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- APRIL 2002 - Real Writers - Real People - The Writer's Magazine

Just another example of how the concept of congressional politics, sequestered in its silver-spoon, five martini lunch, kickback mania, can manipulate the loathsome language of our presently raging sexual deviances James Campion
The White Shack - Dreamscapes Fiction
Sidi C. Benzahra

I decided to confront my fear and go to the white shack and see all that blood and gore.

Readers Responses - Feedback
Holy Hell for Holy Week
– James Campion

'...I believe I read in your web site’s biography you enjoyed fantasy books.'
Slipping and sliding in Sa Pa (Northern Vietnam)
Monique Jansen
'We would spend the night with a local farmer, high on rice wine when we arrived '

Curbing The Insane - US Politics and law
James Campion - Mr Reality Check
This is tantamount to yelling, 'Free Beer!' at a Hell’s Angel’s picnic
Harajuku: The Culture of Kawai - Lifestyles
Brian Reed Wood
Harajuku is virtually a character goods zoo. You cannot help but to participate in being a Kawai voyeur when you are part of this human current...

Poison Kiss - Travel & Filmmaking
"There will be a small financial re-numeration"
Mr Sunderjee says almost apologetically
Colin Todhunter a new 'star' of an Indian movie.

K-PAX - Review of new Kevin Spacey film
Prot is so normal , he makes all of us seem insane.

A Tale of Two Women - Love and Travel
Colin Todhunter
"In India first you get married and then you work these things out", he said with amazing casualness.
The Weight of Traffic - Travel
The unique experience of going to the gym in India
Colin Todhunter
takes a taxi ride to fame

Tabytha Goes To Florida
Tabytha Towe's Diary - Our Vancouver Girl
I learned quickly that cruises are notoriously brutal for drinking and unfortunately I like having a nice, cold beer offered to me every 5 seconds.

Puppy Love - Kitty hate
She is bonding nicely with her human sisters and brother, BUT the cat hates her.

Daybreak - New Fiction
Helen Weston
I’m just not gay enough to be a gay person but I am – so they all have to tolerate me.
In Memory of a Father
Sara Towe

On Theft and Michael Eisner - legal
Gregory Adams

So what is wrong with downloading and copying works where there is no theft involved?

The Science of Greed - Sport
James Campion

What you are about to read may shock, even dismay you,...

Find the One who ruined your life

Traveling in Tibet - Travel
Julie Vick

In many of the minds of the Chinese, Tibet is just another part of their massive Motherland why wouldn’t Tibetans be happy to be part of it?

Terry and Jimmy Round Lunchtime
Kevin Brunt
- fiction
It is really important to understand that I really like Terry, but the man has to die.

The Austere Academy - Review
Lemony Snicket
The children are forced to live in a tin shack filled with wild crabs and a fungus that drips off the ceiling
Pax Americana
Dermot Sullivan
What I think differentiates Bush from Kennedy is the warlike attitude of Bush and his administration. It is as if they see war as a positive outcome.

A Rail Journey
(Singapore to Kuala Lumpur)

Jaswinder Kaur
While the world zooms by at super speed, the train chugs along slowly and surely, bringing you ever closer to your destination.
How to stop unwanted emails
Michael Southon knows how to kill Spam
After The Quake- Review
Haruki Murakami's new short story collection

Murakami seeks to extract something special and wise
from the ruins of Kobe.
Eygpt Cruise - Travel
Rebecca Noakes takes a break in Eygpt
I knew it was unreasonable to think that after thousands of years the thing would collapse as soon as I am underneath it, I still couldn’t help noticing the thing was crumbling round the edges.
Reaching Out - Lifestyle Choice
Ma. Donna Vela in the Philipines
There can never be greater joy than touching other people’s lives to better understand what they are going through.
Dead Laptops
James Skinner
Look, I’ve got these icons jumping about and some bastard in the Middle East is probably buying guns with my credit cards.

Shedding of the winter skin.
Sara Towe escapes to the sun

So off we went, all aware of this last trip and that we do not spend a lot of time together as a family anymore.

Visit our World Travel Page
Special reports from Japan
The Wisdom Of The Universe
Michael Levy

The latest studies have produced statistics to prove we are unhappier now than at any time since record keeping began

Are You Fast Enough?
Claire Littler
Not only is it the lack of knowledge that concerns me about the older generation of driver but their ability to see and to react to a situation

Instant Success or
Gradual Improvement?

Michael Southon the Web Guru

Go Karting
Rebbecca Noakes
'It doesn’t matter how big your motor home is it still doesn’t help you when it comes down to race.'

Thought for the month
Right now you just know that deep in a cave somewhere out there someone is working 24/7 on putting atomic bombs together.
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Freddy the Very Adventurous Ferry
A 3-5 children's book by Rozy Abra
Illustrated by Andre Ellis

'A small town ferry with a chip on it's shoulder'.
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