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Feedback to James Campion Mr Reality Check

'Campion, That is some of the funniest shit I have ever read. I have sent copies to my parents to torture them'. Jake L. James,

Hey, James!-
Your column entitled "Introduction To Parenting In A Predatory Environment" was excellent. The problem with some parents today IS that they have kids, and then look to other people and things to pacify them, be their "sitters" and to instill the values they feel are important (but are too busy/not competent enough to teach them on their own). The fact is that most (if not all) of the problems that we face in the world exist because kids were not raised the right way, or were not taught the right values. It is really where it ALL starts! To paraphrase a classic line from the excellent, late 80's movie "Parenthood", Jason Robards (I believe) raises the question: Why is it that you need a license to drive a car, but any asshole can have a kid? Marc Gambino Bassist

James - you ignorant slut, Well, not really -- I just wanted to say that. Anywhow, as a former "Pathetically Wordy Columnist Who Crank(ed) Out Meaningless Crap to Make Short-Notice Deadlines," (okay, so I still do that from time to time) and a new parent, I must say that I agree to some points made in your little diatribe. It's about fuckin' time someone called these kid-touching priests out. This shit has been going on for years, but a little wafer and some wine made it okay? Nut-uh! Maybe it's not purely coincidence that Ozzy and his brood have made such waves in TV land. The whole clan might have more bleeps than an Eddie Murphy concert shown during the "700 Club" and Dad may have ingested more drugs than a 2,000-year-old lab rat, but one thing is for sure -- the guy loves his family. He teaches his kids to be good people, and that my friend is what it's all about. Now if you excuse me I'm going to spend some time with the kid instead of parking him in front of Teletubbies and thank god some molesting scumbag never got his sacred paws on me.

Campion, That is some of the funniest shit I have ever read. I have sent copies to my parents to torture them. Jake L. James,

I lose my keys every thirty seconds. I've also decided not to have kids. These two facts aren't necessarily related, although they DO work well together. peter in monsterland
ps: You left out every other mindless corporate cretin who incessantly uses the phrase "Think outside the box".

Sir, You’re interview with the amazing Ani DiFranco was THE best I have ever read. I have been a fan of her music for many years and know she despises spending time with a press that pigeon holes her and does not allow her to express the things that mean the most to her and her music. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for your discussion, but the transcript will do.
Thank you so much for that honest glimpse into one of the finest songwriters and political satirists of our time. Karen W.

Reality Check, You and Ani DiFranco are naïve idiots. What? All white people are racist pigs who are scared of every other race, so we run away from their innocent decline and sequester ourselves in the opulence of suburbia because all of the crime and drugs and poverty are in our heads? How is that any of my business, beside paying far too much taxes so crack mothers can get their fix and welfare families can never work. She should stick to playing guitar and you should stick to writing funny stories about celebrity punks and crooked politicians. pc

JC: You should do more of these interviews. After reading you for some time and more than familiar with Ani’s work, I found myself fascinated by the meeting of two very opinionated, but compassionate minds. I always did find her rather angry, and the stuff that appears in your column is mostly caustic, but the two of you trading barbs was worthy of the price of the Aquarian alone. Adam Bishop jr.

Oh, please, Another enlightened liberal masquerading as a mere progressive. Blame Reagan/Bush for the crap we live under now!?!?! Uhh, sweetheart, there was this slimebag who had an 8 year crack at the Presidency with no mention of him. I suspect it is because she agreed with his moral relativism and left leaning slant on policy, an almost "anti-American" lean to his politics which I would suppose a "radical" like Ani DiFranco would relate to. Hoo, boy, she is off of her rocker. The "beauty behind the ugliness" of 9/11?!? Gore was actually elected? Face it, James, she IS a shrill man-hater with no concept of the true politic. You need a third party to make 2 parties? Oh, so Daschle and Bush are really brewski buddies and the whole starving kids and killing the elderly thing was some sort of fraternity prank?!? Spare me the nonsense.
Thank God, Bill Roberts is here to be the counter-balance of Truth, Justice and the American Way against these granola eating left leaning lib weenies.
Good interview by the way. Bill James,

I have gone from respecting you to near worship. If I ask nicely, will you bring me along next time you chat with Ani? Krista Dude, Ani has the guts of a lion, and your discussion with her illustrates that perfectly. Marcus James ,

You should have married this woman. Steve Muratore Aquarian,

Ani DiFranco = Pretentious Ass.
James Campion = Pretentious Ass Kisser. Uber Liskie Du

Mr. Campion, This interview with Ani DiFranco is the first I have read that was not a grill-job or ass-kiss fest, nor was it lightweight or a frivolous expose. Two talented, clear-minded free thinkers in a room ramblin’. That’s good reading. Captain Dick

Thank you James, For the insightful and reaffirming interview with the beautiful Ani DiFranco. After reading your interview I felt a sensation of calm and connection that I have not felt for some time. Again Thank You. Thomas Murphy

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Abuse you can send to the White House...thanks.

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James Campion
They all knew. Who are they kidding? The FBI knew, the CIA, the Pentagon, and those dark sorts on the payroll who are paid good money to funnel information on the "undesirables" and "suspicious".

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