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Hackwriters new fiction exclusives
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The Blood of the Lord
W A Harbinson
Anna wanted God - Tom wanted Anna
Steve just wanted money. Then came the miracle...

Opalescent Blue
Sam Nortey, Jr.
An excerpt from his literary fiction novel, Thumbwars
As I turned around to change the radio station, Ms. Opal said, "I’m going to turn off the music. When I come back, I want to hear the end of your story."

Early Times: The Origins of Stanford University
Jerry Franks
It reminded him of the master and mistress visiting the hired help.

The Goa File
James Skinner
Extract from his novel about the Falkland's War
The Goa File Part Two 1.4.2006
The CIA connection
Published in full by Cyberwit December 2006
The Purim Code (Oct 2008)
James Skinner
USA has blown your cover. Your position at risk. Return to base immediately

The Purple Maiden
Chapter 1: A Crude Awakening
Hotel Babilonia, Vigo. (June 2009)
James Skinner
Pedro was drying off in the shower when his wife came bursting into the bathroom. ‘There’s a woman outside screaming...'

The Purple Maiden:
Chapter 2: Dangerous trawling
James Skinner
It was Wednesday, just past 09:00 and although the weather was cold and rainy, there were no signs of a storm within hundreds of miles south of the Cornish coast. ‘Mayday! Mayday! Help! Sinking! Maruxa! Maruxa…this is captain of Maruxa! Mayday…’

O'Donnel's Travails
Kevin Blanking
'my blood was up, I was up for a scrap. They do not call us fighting Irish for nothing'...


Jeff Hunt

Refrain from a monster

Poor Cottontop
Philip E. Hardy

At noontime on the following day, Sheriff Maynard arrived at Ellison's jail cell to escort him to his execution.

Summer in Cadillac
Mike Blake - a novella in progress
a summer on the island
Summer in Cadillac - Chapter Two

Shiftwork 11.05.05
Summer in Cadillac - Chapter Three
Taking a Break in a pig's sty

Summer in Cadillac - Chapter Four
Beer and Girls
Summer in Cadillac - Chapter Five
Getting Stoned

Summer in Cadillac - Chapter Six
The secret pool

Summer in Cadillac - Chapter Seven
Summer half-over
- 13.02.06

Ghost Continents:
Stories of Maps & Legends
Jessica Schneider
The Myth and the Mountain - The Peaks and Valleys of a Man-Made Map

Malibu Eyes
Janice Slater

Mickey's a cool dude

DIAMONDS - The Rush of '72
Sam North's first chapter...
Suddenly anxious, he patted the coat pocket closest to his heart and was reassured to find a large hard lump still situated there. They’d not been robbed...yet.

Between a Rock and Randomness
Dan Schneider
...other kids might echo her taunts, but Laney was especially loud, mean, ruthless, and relentless

The Well of Lost Plots
Jasper Fforde

MAKING ONE’S HOME in an unpublished novel wasn’t without its compensations. All the boring day-to-day mundanities that we conduct in the real world get in the way of narrative flow and are thus generally avoided.

Walter Roberts
What follows is not a minute by minute commentary of events. It’s more recorded highlights, if you like. But that’s what life’s mainly about, isn’t it? 


Kelvin Mason
‘Mr Forrest,’ Dai said loudly, ‘do Englishmen swim in shit?’
‘What’re you on about, Griffiths?’
‘My friend’s in the slurry pit!’ the second boy yelled.

Andrew Bernhadt & Alice Shrgai
'I nearly screamed but managed to stop
myself; Grandma hated children who scream'.
Memoirs from Germany.
'A wonderful, atmospheric true story.'

Hazel Marshall
Slowly the women had risen to their feet and, pushing their already rolled up sleeves further up their arms, prepared for battle. This was the part that they had been dreading most. Not the fighting. Crofting was a physical way of life and violence was habitual.

Rob Burns

"You are visiting?"
"For a week. A little work."
"With your husband?" Pieter nodded towards the bar. "A friend."
Pieter Van Laere lifted up his Grolsch and said "Oh."

The Land
Jacob Brugge
A man, a horse, a long way from home

Jon Guyver-Cole
The ladies love the attention as Derrick fusses about clean sheets and discusses haberdashery with them. Even the husbands warm to being flirted with, children are just confused. In the winter they take in "special" guests


“I will live and love and laugh,” she promised herself. “I will ride the whirlwind (not the number three bus). I shall be brave and bold and good. No one shall dare call me ordinary or naive.”

She didn't seem to hear me. So I tried to kiss her. She understood. Said we couldn't. Not like this. Pointed at my feet. I was standing on the white tiles. And she was standing on the black.

Let’s Get Reagan
Thomas Foster
Jimmy, Fox is a big serious network. Am I supposed to think they’d consider a show about kidnapping a living former President?


Robert Stanger and Amanda Massa
At every point of interest, we would purchase some item as a souvenir, later to be reviewed with pleasure as a reminder of our "voyage". However, Vickie, was not satisfied with only purchasing items. She had to gather in items that didn't cost anything. This was another aspect of her kleptomania.


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Publishing News

Hazel Marshall's first exciting children's novel is out now- published in the UK Sept 2004 by Oxford University Press. Troublesome Angels and Flying Machines
ISBN: 0192719513
Click on pic to buy

Zia Zaman will be publishing his collection of short stories first published in Hackwriters - available at Amazon .com

Sam North's novel The Curse of the Nibelung - A Sherlock Holmes Mystery published Sept 2005
His new book Another Place to Die published February 2007

Read Also

The complete children's mystery novel on-line
Jayne Sharratt
"A wonderful first novel - a charming and ultimately quite tragic tale.'

More Fiction in Dreamscapes

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Salt, Mustard, Vinegar
Tony Southport

Salt, Mustard, Vinegar, Pepper the chants of the children drifted over from the school playground like a distant echo from another age.

Market Force
Graeme Talboys Police Thriller

So, there I was. Out of touch, out of practice.

Under the Rotunda
Danny Bernadi

Russell tried his best to be available for the staff but nobody dared approach him in case he gave them more work

A Complete Serialised Novel

I thought I’d go to Paradise; I always wanted to find out if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.
The Great Beyond 1-3

Great Beyond - Chapter Four
Great Beyond - Chapter Five
Great Beyond - Chapter Six
Great Beyond - Chapter Seven
Great Beyond - Chapter Eight
Great Beyond - Chapter Nine
Great Beyond - Chapter Ten
Great Beyond - Chapter Eleven
Great Beyond - Chapter Twelve
Great Beyond - Chapter Thirteen
Great Beyond - Chapter Fourteen
Great Beyond - Chapter Fifteen
Great Beyond - Chapter Sixteen
Great Beyond - Chapter Seventeen

Great Beyond - Chapter Eighteen
Great Beyond - Chapter Nineteen
Great Beyond- Chapter Twenty - Final Chapter
Meet the Prince of Darkness
Brodie Parker's serialised novel about life after death is here - only in Hackwriters

A Celestial Awkening
Alex Clifton
I didn’t know why I was surprised everyday that I had overslept, but today was an important day.

Under A Train
Lynn Ede
The Train's coming...jump, jump can do it

Going West

M. Blake

'You don’t understand.’ Monica’s voice was practically hoarse with sudden emotion. ‘It’s something I saw just now, a violent death Jan. I’m not kidding. I just glimpsed it. Really.’

Exorcising Luca
Elayne Keratsis

"You’ve to go back down to the mammogram department, and don’t ask me why, because I don’t know."
Pair Bond

Anna Dickie

I soon became a student of the school of thought that teaches I might not feel very sorry for what I did, but I am immensely sorry I was caught.
A Chink in My Armour
Casey Howell

Going Buckeye

On the road to Ohio in an Audi TT
Phil Mershon takes a trip across the USA

I wonder if anyone outside the family recognized true goodness or could see halos
The Book of Maybe
Elizabeth P Glixman

He hated them now, their jauntiness and utter disregard for His misery. He wished them no good fortune

Fighting The Flow
Greg Thompson in a coffee shop

Zene Ben Henry
Natalie looked down at the small bear in her hands, and then up at the woman. And though the face was smiling, the eyes looked scared. Natalie looked back down into the black beady eyes of the bear. "She would have wanted you to have it." The woman said softly

Colonel James

James Skinner
Scrap Metal and the origins of the Falklands Conflict

Three Days at The Chinese Buffet

Elyane Keratsis
Rule One: never pick up strangers at the bus stop
Rule Two: Avoid the Chinese Buffet

Vicky Banning
Allen McGill
'Just a sweet little old dear of 72...wouldn't steal a thing...

Hay I'm Not used to This
Caroline Liebenow in Southern Lapland
. experience of moving to Finland as a single woman and meeting my Finnish husband via the internet.This is my first, and probably last time trying to help my in-laws make hay on their farm in southern Lapland.

Connections Chapters 1-5
Cody Cobb
"I didn’t know I was sitting right next to the world’s greatest liar! This is too cool!"

The Shah of Chicago
A novel
by A.J. Nabi
'Three or four shipments of the best smack in the world and Jack would really be King'

Alice in La La Land

Malina Sarah Saval
I thought,' If I don’t see these people at once I’m going to go absolutely stark raving mad'.
And I did.

The Power of Nothing - Chapter One 09.02.09
Robbin Yager

'To be still was impossible for her. They weren't living with a ghost, didn't have disaster stalking'.

Not Wasted - Not Wanted
Extract from Alex Grant's nove lin progress.
Becky would pause a sly smile on her lips "So just what are you going to do to me, you big brute?"

David Whelan

"Over the last, what is it, six weeks? You've taken about twenty thousand dollars of our money."
"After I've won it, it stops being yours, doesn't it?"

Paul Blake
'Robert hated Joe then and hated him still'.
Growing up with an older brother is hard, especially one who is trying to kill you.

A Bairn’s War - 1939-45

...a state of war now existed between Great Britain and Germany. It had a disastrous effect on my parents.

Affluence and Effluence
Neil Wills
I’ll continue the illusion as long as possible. At least outwardly. I suspect the waitress is aware of the truth. She smiles and adds an extra dollop of cream unasked for. My gratitude wells up and almost trickles out. Coughing, I turn away.

Time to Heal: A Novel
Linda Pynaker

"Ted, we have to talk."
This is an already completed novel about a woman on a personal journey to discover herself, and regain her life and spirituality through healing touch and new friendships.

Amy Chan
She felt completely devastated, but did her best, in front of Him, to disguise her feelings as mere disbelief. He just felt dead chuffed. Probably taking it as sure fired evidence of his virility. The pathetic and shortsighted vanity of men, she thought glumly. In actual fact, it was more due to her fecundity than anything to do with him. She knew from accidents in the past that she could fall pregnant as easily as ripping open a packet of three.

Amy Chan
In an environment where the only women present were the cook and the aged Mother Superior, I guess a flash of nubile, female thigh or a snugly encased bottom would be far from convivial to maintaining a chaste and celibate, male state of mind.

In The Beginning
Jim - a First chapter
A story usually has a beginning middle and an end- but what if mine does not? Is there a point that I am trying to get over to you reading this, some kind of wisdom that I can impart upon you that will make you change the way you see things forever?

Travel Writing

Mark Bass
There was one other westerner in the Spartan restaurant. I was just contemplating whether or not to strike up conversation when he began talking irately to a naan bread as he savagely ripped it apart. I decided otherwise.

‘NOOSE MAN ’ Gets Vengeance on ‘Hollywood’
Jeff M. Hardison
No one could imagine murder as the cause of Leon’s death. When he saw the cruisers and ambulance near the river that hot, July morning, Christison's adrenaline pumped. He felt his heart quicken.

William Knight
That’s a perfect circle of protection, Sylvia," Audrey said, admiring her friends steadiness with the salt pourer

Jeff Hunts new first novel out now and available at Barnes and Nobel entitled
Eduardo Aquifer
- the first chapter:

'It’s Constantinople, and I’m a writer outside the city gates, ready to burn the whole thing down, but in a good, literary way.”

Review 4.02.2004

Dreamscapes 1

Dreamscapes 2

Diamonds - The Rush of '72
is available also. $19.95 from in the USA or from the publishers direct - see box below.

Diamonds - The Rush of '72
By Sam North

ISBN: 1-4116-1088-1

Buy now from
'a terrific piece of storytelling' Historical Novel Society Review

Now printed in the UK and available from
& Waterstones

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