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A novel extract by ALEX GRANT


Becky Sam was in point of fact not that old, just slightly for me on the ‘right’ side of fifty when a woman needs a lot of a man to maintain her estrogen levels especially after a hysterectomy. A professor of gender-studies at a university that had surpassed the militancy of hard-core feminism and no longer indulged in misandry, Becky - to her male admirers, Sam to her female ones – could now celebrate her propensity for what was known in the ‘70s as sport-fucking. Playing was such a release for women of ‘a certain age’. I had been beckoned by her on the bus. "You look like a guy who could help a lady with her taxes" she murmured giving me that cat-like under the lids look."Well some ladies do find I can tax their patience as well as their nerve-endings".
"If you will consent to spending an hour in my den going over these damned forms which are way overdue I’ll drive you home in my new car, promise".

Thus began the oddest friendship I can remember.Becky liked to call me on my cell and make a tryst on the self-same bus and then pretend we were total strangers. She would give me the lynx glance from lowered lids and say:
" Could you help me with this crossword, sir? What’s a nine letter word for bosom? It couldn’t be gazongas could it? And an eleven letter word for to screw,beginning with F?"

So playing these roles escalated into physical games. She’d sigh "Am I sick and tired of always having to be in charge all day long, bossing my students defying my superiors,fighting the read tape…." Becky would pause a sly smile on her lips "So just what are you going to do to me, you big brute?"

Back in her den-cum-study I would have to insist that she assumed the position, I the highway patrolman she the miscreant caught driving pell-mell one hundred klicks over the limit.
I had to cuff her before I checked her I.D. and had to conduct a full body search for any concealed weaponry on her person. "Assume the position Madam, spread your legs and reach for the sky".Inevitably I did swiftly locate three ‘weapons’ ready to explode. Women are lucky that way. Once triggered these outlets permitted Becky Sam to forget all about being an old pro and could forgo being a ‘take-charge kinda gal’. For her that was true sexual liberation.

Afterwards she would murmur pleadingly "Could we finesse that routine just a tad more please?" Within a half-hour she was ready to rumble again both her superstructure and infrastructure eager to swell and compel her complete attention. I would murmur in turn "You know Becky that the finest way to find yourself is to lose yourself entirely in another person body and soul".
"So very true" she would reply.The very best hour we spent in one another’s company was in the back seat of her new sports car,which was upholstered in beige leather. We were like two horny teenagers,she’d say "Butter would not melt in your mouth,would it?"
"Otherwise this lovely buttery leather would just liquefy, n’est-ce pas,ma petite choux-fleur?" "Liquefaction does give you satisfaction, doesn’t it dahlink? As the distinguished or is it extinguished British philosopher Sir Michael Jagger used to insist ‘You may never get what you want but you can always get what you need’.

Age of course has little to do with lust just as love has little to do with the biological imperative. For which I thank the Goddess.

© Alex Grant 2002

If you want another taste - you'll have to wait - He's a bad boy.

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