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James Skinner on world peace

I had a dream the other day. I was in New York and the date was the 9th of September 2101. I was listening to the one-hundredth-anniversary speech by the President of United States Inc. formerly known as USA, Mohamed Smith, one of many Muslims who converted to Americanism over the last century. He was on a pulpit, specially built for the occasion overlooking ‘Ground Zero’ that is now a great memorial to those killed a hundred years ago.

It went like this:
‘My brothers, we are here today to pay tribute to those who perished in the vicious and unwarranted attack on our organisation, one hundred years ago. We pray for their souls as well as give thanks to them who have become the symbol of the beginning of a new era. It has taken us one whole century to reach the state in the world today whereby every human being on earth no longer hates his brother or sister, is fed, clothed and is able to read and write. One hundred years of solid sweat and blood by our organisation that rose from the ashes like the Phoenix yet not without suffering those initial years of massive destruction that followed the evil blow to the Twin Towers. We can now proudly say that every international project won by our coordinated team effort as International Consultants has successfully been completed. These efforts have set the foundations for peace, prosperity and above all freedom for all mankind on this planet called Earth!

This is how it all began.
The newly elected president of the USA way back at the beginning of the last century made a profound statement that was to change the world. He pointed a finger at three nations in particular, North Korea, Iran and Iraq and named them the ‘Axis of evil’ thus starting two decades of unprecedented and absolute world chaos. The Middle East turned upside down; oil stopped flowing. The Far East was embroiled in a massive exchange of fireworks; the odd nuke was hurled around. Stock markets world over plunged into a bottomless pit, converting the developed world into an army of beggars whilst the poor, well, they just remained poor. The view from the odd space stations floating in orbit was stunning. Rivers were overflowing and oceans going mad. Forest fires the planet over were devouring life at every flicker of a flame. All hope of any reconciliation between the living, be it flora or fauna seemed to vanish.
But in 2022, a remarkable event took place. A few remaining residents in what was left of Hackensack, New Jersey formed a society to work on the basis of a new world order. Their aim would be to promote a revised form of world understanding. Their objective was not to dominate the world but to manage it. Their goal was to market and sell peace and prosperity. They created USA Inc, World Consultants!’

As I turned over in my bed, half asleep I continued to take in the words of wisdom echoing across Manhattan and the Hudson River emanating from Mohamed’s lips as he continued his praise of the achievements in world affairs.

‘The grave mistake made by past governments to try to convert the conflictive parts of the world into democratic states was the lack of any proper business plan. My brothers, the politicians at the time had no idea of how to sell freedom to the rest of the world and all their efforts, including the use of force such as that exerted in Iraq failed abysmally. It took twenty years of tremendous human toll of life for someone somewhere to stand up and shout: ‘enough is enough. There must be another way!’ Hence our forefathers, no different to the pilgrims from the Mayflower sat down, that great day in a downtown bar of the city and laid the corner stone for the first ever worldwide business plan for peace. Halleluiah, brothers! Pray with me as I tell you how they did it.
Security was their first and utmost priority. There was no way they could sell their ‘product’ if they didn’t have marketing security to start with. So what did they do? They began a campaign of fear. My brothers, just hold it right there! Before you jump to any conclusion meditate on the foundations of human frailty. Before our pilgrims could implement their plan, they had to make sure that every human on earth was scared out of his wits because the Apocalypse was just around the corner and that they just had to take the ‘salvation’ tablets. They simple spread the word that the stars in the sky were actually nukes just waiting to be triggered off!’

My wife slapped me as I was giggling away in my sleep. I kept on dreaming.

‘The greatest tragedy to beset the world prior to the twenty-first century was that no government, benign or malicious realised that the developed world at the time was saturated and that the only way forward for real peace was to develop the underdog nations. Sure, it was talked about, it was discussed it was even fought for; hence all the unnecessary wars that raged like bushfires around the world. But it was politically and commercially asinine. No one had ever thought of a real global, and I mean global business plan based on the principles of true profits and losses.
Disgusting, unethical, ruthless capitalism, and many other descriptions could be used to describe our forefathers and their plan. I know, my brothers, that that is what is going through your minds. Yet close your eyes, pray and above all think; what is wrong with making money if everyone benefits? What is wrong with putting a price on everything so that humanity can appreciate the true value of peace? Behold, the world today is a better place because all of us, without exemption knows that good managers and not ruthless politicians are running this planet. ‘Ah!’ you may ask, ‘but how was the bloody conflict between different religions resolved?’ Simple, a business case was worked out between Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and even Buddha and if you take a walk around your local supermarket you will see what I mean.’

My wife hit me again but I ignored her. I couldn’t wait to continue dreaming on how the world business plan was actually conceived a put to practice.’

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James Skinner has a dream

© James Skinner. November 2003

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