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Enemies Reunited- the one-stop site to find the one person who ruined your life. Bitter Enemies is a simple to use website that allows you to find out what that bitch or bastard is doing now. Discover where they live, who they married, what how many kids they have.

Remember they are now living the life you could have had.
Get in touch, let them know you remember every little humiliating detail as if it were yesterday.

Our database lists over 400,000 companies. We also trawl all the major jails, hospitals and universities. We leave no stone unturned to find that one person you can't get out of your mind.

More than 4.5 Million people have registered and Bitter Enemies is growing at over 20,000 a day. Add your details below to start finding your old enemies.
Remember - we aim to please.

Please indicate if you:

a: Want to destroy their credit rating

b: Want to alter their resumes in a prejudicial manner.

c: Give them a criminal record

d: Order them a surprise pizza from over 1000 national outlets at once! COD

e: Put them in touch with all the other people they climbed over to get where they are today.

Bitter Enemies is a public service - we make no profits - we simply exist for malice sake Don't forget to visit our sponsor - every visit will ensure that someone else's life is a miserable as yours.

Comments from our satisfied Customers

'Posh Becks stole my life. It was me he kissed first - it was me who was supposed to have baby Brooklyn - She stole my life and I want it back', writes Jennifer B...of Ealing.

'He got the job I knew was mine' writes David R. 'How was I to know they were Freemasons. I was clearly better at it than him but he knew the secret handshakes. Now we are bitter enemies and I want revenge.'

Anger Management Problems?

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*This page from our 2001summer edition of Hackwriters

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