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The Repossession of Genie Magee
Would you volunteer
for teleportation

did Genie Magee ...

The Restoration of Ami
A Road Trip Nightmare
by Sam Hawkmoor


- We are winding down slowly and still posting good new submissions from time to time and James Campion's Reality Check essays. We will remain up and archived in 2024 and beyond.

Our Guidelines: Hackwriters will accept submissions on any and every topic, within our remit of travel writing, fiction, lifestyles and comment as long as they are analytical or questioning in nature. We will not publish any work that demonstrates discrimination, sexism, racism, or any other -ism you can think of. We are interested in writing of the highest quality, and ask only that it be thought-provoking without being offensive. *Amusing is acceptable too. Spellcheck and punctuate!

*We do not pay - this is a site for writers to build a portfolio of peer reviewed work to help get work as a writer. Many of our writers have done just that and all work is digitally archived by the British Library and once on site there will remain archived. Note: we do update at least once a week and add work from time to time depending on topicality.

Please send either as a single-spaced Microsoft Word attachment (pref .doc) or within the body of your email. (Word Limit guide 1200-2300 preferred) If you want your email/web address or link to a blog included with the article please make sure your name AND email are in the body of the text as well as well as any link to the blog or personal website.

If you wish to include a picture or a graphic with the article, please send it to us as a JPEG attachment scanned at 72dpi. We will reply as soon as possible. Please note that articles not used in the next issue may be carried over for subsequent issues. In this case we will notify you via email of which issue your submission will be included in. Accepted articles will be indexed and archived after a period of time by us and the British Library in Digital form (forever).

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