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- July 2002 - Real Writers - Real People - The Writer's Magazine

A Mid-Summer's Standoff in the Bare Knuckle Jungle
James Campion in Washington
'The same people who managed 9/11 bankroll Hammas. .. We’ve known that for some time'.

On the Inca Trail: Breathing hard
Erik R. Trinidad
altitude sickness feels a lot like the morning after a wild college drinking party

Don’t Tread On Me, Argentina
Erik R. Trinidad
'I didn’t know exactly what people were yelling to the woman, but I assumed it was pretty nasty'.
Empty pockets on a summer day
Tabytha Towe is broke
It’s already gotten down to looking for change in the couch for gas money...
Chennai Tax Office and the Trail of the Banana Pancake
Colin Todhunter in India
'many people realise that they didn’t want to be there in the first place or at least want to be... somewhere better'.

Milltown - U.S.A.

Reverend Antonio Hernández
'The people who move here in modern times are shocked. They feel as though they had stepped back into the nineteenth century, and they have'.
A Mid-Summer's Standoff
James Campion in Washington
"This is a bad time to be here...'

Attack of the Right-wing:
The Science of Cloning
Reverend Antonio Hernández
It’s synonymous with Satan among right-wing christians.
Natto on Rice and Shaved Flavoured Ice
Brian R Wood in Tokyo

Many foreigners are just frightened by the sight of natto

Each year the equivalent of a small city dies...
Sam North
Don't read the slogans on the cigarette packs, they might kill you.

Remembering Denis
Sam on the best 'Uncle' a boy could ever want.
San Francisco 1906
Bonnie Nish on the great quake

Real Fakes: Extreme
Ryan and Jacob
don't want to know you

Courts A Go-Go
James Campion
Junior won’t be making the Chess Club without supplying a viable urine sample

One Nation Under Scrutiny
Reverend Antonio Hernández
Thomas Jefferson, for example, wrote a great deal about God, yet he was an atheist

Dreamscapes Fiction
Flat Line on a cliff top

Matt Fallize
I have just remembered that my brother tried to kill himself

Bykeman’s journey -
A prince among hillocks

Graeme Garvey
Packed Lunch
Kit Thomas

So, do you eat for pleasure or necessity?

World Cup Fever- Last Words
Mandy Mand in Japan
Japanese soccer hooligans went crazy and threw themselves off the famous Totomi bridge into a river in the middle of Osaka

Starting Over
Sara Towe
on regaining a 'life after kids'.
A new and exciting but also terrifying life is around the corner for me
James Skinner on
Carry On Cruising The Med
Part 4: My cabin was tucked away between the ship’s kitchen and the funnel shaft

Love on Triplicane High Road
Colin Todhunter

I found women with love in their eyes, and women with flowers in their hair, but not both together.
The Story of Nijinsky
Harsh Thakore

The Chanpion racehorse

Minority Report
The Summer of '02
Perdition/13 Things

Paul Newman as Mr Rooney reminds us that he was once the biggest star of them all.

Dysentery in Delhi, Chills in Chennai and Vomit in Varkala:
Colin Todhunter our man in India
On shivering, sweating, freezing, and baking - the polite way to die.

So You Want to be a Canadian?
Bring Warm clothes.

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