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James Campion

Who the hell is running this Iraq thing? Really. No joke.
You tell me. Is it the Secretary of State? The Secretary of Defense? The Pentagon? The White House? The CIA? The Department of Defense?
The UN Security Council? What? Who?

Between the leaks and backbiting and mixed messages and strange answers and weird innuendo, things have gone awry the last few weeks.
Bodies pile up, money sinks into the hole and we have plenty of wild memos and a redirection of power and hip-hip-hooray speeches, but the more this thing unravels it seems like no one, least of all the Commander and Chief is running this half-cocked operation.

Someone needs to get Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld into the same room and get them to kiss and make up or kick them the fuck off the team. And where the hell is Colin Powell? Wake up Dick Chaney and his oil buddies and put them on alert. But let’s get our stories straight and our belts tightened, because ostensibly you’ve got the balance of global intrigue being run like a Three Stooges skit right now.

I think as the bankrollers of this mess, someone somewhere in the federal government needs to provide us with some indication of what a "slog" means, and what exactly constitutes "sacrifice" and "this takes time".
What is it? Ten months? Two years? Six generations? What? Are there weapons of mass destruction? Is bin Laden or Hussein alive? Why the fuck was David Blaine in a box? Are the Red Sox and Cubs cursed, or what? Ballpark the sucker. Get on the tube and rally the troops, pick a mouthpiece and go with it. Something. Anything.

There has been too much politics involved already. No one cares whose fault it is and who is right or wrong. No one wants to hear whining about how the media is wounding the effort or we must all "support the troops!" every five seconds. There are American kids being picked off like a boardwalk amusement daily and Iraqi civilians burning alive under a Dan Rather sound bite. Is it too much to ask for some order here? Listen, although no one with one iota of understanding of what the British went through at the start of the 20th century trying to manipulate the political and social landscape of the Middle East thought this thing wouldn’t be time-consuming, expensive and bloody, what has transpired these past weeks is ridiculous. With Rumsfeld sending out mixed signals, administration officials selling CIA operatives down the river through jack-booted journalists, and more of the same tired flag-waving rah-rah rhetoric coming out of Captain Shoe-In, you have to wonder who’s in charge.

This was the worry with G.W. all along. He was dim, yes, but he’d surround himself with the right people, and the right people would rule the day, get us through. But that was before 9/11 and our "war on terror" and Osama and Afghanistan and Hussein and Iraq, and on and on. Right now there are too many cooks in this pot, and none of them seem to have a master plan.
Rumsfeld is a lunatic. This much is true. Ever since the wam-bam part of this frolic subsided, he has been pretty much impotent and he doesn’t like that. But too damn bad. Fire this idiot. Break some balls, get on board with this thing or get out. One or the other.

Hey, that was always the big hitch for those of us who believed the best way to deal with bullies is to bully them, take the fight over there and keep the cheap hits from the homeland, but without the covert nasties from the CIA and no help from anyone outside of Britain, it is time to reassess or get tough. But this vacillating, wishy-washy cowboy crap has got to go.

Screw you we don’t need you, or let’s free people together? Pick a slogan, a premise, a thesis and stick with it. Go back into development, tweak this bastard and get back to us asap.
© James Campion October 25th 2003

Readers Responses: Nov 11th 2003

I'm not one to go around sticking up for people that can fend for themselves in a particular arena far better than I can, but in response to a letter from one of your readers:
"... The Democrats pander to the stupid, lazy, ... like yourself..."
I'm fairly certain that i've never met a human being that better personifies the OPPOSITE of stupid and lazy than you.
That’s all,
Pete, The Monster

Reading the "Readers Responses" on your commentary, I find myself disturbed by how many people in this country cannot see the forest for the trees. And they know what side you seem to write from, but they read anyway, knowing it will piss them off.
Everyone in the outer limits of any political group is going to have blinders on to protect their views, and they all talk out of both sides of their mouth (the name Rush Limbaugh comes to mind), but some of these right-wing conservatives are so fucking stupid they don't know how fucking stupid they are (the name Rush Limbaugh comes to mind).
You can't see reality through the sights of a rifle or with oil in your eyes. These morons need to climb down from their Hummers and look at the world where we all live. Open your mind before you vote someone into office who will outlaw free thought.
signed: anonymous

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