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Share | - edited by Sam North

On Being Addicted To Friendster
Jason Margolis reports

I'm A Believer

Heather Neale on Terror in the backroom

Getting On
James Skinner on bodyparts

Is Europe Doomed?
James Skinner on the changing face of Europe

The Creeping Threat
James Skinner on oil v terror

Defining Modern Nationalism
James Skinner on extremism
Old Spain in a New Bottle
James Skinner

The Deep End
James Skinner is the Honarary Consul
Budget Shopping Advice
Jenny Brown

'Of course I needed that new top'
The Girls Of Japan
Mandy Mand

'Get your Louis Vuitton purses at the ready girls - it's handbags at dawn'!
A Nun Junkie
(a slice of life in India)
Viva Sarah Press
What’s Mine is Yours
Except when it’s mine
Colin James Haslett
Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Colin Todhunter
Pete was adamant - the world functioned like a motorbike
Autumn in Japan
Mandy Mand
...cute little Japanese girls running around in high heeled shoes and bat wings

Lotharios on the Prowl - Dannah Sylvia T. Rubio on Male Predators
24 Hour Film Contest - Vancouver
Colin J Haslett's 'Diary of a Zombie Movie'

First Time
A N. McDermond
a poem about falling in love

Be a Mountaineer?
Diana Reid climbs Mt Rainier
The Gift
Bob Orabona
Along Came The Doors
Jeffrey Beyl
Remembering Paul
Ma Donna Vela on loving a long lost brother
Cold - A Squatter's Tale
Teen Career Choices

John Heidelmeier
For the love of Alice
Colin Todhunter in India
Death and life in Tajikistan
A Letter from Dushanbe
Nathan Rabe
Holly and Hendrix
Jeffrey Beyl

Dying Ships
End of an Era
Stewart Mandy in Florida
Dead-End Journey
A Very British Story
Colin Todhunter
Build Your Own Ray Gun
Brian Runciman
on building the personal hand-held integrated light actuated neon defence energy rifle

Damn the Man
Jayne Sharratt Quits her job
Title Town USA
James Campion on sports

Girls Skate Out
Rachel D'Cruze

Nik Wainwright
Mountain Boarder Rachel D'Cruze

Minding the Kids
JT Brown on Japanese childcare

Final Answers on the Roadmap To Peace
James Campion

Welcome To Beckhamshire
Colin Todhunter

Ann Coulter:
Champion of The Dumb
James Campion

Maggie Tiojakin on her father

How To Start A Novel
James Skinner on Page One
Poor Little Rich Thief
Michael Levy
on greed

Lego - 70 Years On
Samantha C Derrick

Swarzenegger & the Left Wing GOP
James Campion

The Sky Really Is Falling
James Campion

Bitch Bytes
Barry Mitchell on gay lives

War of the Words
Naseem Javed the revival of the nationalistic brands'
The Cost of Victory
James Campion on tax and war

Putting Iraq Back Together

James Skinner

Another Conspiracy Theory
Barry Mitchell on Twelve Monkey's and SARS

France After Iraq
Erika Lorentzen in Paris (May 2003)
Chirac's folly?

Homeland Security Shuffle
James Campion - May 2003
Will Iraq survive the peace?
James Skinner
California Schemin'
James Campion on the Recall of GovernorDavis
New Names - New Realities in Banking
Naseem Javed on the 'name economy

Why America Needs Nixon - More Than Ever
James Evans

Relax - Vegas Style
Colin James Haslett

Interview Hell
Want that Job? The truth about interviews
Gap year Blues
Kezia Richmond -
No More Coffee
(Featured in the Guardian April 27th 2002)
Career Girls
David Rutherford on lapdancing as a good career
So You want to be a Canadian? Better Wrap Warm
Sam North
One famous Sephardic Jew you don't know

Alicia H. Weber

A new hat
Maggie Pishnishkin joins
higher education
Role Models
Aireh Raichman
An Actor's Lot
Arna Geir Berteksen
One Step Beyond
Nathan Davies
Phone a Friend?
Sam North
Living in Chains
David Rutherford

On Living in Clapham
Jayne Sharratt
The Movement
Boozing 24/7 in Spain
Marcel d'Agneau
Our Wasteful Society
Stuart Macdonald
Spy v Spy
Global Capitalism
Packed Lunch
Kit Thomas

So, do you eat for pleasure or necessity?
Carry On Cruising The Med
James Skinner

Mary Ellen Sanger
When The Internet Disappears
Michael Scott
Selective Heroism
James Campion the real axis of evil

Positive Living with Sara Towe
Life at 46
In Praise of Bigger Women
Family Christmas
On Being Alone
Getting A Second Chance
Your True Colours
National Pride
Just Deal with it
Moving On
Puppy Love - Kitty hate
Starting Over
Growing up in Cape Town

A Parents Message
The Signs of Life
The Big Change
The Art of Positive Dating?
Ms Joanna Regrets
Joanna North
Bingo is just not enough.
Having a Bukowski Moment
Alan Gibson
on 'Life'
The Case of the Hit and Run Donkey
(A true story)

James Skinner in Spain
Autoethnography of Silence
Brian R Wood
I was the most silent in class
Why mention religion?
Barry Mitchell Bytes Back

On Japanese Men
Mandy Mand

This Really Is Spinal Tap
Heather Neale
gets a pain in the neck

Seeking Bliss
Colin James Haslett
on finding happiness

A Tale of Two Woman
Todhunter on love and power

Frankie Parrot
Greg Veis on the American legend
Poison Kiss
"There will be a small financial re-numeration" Mr Sunderjee says almost apologetically Colin Todhunter a new 'star' of an Indian movie
Reaching Out
Ma. Donna Vela in the Philipines
There can never be greater joy than touching other people’s lives.

Remembering Denis
Sam on the best 'Uncle' a boy could ever want.

A Walk Down Main Street
Sam North in Vancouver
Swimming the English Channel
Harsh Thakore (who has done it)

Whispers On The Wind
Colin Todhunter on 'when lovers leave'

Enjenjoo Kosai
J T Brown - adventures in a love hotel

Why Japan Won't Change
J T Brown
Crying Time For The Cherokees
Astrid Bullen
on the trail of tears
Hi Ho An Actor's Life For Me

Colin Haslett
On Becoming an Aunt
Michael Sean Morris is Mame!

I Robot
The Future is made in Japan
J T Brown
Defining My Success
Heidi Cogdill

The Sansa Revolution
Dean H Ruetzler on the changes sweeping Japan

Patriot Games in DC
Robert Wolf on a rant

Gay Bishops - Modern Illusions
James Campion takes a stand
On Gay Marriages
Colin James Haslett
"Your children are not safe anywhere, at any time..."
James Campion
Is Cloning 100 percent Possible?
Brian Runciman
After Dolly the sheep?

Oh to be a Nun
Tabytha Towe
Vancouver's Ex-Party Girl

Angry Ode to the Captain
Warren Zevon is a true genius

James Campion

Boyfriend in a coma
Jenny Brown on LSD
Ayurveda magic
Viva Sarah Press in India
At the Somatheeram Resort
Andre de Toth
Alex Grant remembers

The Illogic of the Vulcan Vision:
A Rant Against the New Vulcans

Mastering the A.R.T. of Credibility -
Tom Donoghue

Dirty Lenny
James Campion on Lenny Bruce
The Trials of a Self (Sort of) -Imposed Exile
Brian J Wood

Blanket Statement
Malina Sarah Saval
It's hard to give it up

Reel Success
The 24Hour Film Contest
Kryshan Randel
Front Row, Center
Malina Sarah Saval spends nights with Bruce Springsteen

Title Town USA
James Campion on sports
+ readers letters
Publishing In India
Colin Todhunter
Learning to Live With Fate
Robert Wolf

You Can Be A Swinger
Zaak Fresh gets a new lifestyle
Men Get Problems too
Andrew Stuart has a pain in the...

The Semiotics of Cool
James Evans

Holidays Without The Hassle
Margaret B Davidson
The Shopping Experience
Margaret B Davidson

Call The Plumber
Colin Todhunter

Dining Out In Grimsby
Marcel d'Agneau goes hungry

Anarchy in Bushlandia
James Campion on the war - Oct 25th 2003
North Korea v Japan
Part 2 of J T Brown's in depth look at N.Korean espionage
Ten Lies about the Invasion
James Campion

The Metaphysics of
Moustache hating

Greg and Jane Lodge

War Journalism
James Campion gives a
Reality Check

Divide and Conquer
James Skinner on the disintegration of Euro politics
The Media At War
James Skinner on the price of embedded journos
Comfort Shopping
Natalie White
USA World Consultants Part One
James Skinner on World War & Peace
Have I told you about me, recently?
George Olden
We are obsessed with ourselves

Shinjuku: The Empress Dowager of Tokyo
Brian Wood in Tokyo

Good shopping, the best gay bars and where to picnic in Sakura season
Tabytha Goes To Florida
Tabytha Towe's Diary - Our Vancouver Girl
Cruises are notoriously brutal for drinking and unfortunately I like having a nice, cold beer offered to me every 5 seconds.
On Double Standards
David McKnight on Iraq. 'He who is without sin, may cast the first stone'?
Michael Wright will soon be ‘The Happiest Fag in the World’
Jenny Brown
Yes-Girl Learns to say No.
Heather Neale

I was expressing my frustration and feelings of violation by starving my body
An Extra Day
Sara Towe
“Is business class O.K for you?”
Would Your Government Ever Lie to You?
James Campion
Tokyo Life
J T Brown
Tokyo is now cheaper than New York or Paris

Jess Wynn plays the game
Jaffa Cake Diet
5 Day Plan to an unhealthy life: Jim Johnson
RSI is a real pain
Sam North
High Heels
Walking on air with
Hazel Marshall
The Perfect Woman?
David Rutherford
Edinburgh Festival- Plan Now
Amy Dwokin
Talk is Cheap
Helen Gilchrist is txt off
The Day My Sister Comes to call
Sam North
A Japanese Diary
Mandy Mand in Japan
wearing a black and white polka dot lace thong was not the best move!

World Cup Fever- Last Words
Mandy Mand

Don't help Me
Sam North
Living In Starbucks
Tom Donoghue
My Spinsterish Tendency
Dannah Sylvia T. Rubio in praise of the single life

Lenny Bruce Continued
James Campion
Ip-Si -Hanpa
Exam Hell in South Korea

On Being An American
Brain Algra

The First Gig
Graeme Carvey
Graeme Garvey
Summer High Notes
Olver Moor
Comestic Surgery for All
James Skinner
Pagan Politics
Hazel Marshall
Furry Dancing
Jess Wynne of Floral Day
My Kingdom for a horse
Jess Wynne
Kezia Richmond
Dirty Emails
When the boss isn't looking
On Being Human
Dr Kelly Elkins
Our First year
Reflections on Hacks
The Semiotics of Wine Ordering
Matthew Fallaize: a useful guide to choosing wine
Geriatric Cruising
James Skinner on the Med
The Gym Rats

Roger Kirkham
we've embraced the Nazi cult of physical perfection
The End of the Game?
Stop idiots from spoiling our beautiful game.

Misspent Youth
Mike Worden on elections

Natto on Rice and Shaved Flavoured Ice
Brian R Wood in Tokyo

Sand in my shoes
Karen Eeuwens

a strange pang of emptiness
You Can Be Your Own
Real Estate Agent

Stewart Clayton

A Poetic Nightmare
Bonnie Nish

'As Voltaire said...'
Craig Branch on K-Pop

It's pre-packed, ready-to-order, souless, laboured work
The Sinking of The Prestige
James Skinner on the poisoned beaches of Spain

James Campion in discussion with
Ani DiFranco Part I
Part Two
The Righteous Babe and the Reckoning
Jess Wynne explores the radical singer writer Ani Difranco

On Theft and Michael Eisner

Gregory Adams

The Wisdom Of The Universe
Michael Levy

we are unhappier now than at any time since record keeping began

September 11th Memories
Reality Check
James Campion
NYC - One Year later
Life 1
Life 3
Life 4
Life 5/6
Life 7
Life 8

Life 9
2016 -2019


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