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EDITORIAL - FEBRUARY 2002 - Real Writers - Real People - the writer's magazine

'You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist' - Indira Ghandi

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TONY BLAIR's ROMANIAN STEEL SCANDAL? We broke the story first in August 2001 INDUSTRIAL SPY
Guess why the Irish people voted against the Nice Treaty for EU enlargement?

Inside the Enron Fiasco - comment
James Campion
gets the truth
... the CEO of a multi-billion dollar energy concern was nothing more than a Liza Minelli impersonator from South Florida.

After Dakar - travel
Monique Jansen from Senegal to Ghana by road.
...I think we are sort of lost, we certainly have not reached Massina and are nowhere near any river with our poor winded old horse. The next day many promises about pinasses are made and we mount the charette again, but after only 1+2 hours it becomes abundantly clear that we are absolutely, positively never going to reach our intended goal.

'Sometimes Relationships get ill' - Lifestyle
Tabitha Towe's Diary - Our Vancouver Girl
My boyfriend and I share something real and wonderful, frustrating and hopeful and hopeless all at once. What a team we are.

G. W. F. Hegel - comment
Ray Pettas
Perfection does not belong to earthly things, they say. Well, the more true about men. Jealousy, ill feelings and resentment soon appeared among the young and proud disciples...

Break - fiction
Nathan West

It was like they had some government support network for ex-girlfriends to spread dirt on you the minute you did something wrong

The Euro honeymoon is over, so what's nerxt?
James Skinner
on Europes' future
...who knows whether a project is legitimate or worse, whether the figures presented to complete the criteria, example number of new jobs created, is genuine or ‘pie in the sky’.

Horse: year of the

Sara Towe celebrates the Chinese New Year
'As friends the horses will be by your side through anything, but if you betray them, you will be forgiven
but forgotten too'.

A Passage through the Mayombe - Republic of the Congo – 1994 - A True Experience - travel
Brian Wood
in the Congo for the Peace Corps
... I will never forget the image of hooded men with machetes running through the aisle. Their heads were covered by what looked like rice sacks with just the eyes and mouth cut out.

Be an Olympic Winner - travel
Gemma Quinn in Greece
Teams of workers are painstakingly brushing away the dust and chipping at rock, uncovering more treasures. Tempting for the visitor to pick up a bit of rock just to see what souvenir you can find for yourself!

Thai Hill Trekking - travel
Dave Rich

Because their relatively high standard of living depends on tourists taking pictures... they wear up to a dozen thick golden rings from chin to chest, on arms and legs. Little Karen girls are slathered with make-up to eclipse Cher.

Macau- travel
Dave Rich - after three months in China where the media consists of serendipitous bullhonky
sprinkled with crapulous creativity. I finally found out what was really up with Brittany Spears.

'Adverse Camber'
- travel
Mark Bass on India
I tried to fathom out why I’d come here at all. It was sheer mayhem. Having read so much and been told so much by previous visitors I’d convinced myself that I’d be able to handle the oh so clichéd ‘culture shock’. I was mistaken'.

The Pink Slip Bus - travel
Harry Nelson
On February 11, 2002, the Pink Slip Party Bus begins its sojourn to parts unknown. I’m leaving from
Boston, MA., with Brian, another fellow Pink Slipper, will be heading for San Jose to pick up other friends.

Visit Dublin This Year - travel
Hope Collins tells you where to meet the locals

Down the Mekong in Laos
- travel
Dave Rich -
Lousy Lao whiskey flowing like water. Water is far superior and less vindictive.
Laos is Mexico on downers and in slow motion.

Disconnected at the Bioscope - comment
Oscar voters might accidentally honour David Lynch for ‘Mulholland Drive’ but only because in their befuddled brains it actually made sense.

Tabytha Towe's Diary - Our Vancouver Girl

'All I wish for now is that I didn’t waste so much of my childhood by being in such a rush to grow up. I honestly would give up everything I had now to be a kid again.'

Camilo Jose Cela: the master of prose
James Skinner reviews the writer's life

The Bone Whittler - fiction
Nathan West - '
We're doin' this one step at a time, son; there's no fancy schmancy Tokyo
assembly line for this kind of work."

In The Beginning - fiction
Jim - a First chapter
A story usually has a beginning middle and an end- but what if mine does not?

The Child Molester and the Sea - fiction
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
Suddenly a feeling came upon me, a feeling that somebody was watching me.

Careless Lives - fiction( updated Feb 13th)
Sam North
- A novel in progress
‘Flamenco is in my heart and I am going to be a dancer. If you miss me, I shall be surprised.'

Fifty-two white thirty-six black- fiction
Amy Chan - a First Chapter
In an environment where the only women present were the cook and the aged Mother Superior, I guess a flash of nubile, female thigh or a snugly encased bottom would be far from convivial to maintaining
a chaste and celibate, male state of mind.

I Love Lucy - fiction
Valerie Collins

I’m cool. I’m focused. I’m going to get this job.

Reader's Feedback on James Campion - comment
Are you jumping on the "it's vogue to claim you liked Rudy before it was vogue to like Rudy" bandwagon? Well then, mister, I would like to tell you ...

Friends Reunited - comment
Yvette Barnett finds it difficult to be a voyeur using a two-way mirror

'I felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights'

Bloody Sunday- comment
Dermot Sullivan gives a personal perspective on the Irish 'Troubles'.
'Genocide tends to cause bad feeling in the long term. This is really where the problem began'.

They do write songs like they used to . . .
Ewan Macaulay

... Now it is possible for any musician who invests in computers and composition programs to produce a professional sounding song.

When good things happen to good people - comment
James Campion on Elton Brand
'People know that it takes more than just one talent to truly succeed,'
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