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21 Years

*Hackwriters is digitally archived by the British Library - 2019-2020

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L I F E S T Y L E S - 2 0 20
O P I N I O N - 2 0 20

The Importance of Writing from Experience
Indiana Lee
Mark Twain famously said to “write what you know.” ... it’s a good piece of advice to keep in mind whether you’re just getting started as a writer.
The European low-cost airlines -
how can they be so cheap to fly?

Nick Millman

Will you miss Ryanair when it's gone?
Will The 737 Ever Get off the Ground Again?
Nick Millman

The Causes/Issues of the Boeing 737 Max Crashes
5 Tips When You're Going From Freelance to Full Time
Indiana Lee

Essential Work Survival Tools
The Beauty of Cancel Culture
James Campion
The Search for Real History - Of course, taking down statues or challenging their import is not the same as wiping out or rewriting history.
Time Management Skills for Writers
Indiana Lee
Writing consists of many things. It’s a way to record personal thoughts, communicate with the world, make a living, voice opinions, report facts — but above all, writing is a lifestyle.
Things that I think about when I water the hydrangeas. - Sam North
Is sudden retirement about to happen to you?
The Ant & The Grasshopper:
A Pandemic Fable
Martin Green - And the winner is ...
How Writing Is Good For Your Physical & Mental Health - Indiana Lee
Words are about more than just communicating with others; they’re about turning inward, connecting with your own mind, spirit, and body.
Simple Ways Writers Can Benefit from Technology
Indiana Lee
As a writer, everything starts with your hardware.
How Writers Can Utilize Marketing Tools To Expand Their Personal Brand
Indiana Lee
if you want to have your written voice heard, sooner or later you need to seek out the limelight.
In a Creative Rut? Some Exercises & Actions To Improve Your Writing
Indiana Lee
There are many ways to keep that creative spark alive and well
Habits for Writers to Embrace in the Time of Social Distancing
Indiana Lee
How safe is your workspace? How clean is your immediate environment? How can a writer stay healthy while still focusing on your work?
'Little Richard' Wayne Penniman
1932 - 2020
James Campion

Black. Gay. Primitive. Showbiz. Inventive. Influential. Penitent. Little Richard was all of these.
Lockdown at 90:
Martin Green's lockdown diary
I wrote at the end of March that I wondered what the next month would bring.  The answer was that it brought a full-blown pandemic upon the world and to the United States.   
Lockdown at 90
Martin Green
It had been three weeks since the governor of our state, California, had ordered that, first oldsters like me, and then everyone, choose your phrase--- shelter in place, self-isolate, stay home.
Adam Schlesinger - 1967-2020
James Campion
Where do you start to encapsulate an artist who was everywhere and nowhere?
Living with a Liar: My Experience with Dyslexia
Alice Ohlandt

Learning how to work with, instead of against, my trickster, dyslexia
Deja Vu all over again
Sam North
Reflections on imagining a pandemic
A Hapa in Hawaii
Nalani Roe

For the first time in my life, I was with kids who, despite our differences, shared the same cultural experiences.
Nonprofit Management & Social Media Marketing Tips - Indiana Lee 3.3.20
There are plenty of ways to go about nonprofit marketing in an effective, above-board manner.
Brian Appleton

A boyhood in Italy - There were three other Catholic priests who were important in my childhood ...
No Dancing in the Aisle on this Bus
Michael Chacko Daniels
“Seniors, wait till the bus stops before you get up to get off; every 19 minutes a senior dies in America from a fall,” the driver says.
Cheaters Prosper
James Campion 1.17.20
A Guide For Our Children

...they were granted immunity to come clean. They did. They told MLB that they all cheated, all season, and during the playoffs.
The Day My Father Died
James Campion + Readers Comments
I will always remember. It was sunny. A Saturday. Crisp autumn temperatures. Three days after his eighty-first birthday. My brother called from North Carolina. It was time.
Cruise LLAs and TGHs
Martin Green
Life's Little Annoyances and Things Guaranteed to Happen when Cruising at Sea
The Boeing 737 MAX
Nick Millman
One year on from the fated flight of Oct 29th 2018
The Photograph
Guy Edwards
...journalistic photographs can and have wielded awesome power over society. But what of the motives of the photographers ...
Open Letter To My Wife IV
James Campion 6.13.19
Two months after that you moved into my hovel and transformed a boy into a man and a mostly directionless heart into one with a laser beam focus.
Subject: Worst Vacation Ever
From: Allen Cook 6.5.19
It was a vacation from hell. It even started bad ...
Tyrel Nelson

Saying goodbye to Hotel Taselotzin - Year after year I lead volunteer trips to attempt to do some good in the world.
Esclave in Utero
James Campion
A Users Guide to Life After Roe v Wade Goes Down
- Women’s bodies will affectively be considered slaves to the state. Abortion will result in jail time.
Observations on Life and Surviving it
Martin Green
Celeste says she’s in touch with my guardian angel and can give me a tarot reading
15 Skittles
Sydney Moreano - living with diabetes
A medical timeout in volleyball is just three minutes. And unless a player’s injury is painstakingly obvious like a broken ankle, most referees do a lengthy interrogation to find out if the timeout is medically necessary.
Shades of Psychedelia
Guy Edwards

It is often said that if you can remember the 1960’s you probably weren’t there. This I suppose means that for some, the whole or part of the decade was lost in a blur of drugs, promiscuity, pop music and peace demonstrations.
The Attempted Murder of the Planet & The Merry Human Virus
James Campion on Earth Day April 22nd
We mean well, or we think we do – but we still merrily burn fossil fuels and use plastic all over the joint and eat animals who are filling the ozone with methane.
Seduced: Max and I Go to the Rose Bowl
Paul Michelson
Once Washington’s spot in the game was assured, I knew what I’d hear: “We should go,” my son Max said. “Who knows if we’ll get a chance again?”
The Minivan Circle of Life
Jennie Garman

Vans -- my stepfather has always driven minivans. They - much like him - were old and colossal with unsolvable issues he didn’t care enough about to fix.
The Mueller Report & Me
Martin Green
...maybe there were two reports as Fox and CNN seemed to be reporting on different things.
On the subject of pain
Sam Hawksmoor

For the last year I have been struggling to write a novel about pain.  The choice of subject was influenced by a sustained attack of fibromyalgia
Cablevision Monopoly & The Moral Imperative Or…The Death of Choice in The Cyber Age 3.25.19
James Campion

if we want access to the Internet – let that read, phones, web service, television, ANYTHING… we need to use Cablevision.
Why Peace Will Forever Elude Us
Robert Levin
Although the guises may differ, people who study history are no less doomed to repeat it than those who don’t.
International Womens' Day Celebration

Adewale T Akande
Think Equal, Build Smart and Innovate For Change
- 'Investing in women is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do'
Five Ceilings and a Damp Course
Sam North

This is the unromantic story of a downsizer who bought a house which promptly fell on his head.
Today, in the Holy Roman Empire

The Emperors of Rome loved to build stuff. They built bridges across rivers, so they could invade and conquer whoever was on the other side. And they built walls to keep out those peoples they hadn’t conquered just yet.
Get Qualified in the Mental Health Economy



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James Campion 10.24.20
The Issue That Makes Donald Trump An Enemy of The State -
He should not be president, he should be in prison.
Senior Citizen Exodus
James Campion
The Final Bell Tolls for Trump & Republicans 
Donald Trump trails seniors nationally by 20 points! No Republican candidate has failed to capture this most vital voting block in my lifetime; not even Gerald Ford
The Predicatable Grand Pivot
James Campion
Doomed Republicans Begin Scurrying Off the Sinking Trump Ship
- Trump is finished. And the rats are abandoning ship. Fast.
The Week Trump Got Covid-19
James Campion

When Poetic Justice Makes It’s 2020 Presidential Election Appearance - a hilariously immaculate example of the cruel dynamics found in the universal code of karma
Orwellian Spain
James Skinner

The law of Democratic Memory seeks to obliterate history
R.I.P. Women's Rights, Healthcare, Reform
James Campion
The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Heralds the End of Progressivism

Make no mistake the very idea of a progressive moment ended the moment Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stopped breathing.
Bankrupt Again
James Campion
Trump Campaign is Dead Broke and Headed for Defeat  - Trump took his flaying on ABC because he is losing Pennsylvania, like he is losing Michigan and Wisconsin and also Arizona, and not as badly, but bad enough ...
Donald Trump's Gravest Sin
James Campion
President Withholds Vital Info on Pandemic, Leading to 200,000 Dead - There is now a recording of the president of the United States admitting to Bob Woodward that he was fully aware of the deadly severity of Covid-19
Anguished Cry of the Wounded Banshee - James Campion
A Week in the Opening Political Death Throes of Donald J. Trump
- Trump has taken his perpetual campaigning routine and ramped it up in a bizarre series of spastic flailing the likes of which the electorate has rarely seen... 9.9.20
This Is Not 2016
James Campion 8.22.20
A Stroll Through The Difference Four Years Make
- Trump is the status quo ... The nation is suffering its worst economic collapse because of a deadly pandemic the president still does not admit is even happening.
The Kamala Harris Factor
James Campion
Gratuitous, Strategic, Historic VP Choice
Vote! 8.8.20
James Campion
Forget Excuses, Ignore the Noise, Bring the Pain

Donald J. Trump has to go. Thus, I have spent and will continue to spend all of my energy in this space and beyond to help make that happen. So far, if the polls are to be believed, it is on its way to becoming reality.
Trump & Russia - The Last Chapter
James Campion
The weird, bizarre and dangerous history between the current president of the United States and Russia, specifically its tyrannical president Vladimir Putin, took another odd turn this week ...
Trump Police State
James Campion 7.24.20
The Final Vestige of a Fascist Game Show Host President

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I'm from the government and I'm here to help.’ - President Ronald Reagan, 8, 12, 86
Our government is now at war with us. We will win this war ...
The House is On Fire
James Campion
Douse the Flames, Save the Property, Worry About Politics Later - The current president is presiding over a three-alarm fire. The entire country – domestic, health, economic, moral, legal and foreign affairs are a complete and utter disaster.
William Barr's Criminal Syndicate
James Campion
The Systemic Anarchy of The Final Days of Trump
- In the past year, Barr has flouted the very foundation of law because in the certain circles Barr and Trump are the law.
The Untouchable Triumvirate
James Campion
Military, Religion, Police - as a democratic premise it is horrifying that these three institutions have been mostly above oversight or even simply questioning.
James Campion 6.5.20
A Photo as Microcosm of a Weird, Dying Presidency
Odd. Staged. Cryptic. Grotesque. Defiant. Stoic. Vacant. The image is all of these and so much more.
Eric Garner Is George Floyd Is Murder
James Campion

“I Can’t Breathe” Part II
The Political Implosion of Spain
James Skinner
Political Fallout from Covid Lockdown
Get Out There and Save The Day
James Campion

Time for Americans to Risk Their Lives For the Good Ole U.S.A. - ... it’s time we save the idiot and the idiot’s country by putting our and our families’ lives at risk. Have a nice summer.
The World’s New Frenemy: Zoom
Grace Samuelson
Zoom Life will be the new normal?
States' Rights Reversal in the Age of Madness
James Campion
National Leadership Vacuum Pushes Us Through the Political Looking Glass - “When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total. And that's the way it's gotta be. It's total.”
Trump is Failing Crisis Test
James Campion
The president, this poor excuse for a human being, is failing. And it is costing us the very fabric of this country; morally and economically.
Accountability for the Prescription Drug Crisis:
Have Amends Been Made?
Indiana Lee
Across the country, individuals, lawmakers, and insurance companies alike are calling for accountability from pharmaceutical companies, in greater numbers.
How Much Longer?
James Campion
How long can we endure curfews? Restrictions? Isolation? - There is no America without money flowing freely. Freedom? This is what we call buying stuff.
Coronavirus: Donald Trump's Katrina
James Campion 3.13.20
To slap some lipstick on this pig, he put on a baseball cap and lied about everyone being able to get a test for it. Hardly anyone can be tested.
Epidemics and Modern Society
Indiana Lee
If our understanding and technology are so good, why do some diseases continue to pop up?
The Lazarus Week
James Campion
Joe Biden Rises from Political Oblivion to Become Democratic Frontrunner in One Insane Week
Fascism 101
James Campion 02.21.20
The Swift Erosion of Democracy in Living Color
- The most formidable faction of our legislative branch has been severely compromised by fear and a lust for keeping power
The Bernie Problem 14.02.20
James Campion
Democratic Primaries Kick Off with Chaos & Fear
- Will the Youth Vote stick with him and come out in November?
Impeachment Follies
James Campion
Another Element of Governing Where No One Wins - Impeachment is hard.
There have only been three in the nearly 244 years of this nation’s existence
America Alone
James Campion
Welcome to the New Age of Isolation, Apathy & Defeat
Seems like most of this presidency’s maneuvers are knee-jerk, ad-hoc, half-ass WTF kinds of things that end up in ranting tweets and Nuremburg type rallies
The Iran Mistake
James Campion 1.3.20
Forget Impeachment, Crimes, Lying, Stupidity: We are at the brink of war with Iran. The executive branch is at war with Congress. The Senate and the House are at war. A game show host is in charge of all this. - Welcome to 2020.
Not All Republicans Are For Trump
James Campion + Readers Responses
Mass Exodus of GOP in Congress Tell a Different Tale
- I proffer that these representatives simply can no longer bear Donald Trump or where the country is going – fiscally, morally or otherwise
Gordon Sondland - The Human Carpet Bomb
James Campion

Trump Supporter & EU Ambassador Buries Everyone in Key Impeachment Testimony - Sondland evoked the infamous “Three Amigos”, who were running a counter shadow diplomacy (shakedown) with the Ukraine president
The Bill Taylor Angle
James Campion
How a Lifetime Ambassador Frames the Trump/Ukraine Scandal - Taylor admitted in his testimony that he had considered quitting over “major concerns” that the United States was openly reneging on a deal that at the time was six-months overdue
Another Fine Mess in Spain
James Skinner 16.11.19
Election gamble fails

Pedro Sanchez has no clear path to rule
GOP, The Rule or Law & The Wrong Side of History
James Campion
Trump’s Guilt is Absolute, So Who Will (or Won’t) Do Something About It?
What indeed happens to a nation where there are those who see the crime, casually ignore it, play politics with it, and then systemically allow it?
President Terrorist
James Campion 10.17.19
Trump’s Attack on American Interests in the Middle East Sets Up Next 9/11

Trump Doctrine: Cause an international crisis, like taking North Korea to the brink of war on Twitter, then capitulating with a deal that give a tyrant the store and claim victory.
Does Donald Trump Want To Be Impeached?
James Campion
Yes or No - the reasons why the White House madness continues
On the day of the infamous “shake-down” phone call, state department officials were trying like hell to first identity, then facilitate and finally cover up this half-baked scheme
Game Show Host + Presidency
= Impeachment
- James Campion
History is a bitch and it has come calling for Donald J. Trump. - Well, of course. How else could this possibly end? It was only a matter of time that this abomination of a presidency would finally sink us into a constitutional crisis and wind up in the embarrassment of impeachment.
Hatred On Parade
James Campion
The Rise of White Nationalism & the Ongoing Threat of Domestic Terrorism 8.16.19
+ Readers Responses 9.23.19
It has been clear from day-one that Donald Trump is working on some level of racial paranoia
The Woodstock Miracle & The Aging of Aquarius August 15th-18th 1969
James Campion
During the weekend hours that passed in that field in Bethel, New York, the world got to see the best of the human spirit – not by conquest or violence, our favorite pastimes, but sharing, caring, singing and imbibing. Lots and lots of imbibing.
Tinsel Town Terror & The Demonizing of the Drug Culture
James Campion
One Night in Hollywood

In the wee hours on the morning of August 9, 1969 four ragamuffin refugees from the California commune/cult acid culture hijacked by a lunatic thirty-four year-old con man, pimp murderer, Charles Milles Manson slipped over the high steel black fencing of 10050 Cielo Drive, Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles.
JULY 20, 1969
The Apollo 11 Moon Landing at 50
+ Readers Responses 7.29.19
From a six year-old’s perspective, this whole concept is kind of out there. So much so, I stand for an inordinate amount of time in front of our front stoop looking up into the illuminated night sky the evening of July 19 staring at it.

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