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L I F E S T Y L E S - 2 0 24
O P I N I O N - 2 0 24

Player Kings
The Night When Actor Sir Ian McKellen Fell Off the Stage

Dr Bonnie Devet
With all his weaknesses, he unabashedly, even self-gloriously, enjoys being human. Falstaff is what he is.
Open Letter To My Wife
James Campion 6.12.24
On the Occasion of our 25th Wedding Anniversary -
I love being distracted by your beauty, your quiet grace and impenetrable strength.
The Secrets Behind Our Online Personas
Madison Damore
Since deleting Instagram, I have felt a sense of relief
Beware of tidying up your life
Sam North 6.6.24
You know how people tell you to declutter to make your life ‘simpler’. What they don’t mention is that it can lead to depression.
No ... You aren't a Little OCD
Micah Harrington 5.7.24
Combating stereotypes and the need for perfection
Pro-Choice Rising
James Campion 4.26.24
The Rapid & Continued Ascension of the 2024 Election’s Primary Issue
I Charmed the Mean Cat
Grace Barnett
Cat Rules 101
My Stint as a Spy
Morgan Kelly 3.1.24
I was a bored teenager looking for a way to make some cash ...
Why I Stopped Wanting to be
the Surfer Slater

James William Dickie II
2021 was the year I shook hands with Death.
The Zombies Didn't Get Me
(And Neither Did the Brits)
Lev Raphael 2.22.24
"Is everyone okay?  What about the zombies?"
The Rotten Apple Wars
Jessica Davis 2.23.24
The Consequences of Gravity
Henry Alfred Kissinger - 1923-2023
James Campion
Throughout most of the 1970s under Nixon and his successor Gerald Ford, Kissinger oversaw the implementation of a half-dozen “Dirty Wars” from Pakistan to Argentina
20 Years of Healing - My Journey in Music
Seán Barna
Songs for my Brother - An Evening at Macri Park
Live on 11.9.23 in Brooklyn
Mo – King of the Clemens Estate
2009 - 2023
James Campion 10.28.23
He was, in the end, a cat of simple pleasures.
Gaza: Israel’s textbook misery case
Dr Marwan Asmar 10.15.23
All this suffering won't solve anything
What's Happened to Woody Allen is bullshit
James Campion
Time to give Woody a chance as he releases his fiftieth movie 'Coup de Grace'.
Jaime Royal "Robbie" Robertson - 1943-2023
James Campion
His legacy The Band & The Last Waltz
Sinead O'Connor 1966-2023
James Campion 7.28.23
She was my hero
What Me Worry?
Sam Hawksmoor
How's your memory right now?

Nothing matters...and everything does.
Kevin Hughes
Those chance moments that change everything
Near Death Experience of a Hindu
Murli Menon
Moments that change you forever
Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson - 1930-2023
James Campion 6.17.23
Roberson was a voodoo master. One of the worst examples of the hazardous virus of humanity.
Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment
James Campion
Republicans Continue Their War on Women They Will Lose
Like Father, Like Writer
Christine Vessell
The apprentice P.I. and her Pa
Checklists Make Great Life Rafts
Isabelle Adler
Coping with Autism as an undergraduate
Saved by a Bagel
Katherine Jordan
It began with a tingling sensation ...
Letting Go of Momma Honda
Mary-Martha Beard
The Pilot of my life might be dying ...
Is The Future of Cars Sustainable, Or Is It Already Too Late?
Indiana Lee 1.10.23
Have we waited too long to start the slow conversion to electric, and can the nation’s infrastructure stand up to the demand for EVs?
Ready for a Change: 3 Steps to Change Your Career Path at Any Age
Indiana Lee
It's never too late to invest in your life and career
Improve Your Freelance Efficiency and Productivity With These 5 Work-From-Home Tips
Indiana Lee
Making Progress as a Freelance Writer
Urban Cities and Seniors: Why Retirement Homes Aren't the Only Option
Indiana Lee
Choose Life in the City as you get older - living in a city can offer seniors a better and healthier life with access to so much more than they would have if they were placed in a retirement or nursing home.
Sustainable Changes to Your Everyday Life
Indiana Lee 9.19.22
Thinking about what you eat and what you wear
James Campion celebrates a big one
How Age Happens to The Worst of Us
Creating A Home Office With Your Mental Health In Mind
Indiana Lee
Make that work-life balance enhance your soul
Ways for Freelancers to Start Marketing Their Writing Services
Indiana Lee 9.1.22
Learning how to market yourself
Fifty-one Years Later: Meeting High School Friends  
Dr Bonnie Devet
It’s summer. It’s high school reunion time. It’s the season for a managed, staged reunion at an overly posh country club, organized by the same folks who had controlled everything else during the high school years, from clothing styles to cars driven. 
James Paul McCartney Turns 80
James Campion
I feel obligated to acknowledge the eightieth birthday of James Paul McCartney – June 18, 2022.
One Alien Alienation in the Alien Nation
James Campion
David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars at 50
Helping Writers Find Solace in Sobriety
Indiana Lee 6.7.22
As a writer, you’ve probably heard the maxim commonly associated with Hemingway “Write drunk, edit sober”. In fact, this kind of thinking may have led you to think that drinking alcohol will, in some way, improve your creative practice.
What Goes Around Comes Around
Sam Hawksmoor
Justice for Ukraine may not come quickly. The capacity to live with misery and low life expectancy in Russia is hard to shake.
Done With Republicans -
A Study in Futility & Fascism
James Campion 7.16.22
And A Pathetic Attempt To Wake Up Feckless Democrats
What the Roe?
James Campion 7.1.22
Man, This Is Stupid – Horrible and Un-American – But Really Stupid
- How are municipalities supposed to uphold abortion as a crime? To be blunt: How exactly do you police this?
4 Ways to Be Mindful in a High-Paced Career
Indiana Lee
According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress.
Inflation Train = Political Pain
James Campion 6.7.22
It's the Economy Stupid ... Again
Get Qualified in the Mental Health Economy



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Stay Calm / Beat Trump

James Campion
The goal has not changed, no matter who is on the other side - It is time for a Reality Check, folks.
James Campion

First Ever June Presidential Debate Reveals Major Flaws... 7.1.24
Re-Elect The Empty Gatorade Bottle

James Campion

Does Less Harm Than Donald Trump
James Campion 6.4.24
Donald Trump’s Former Criminal Playground Finally Nabs Him  
Engaging with the Market under Duress
Moses Bakst 5.13.24
Tick or Untick that box
About these Protests
James Campion
Campus Battles & Tear Gas

I can’t help thinking there is a theoretical disconnect in America’s role in this...
Student America Rises up For Gaza
Dr Marwan Asmar
May 1st 2024
The Protest Movement Grows Worldwide
Mr. Johnson Goes to Washington
James Campion
Speaker of the House’s Jimmy Stewart Hollywood Mythmaking
- Speaker Johnson has undergone a Saint Paul on the road to Damascus moment.
James Campion 3.16.24
Trump Family & Election Deniers Raze Republican Party 
Immunity & The Second American Revolution
James Campion
Prospects for Absolute Power in USA
Trump is arguing before the Supreme Court that he seeks total immunity from the law
How Congress & Politics Should Work
James Campion 2.17.24
A Simple Primer for the Uninitiated - If they want to pass the border bill – supported by sane conservatives and border security, et al – then all they have to do is make congress work as it is intended
What Happened to the Republican Border Bill?
James Campion 2.13.24
Republicans Killed It - It is difficult to fathom goofier ass-over-teakettle legislating than this.
Nikki Haley & The Last Dying Republican Party Stand
James Campion 2.4.24
Haley hangs in there, for now, trying to be a right-wing alternative to this mayhem, but she is an anathema to the Party.
Republican (Donald Trump) Primary 1.14.24
James Campion
Or How Long Before the Terrorist Party Goes All-In

There is zero chance Trump loses Iowa, even though it is likely going to be 15 degrees below zero and frontrunners want a big turnout...
The Lie of Originalism & States' Rights 1.14.24
James Campion
How a Compromised Supreme Court Will Save Donald Trump

The Vengence of January 6th
James Campion 1.14.24
This is the Year We Decide Who We Are – Democratic or Fascist
Blurring The Law for Theocratic Rule
James Campion12.09.23
Mike Johnson Tells It Like It Is – Ignore his Warning at America’s Peril
Can Israel ‘Reoccupy’ Gaza?
Dr Marwan Asmar 11.20.23

What is the endgame for devastated Gaza?
A Reproductive Rights Lifeline to Republicans
James Campion 11.11.23
Another election evening and another trouncing of Republicans under the weight of the disastrously unconstitutional Supreme Court Dobbs ruling.
An Israeli Special Operation?
Marwan Asmar
... a full-scale Israeli land invasion of Gaza may have been put on hold
The 'God Killing' Tour 2023
James Campion 10.13.23
Square One: Rinse & Repeat
Israel at war with Palestine again
Unions Are Back
James Campion
A Right-Wing Populism and Post-Covid/Inflation Blowback Resurrection
Speaker On The Brink
James Campion 9.23.23
The Sad Tale of Kevin McCarthy Continues:
'They just want to burn the whole place down.'
Conspiracy Theory - The Incredible Story of Krebiozen
Thomas N. Hackney
Almost from the outset of cancer curing Krebiozen's introduction in the United States, the American Medical Association (AMA) denounced it and everyone associated with it.
Let's Talk Education
James Campion 9.1.23
we absolutely CANNOT leave education up to a mob of people who can’t agree on proper diet for their kids, or sleep time, or what content their offspring can consume.
The Arab World and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Dr Marwan Asmar
Why the Arab world appears to be supporting PutinWhat the Hell is Chris Christie Doing?
James Campion 8.19.23
Corpulent Kamikaze from New Jersey Explained
OHIO Calling
James Campion 8.12.23
Another Fascist Republican Defeat to Democracy & the Call of Women’s Productive Rights Nationwide
MAGA Carnage
James Campion 8.9.23
The Final Perp Walk of Donald J. Trump
- There was only one way for the Trump experiment in governance to end ...
James Campion 7.7.23
The Dangers of Owning the Wild Beast 
Riding the tiger is never a good idea
The United States V. Donald Trump
James Campion
A lifelong criminal with dozens of civil settlements for millions of dollars and convictions on dubious to outright felonious real estate scams, Donald Trump has now become the first ex-president to be officially indicted by the U.S. government.
Bipartisan Biden & The Debt Ceiling Miracle
James Campion 6.6.23
In a Time of Deep Divide, Congress and the White House Shock Us All
Poverty Looms for many as Currency Withdrawn
Murli Menon
Another attack on savings in India
Kids Are Fine - Parents Are Fu**ed
James Campion
Education and teaching history in danger
SCOTUS at Lowest Ebb & Devoured by Scandal
James Campion
Another Suspect in the Slow Murder of Democracy
They Act Like They're Scared of Us.
Brayana Godbolt

Fear of women divides society
Saudi-Iranian détente: Aiming for a new regional order 
By Dr Marwan Asmar
New Power re-alignment in Midde-East
The Wisconsin Story
James Campion 4.08.23
Protection of Women’s Reproductive Rights & The Marginalization of the GOP
"WOKE" - A Study in Definition
James Campion
'Truth requires no belief. Stay woke ...'
The Reason for Fox News
James Campion 3.10.23
Contemplating an Elixir for the Damned
- Fox has transformed into a right-wing bullhorn that serves one purpose, to placate the guilt of conspiracy theorists, domestic terrorists, bigots, and the generally frightened.
A Case for Secession
James Campion 3.4.23
For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
- H.L. Mencken

Russian's Invasion of Ukraine One Year Out
James Campion
A Retrospective for the Hell of It
A year of pain, sorrow, faith, and unity.
 - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
Mr McCarthy Your Chickens Have Arrived & Are Primed to Roost
James Campion 1.7.23
Republican Domestic Terrorism Part II
This very public, tragic, and gloriously hilarious humiliation was made ever more painful when considering McCarthy failed in much the same way in 2015
Trump: The Week That Was
James Campion 1.3.23

From Recommended Criminal Charges to Fraud-Addled Tax Returns  - Can anyone recall a worse week for a public figure that did not end up face down on a rug in his bathroom with his pants down around his knees?  
Republican Terrorism
James Campion 12.17.22
Weeding Out the January 6 Treason & It’s Fallout                       
Respect for Marriage Act
James Campion 12.3.22
& The Consequence of Chucking Civil Rights on a Lark
The Gen Z Wave & The Future of National Politics
James Campion
Midterm Turnout of Young Voters Shifts Balance of Power
Women's Reproductive Rights Wins!
James Campion
Democratic Midterm Upsets Resets the National Voice
Midterm Follies
James Campion
Assault, Antisemitism, Social Security Threats, Twitter Sale & Women’s Rights
Aaron Judge & The Revising of Baseball History
James Campion 10.9.22
Judge is a class act – cool as a cucumber, humble, and damned talented. He is not just a slugger.
The Cruel Dumbness of Ron DeSantis
James Campion
Or How to Use Innocent Humans as Political Props and Get Sued - Why is the governor of Florida involved in quasi-border security debates he knows next to nothing about and has no jurisdiction over?
Don't Be Fooled - All Republican Candidates Want Abortion Ban

James Campion
GOP hopes no one will realize a fascist Republican-controlled Supreme Court has stolen the liberties of 51 percent of the electorate.
Republican Hypocrisy 101
James Campion
Cops, Government Overreach, Domestic Terrorism, Lecturing
- How do Republicans, who have indiscriminately defended racist police no matter what sub-level maleficence they enact on the citizenry, square this sudden anti-law enforcement rhetoric?
Put Pro-Choice to a Vote Everywhere
James Campion
Red-State Kansas Shows the Way - I want to first point out that putting the personal sovereignty of a citizen’s internal organs on the ballot in any way shape or form in places not called China or Russia is beyond comprehension.

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