...
Spanish Bridges & Economic Choices

James Skinner

Spain’s banking system, the pride and joy of President Rodriguez Zapatero, is in a shambles on equal footing to the other members of the European ‘Finance’ Club
Knowledge, Science and the Problem of Time Travel

Kimberly Pfeifer
Does the concept of time travel belong solely to the realm of science fiction or is it a possibility?
On Personal Identity and Other Minds

Kimberly Pfeifer
Upon contemplating the prospect of aging and dying, I become distressed and realize I would prefer to continue living in a youthful body. I find that there is a company—"New You Services" which offers a solution to my problem.
Where's That Smell?
Paul Lynch

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single sniff" - not exactly the Lao Tzu quote that made the philosopher famous, but it’s close enough. Point being, do cities or countries possess a unique odour?
How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe
by Charles Yu
Sam North review

This a novel about the perfect time you will never have with the perfect girl you will never meet, in a life never lived in a time that never happened and a dog called Ed
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Sam Hawksmoor

a thinking persons sci-fi movie, stylish, beautiful to look at channeling Tarkovskiy

A Risk of Signing Away the Future
Bryan Smith
The truth about Tech might kill you
The Brick Internet
Byron Reese

The Internet kinda sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Internet. It is the greatest invention since at least movable type and perhaps since writing itself. But it is still so primitive that it is barely past the “stone knives and bear skins” stage of technology.

Travelling with your iPad
Jules Kay

The iPad is now well established as the world's ultimate personal entertainment companion. For many people, it is also now an indispensable travel accessory.
The Consumer Consumed, or: Harnessing the Cheapest Labor of It All—Yours!
Dr. Claudia K. Grinnell
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz: Web 2.0
What is web 2.0? Many people, rightfully suspicious, ask about the meaning of this new buzzword. Is it a bubble or hype in the style of the "new economy" of the last century?

On Speculative Fiction
Sam Hawksmoor

Why is it so hard to get the future right?
I grew up on Philip K Dick and his fantasies about global nuclear war, robots that were indistinguishable from people and a world engulfed by consumerism.

Is there a future for the car?

Sam North

The key to public transport in cities is reliabity, price, accessibity and safety. A city that does not reinvest in a constant cycle in people-moving will die.
Cyber Cynic
Tom Nation

A full moon adorned the night sky above the city. Her gaze penetrated the steel and concrete lattice of streets below and illuminated the body of a male who identified himself only as "Archos"
Ship Breaker
by Paolo Bacigalupi (YA Fiction)
'A brilliant thrilling insight into
America's Post-Oil Future'

Sam Hawksmoor review
The Windup Girl
Paolo Bacigalupi
Sam North
Brilliant insight into our terrifying future after a population crash. Stunning and vivid biogenetic noir.

Directed by Rian Johnson
Starring Joe Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis
Terrific scifi thriller that delivers one hell of a punch

The Future According to Class 7b
Louise Powell on the future of teaching

The Age of Abundance

Naseem Javeed - where are all the new ideas?

Future Tense
James Ryder on living for now
Meet The Ocean Police
James Skinner on Greenpeace
Life in 2024
Andrew Walker looks back
Birthday Boy 2054
Alex Segal
Last Christmas 2019
Jenny Atkins mourns the festive season
When God makes changes...
Michael levy
Climate of Fear
Gina Birtch on global warming
Let's Interface
Colin Todhunter
on how corporate jargon invades our daily lives

The Forked Path
Josh Davidson ponders our immediate future
Look Back - Going Forward
Sam North on Hackwriters past and future
Brazil: Say farewell to the trees
Gabriella Davies
Who wants to live in a world without men?
Leanne Browning does
The Other Me
Gemma Ayres - designer baby grows up
Why Must The Future Be So Glum?
Michael Barakat
The Future of Adult Branding
Naseem Javed on XXX.com

Check this link out and really start worrying:
Paranoid about the Future - now you will be
Welly and the nukes
James Skinner - is nuclear option inevitable?

On-Line Dating
Karen Saxby downloads her man
The Bruce Sterling Podcast May 2006

Futures •
The Mysteries and Future of Websites
Nassem Javed on the global economy

Branding a Century
Naseem Javed on the cyber-market in naming

James Skinner on liquid gold futures

Global Warming?
If this is the future - why am I so bloody cold?

What Future For Europe?
James Skinner on the New Constitution

NUCLEAR WAR in the 21st Century
James Skinner has a dream Part One

NUCLEAR WAR in the 21st Century- Part Two
James Skinner has a dream
WAR & Peace in the 21st CENTURY -
Part Three of James Skinner's vision of hell

Antibiotics - The Killer Drug
Yvette Barnett

Oliver Moor on the future of water
VISIONS OF THE FUTURE Introduction to extended essay series on the way we thought it would be
Sam North
David Rutherford
Natural capitalism and the hypercar

by Sam North
So you think you know what's going to happen next?
John Lewell puts us right

You'll never hang up again
by Jayne Sharratt
Trouble in the Ribble
by Esther Loydall
Death is only the beginning...

A.Chan investigates the world of cybersex
J T Brown - Love in Modern Japan
Admire the view - just don't breathe the air by Sam North

WORLD IN 2020 - from the Year 2000
Conference Review How was it for you?
el Norte on aggregation not aggravation
READING THE RUNES - the world in 2050?
Sam North goes deep into the future
Oliver Moor wants to get the Kings telegram
Jess Wynne

HYDROGEN Steps On The Gas
Stuart Macdonald

Nathan Davies

CNN Report 2009

Mandy Mand on the future
present of Japan

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I Robot
The Future is made in Japan
• J T Brown

Brian Runicman helps us lose the flab - Will Star Trek instant travel ever come true?
What about Nature? Who really cares about the future of our planet
Andrew Abulu

The Future of Transportation
a radical solution for the 21st Century
•Andrew L. Abulu

Imagine That
• Andrew L. Abulu assesses our scientific trends and has it sussed.
The Future Of Sex
Hazel Marshall

Buying Good Genes
Jim Johnson

Is Cloning 100 percent Possible?
Brian Runciman
Where are we post -Dolly?

21st Century Goodbyes
Sandra Philip on euthanasia

The Future
Victor Manley in the dark

20 Years After Sept 11th
Andrew Abulu on world peace?

by John Peters
Birmingham 2010 - it's grim up north
Johnny Foreigner
- it all happens on Widdecombe Day
Sam North
Solene by Jan Fossgard
A story about the future of writing
Life Choice
Cloning your child
Brutally Honest Software
Kelvin Mason

On Life Support
Nathan Davies

Perfect Sex?
David Rutherford

Surviving the Golden Years
James Skinner on the Third Age

The Paperclip Counter
J Giles
with insights into business efficiency

Still Life
Mark Robinson - survivor
And the skies above the City bleed down upon the earth its overcast haze. Quiet below, sinking beneath the mist, a stale darkness pervades. With streets aloof, atom-bomb atonic. Red flashing twelve o’clocks light a humming wave of out-of-order signs and sequential blinking green men below the anodised phosphorescent burn of street lighting.

Review of British Science Fiction novella collection 02
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