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James Skinner continues his investigation into migration and a changing Europe

‘Birds do it, fish do it, anything that moves on earth and is alive does it; migration is synonymous to winds, tides and all that is related to the movement of the planet around the sun. The simplicity of the meaning of the word says it all, ‘moving from one region or habitat to another’. The difference is that most living creatures act in a clockwise, in other words, logical manner. Humans have tended to fire in all directions and for a variety of reasons and what’s even worse, since time immemorial they keep changing the rules of the game! With regards to Europe, today’s human movers fall into two main categories, the desperately hungry and sinisterly vicious, two complete contrasts. I shall explain.

Human migration is a two-way system, input and output, those who move away are emigrants and those who move in are immigrants. What began millenniums ago as the basic need to search and hunt for food when most of the planet was up for grabs, slowly developed into the movement of people seeking a better way of living. Hence the migration of Europeans to America during the eighteenth and ninetheen centuries during the industrial revolution that altered lives forever. Other massive periods of historical relocation were the result of brutal enforcement by political entities and religious persecution. Examples of this cruel method of migration were the slave trade from Africa to America between the 16th and 18th century and the expulsion and extermination of the Jews during WWII. Moving away from the 20th century into the 21st the situation has experienced a subtle change. Although we still continue to see the suffering of refugees fleeing from oppression and aggression as well as the migration of others towards supposed prosperity, the tables seemed to have changed somewhat and for two reasons.

The fall of the Iron curtain has allowed many ex-communist citizens to wander about the world without restriction. Russians, Rumanians, Hungarians and many other nationalities have not only found freedom, but have learned the game of migration. They are appearing all over Western Europe. Across the Atlantic the economic crisis in many parts of Latin America has caused a peculiar state of human migration. Masses of Europeans, especially those from Spain and Portugal who emigrated over half a century ago are now returning to their homeland in search of financial security. In other words, for once and possibly the first time we are observing a reversal of human migration. But there is a sinister side to this new influx of so-called foreigners into Europe. A revised kind of criminal activity is taking place and on a massive scale. Latin American and Eastern European organised crime is taking over from the Marshall Plan.

Warning signs in Spain about illegals
Organised crime in Europe can be divided into two categories. The most common and obvious is that of racketeering with many Mafioso-style associations trafficking mainly in narcotics and prostitution. No need to expand on how they operate as a quick reread of Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather’ explains it all. The second and more sinister is that of the resurrection of human slavery. The business of introducing illegal immigrants into Europe from different parts of the world, in particular Africa, South America and the Far East is not only massive, it is also vicious, cruel and is causing a political upheaval throughout the Union second only to al-Qaeda’s threatened terrorist attacks.

It is also changing the lifestyle of the male population of some of Europe’s warmer states. Let’s have a look at a sample of the classified adverts in a provincial Spanish newspaper for a ‘taste of honey’.
‘Black, hot and ready for you. Call me at...'.
‘Latin (referring to Latin America) big tits, big arse, do it anyway you like'.

Not only do they appear daily, they outstrip all other classified entries by 2 to 1. Most of the prostitutes have been brought into Spain, against their will after being offered a better life and job away from the misery of the Rio slums or Bogotá’s criminal gangs. Sure, prostitution has been around since man first had an erection, but the level of prostitution as well as the increase in the customer base is out of control. It is also spreading from the cities and into the small towns. Portugal, Spain’s neighbour is equally infected.

Time magazine’s feature article on the 20th of October reported on the town of Bragança about 100 kilometres east of Vigo as an example of invasion by Brazilian ‘meninas’. Most of the girls were ‘shipped’ from the slums of Brazil to Paris and some made their way, thanks to the professional pimping system to this remote outpost of Portugal’s rural district. According to the magazine, the men folk are having a ball whilst their wives continue to cook, sow and look after the kids! Slowly but effectively this scene is also spreading across ‘Green’ Spain. Despite feminist movements and housewife’s associations trying their hardest to boycott the profession, the ‘machos’ continue to spend their pay checks at the brothels and enjoy new found happiness in the arms of a luscious twenty year old from Copacabana. At least they all speak the same language! But this is not the real point.

These downtrodden females from Tropicana are also part of the illegal immigrant trade.
Apart from the prostitute trails, there is a parallel route coming in from the south and east carrying human solitude and despair. For anything ranging from $2000 upwards, a great deal of destitute people from several African countries are ‘hooked’ by gangsters and sent across the waters of the Mediterranean, supposedly seeking a better life in Europe. They arrive in semi-derelict ships, dinghies or empty beer barrels, half naked, half dead and totally desperate. The local coast guards or police at both the Spanish and Italian borders picks up the majority. A great many, however make it into the mainland and presto, ready to seek for a new life! The events are so commonplace that the press have ceased to report each case. The big shots in Brussels shout and scream at each other of illegal immigration whilst do-gooders like most of the non-government organisations scream blue murder at the lack of human rights. But the truth of the matter is that nobody is doing a thing about it. They just keep coming and coming thanks to criminal back boy dealers around the world who control the loopholes.

There is a third, although long term sinister scene on the horizon. Two small but significant events have taken place very recently. The first was the prohibition of the use of the veil by two Muslim girls by their local school authorities in Paris. It’s caused uproar. (President Chirac weighing in with his own opinion that they should not wear veils.) The second, even more significant was the removal of the crucifix in a school in a small town in Italy, L'Aquila, because of a complaint by a Muslim parent.

If you link this to the broader issue as to why both Germany’s Schroeder and France’s Chirac said ‘No’ to the Iraq war the reason is very visible. They both have a very large and growing Muslim population. (The immigrant parent Adele Smith, an Egyptian, a convert from Catholicism to Islam is leading a campaign to force all schools to remove crucifixes from their walls as it may offend Muslim students.)
There are now one million muslims in Italy and six million in France. The slow but effective influence of Islamic doctrine creeping into European society is not an opinion but a fact of life. Hence the sudden success in Switzerland of extreme right wing politicians voicing in unison ‘No more immigrants!’

Yet what does goodbye to rock and roll have to do with all this? I’ll tell you.
Take a walk around the wild side of Europe and what do you find? Booze, X-rated movies, happy-go-lucky youth floating around the continent in a daze. Great, say many. This is true freedom and democracy. On the other hand, the Mozarts and Beethovens of Europe have stopped composing symphonies and given way to Funky Rock, Heavy Metal and other general punk sounds. So, if the crosses come down, and the veils go up, it won’t be long before the guitars are silenced and the wailing starts, and we’ll be drinking tea through a smoking pipe!

© James Skinner 2003.
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