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Lifestyle Archive No: 3 - Nov 2003 - Dec 2007 - The Current Lifestyles section
Contemporary Life
Politics & Comment
Lifestyles: 2007
Sam North

You can't get there from here without opening a book
- Film Noir essay
A Paler Shade of White
Anita Sheard
Labels reflect only the extent of our ability to describe a disparate group and can only be an approximation, but changing them also reflects our ambivalence and discomfort
Queen of Vernon 1993-2007
James Campion

She was regal. Not in any preordained, systemic, lordly manner, but there was a distinct nobility to her that was able to transform you.
Washed out in Palawan
Will O'Neil
on Gap travel
We discovers the true nature of the Philippine monsoon season.
A Letter to Mr Bush
Colin Todhunter

I was thinking about writing a letter to George Bush recently
The Customer isn't always right
J A Laraque
Have you ever been somewhere such as a store or a bank and someone in front of you is getting all loud and making a scene about something that is completely their fault?
Not Pregnant Enough
Juliana Perry

I hurried through the mud room and out onto the porch, nearly sashaying my pregnant self right off the deck on an inch of solid ice.
The Benefits of Warm Sake
Tony Alexander

This winter, as you pour warm sake into her belly button, reflect on her curvaceousness.
The Jon Courtney Grimwood Interview
Aby Davis

His passion is evident in this desire to get the English Language a star on the Magical Realist walk of fame.
Reality Bites: Big Brother Culture
Alana Hebenton
The 21st century can be defined as a mass media society where people are obsessed with celebrity
The Ali Tal interview
Dr Marwan Asmar
'If I am not honest about my feelings, I don’t think I’ll be honest about my writings. When I sit in my study, it’s not Portsmouth I see, I see the Golan Heights, and the hills of northern Jordan'.

Soul Searching: Why Not Bring in the Clones?
Michael Levy

Most people looking for success on planet earth with only a physical self-image of who they believe themselves to be
Simon Bishop

We all know, and most of us love, Google. It is by far the most visited website in the world.
Kitchen Wisdom & Student Cooking tips- Simon Bishop
Having friends over and need to know how to provide for a vegetarian, a coeliac and a fussy child all in one go?
Are you Websafe?
Holly Christodoulou
Is that really you out there?
Life Lessons from Cinema
James Skinner

Hollywood has been advising us for years on the frailty of mankind and the injury humanity inflicts upon the rest of the life on the planet.
Recipes for Life
Kunal Ghose
According to my mother I came out screaming "Hungry!" When pondering my insatiable appetite for things I can put in my mouth, I’m convinced it all goes back to my grandfather's Jamaican feast
To Laugh and To Weep
Bruce Rutherford

I haven’t talked to anyone of "advanced age" who think they're old
Compassion In Action
Krista Rausin
I never imagined that my beautiful blonde curly haired daughter with her vibrant personality and smile that could melt my heart would one day be confinded to a wheelchair.
Mailer, Norman - appraised
Dean Borok

The funny thing about Norman Mailer’s antagonism towards women is that he always felt the need to keep them around him.  He married six times.

Postioning The Heads
Frank Sloan

Soaring costs bite us, plunging incomes snipe at us and garish banks polarized thinking infects us.  The last thing anybody wants are poems- right?

How To Be Ladylike
Aby Davis

I grew up in a girls school where we had to wear skirts instead of trousers cos it was more 'ladylike', I wonder what my old headteacher would say if he knew me now....
Chick Literati
Emma King

I looked over the books I own; stack upon stack of over predictable, classically cheesy and a somewhat pathetic collection of chick-lit novels. I love chick-lit - I am an addict
Tabytha Towe takes Europe
Whirlwind adventures for our Vancouver Girl 'Never fly with a hangover'.
From Horror to Gore - the transformation of the horror film
Richard Parry

Though films from the horror genre rarely top the annual box office charts they still remain big business within the industry; with film writers frantically trying to shock the new generation, their new audience.
Some Days Are Like This
Juliana Perry

Plaguing my mind more often than not these long evenings are those five simple words. The phone is silent and the remains of my own dinner sit hapharzly in the sink
Planner to the Frying Pan
American experience of Spanish Life
Caroline Hunter
I was standing in a bar with three middle-aged women. I realized that it was half past one in the morning; my homework for class at nine a.m. sat untouched
Written by Alan Moore-
Illustrated by Dave Gibbons
Jack Clarkson
I thought I might introduce you to Watchmen before 2009 and potentially the most awesome film in all history, past, present and future disappears in a wave of obscurity, not unlike Serenty before it.
Linda Regan - Passion Killer
The Aby Davis interview

"I was inspired by Jimmy Perry (writer of hit series Hi Di Hi, in which Linda had a starring role) who always told me to just go for it!"
Gods of Garbage
Dean Borok

NY City Council members are spending thousands of dollars to buy new garbage cans bearing their names
Koko the smoking dog - a catalyst to a new life
Sara Towe

I was separated, lonely and needed to get out and meet new people. My children for years had been begging for a dog and cat
Indian Wedding Journal
Heathrow Airport Takes On New Dimensions
Linda Albert

On the way back, we were scheduled with a five hour layover at Heathrow airport.
Witches Brew
Dean Borok

The meaning of art is to enhance a miserable and brutish natural existence by the flowering of culture
Holly Christodoulou

My humble county full of rolling countryside hills, huge mansions, acres of farmland and some of the best schools in the country
Abbots Langley
Michael Luzanycia

Whilst being a calm and peaceful town of seclusion during the day, Abbots Langley of Hertfordshire has had growing problems of division over the years.
David Alexander

Not many people outside of Kent have heard of Gravesend
Bedford - Historic town of,
Laura Kerrigan

The only famous person to come form Bedford is Paula Radcliffe. And she hasn’t stopped running. Though I am doing Bedford an injustice if implying it is a hard place to live
The Other Twin
Ross Cavins

It was 1968, a summer of love, and so it was with Martha and Odell. They had three girls, the youngest at sixteen months, and another child on the way. Back then, you didn't know what you were going to have until it popped out screaming at the world
Fat Chance
Ross Cavins

I was once on a reality TV show where the contestant who lost the most weight won the prize money. I never saw so many fatties in one place making fools of themselves
Adventure in House Sharing
Margaret O'Day

I met her for lunch at a pub near St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and I liked her immediately. She reminded me of most of the other women I had rented rooms to, smart, no nonsense types
A Place to Call Home
Casey Manes in Zambia
Along painted brick street fronts and sprawled against stretches of sidewalk, young boys make their beds, napping in what has become their pseudo-home. Their lean bodies and ragged clothes depict a small slice of the difficult life they lead.
Interview with Nancy Bradley - Legendary Psychic to the Stars by Paul Dale Roberts
Californias' Celebrity Ghost Whisperer
Little Brother
Wayne Shannon

I used to think he’d always be there. His voice rumbling like a Harley-Davidson engine idling
Ramadan virtues
Marwan Asmar

During Ramadan I read the Koran maybe five to six times
A Dog's Life
Dean Borok

Labor Day in New York City
The Blair-Witch Legacy
Colin Todhunter

As the smug Tony heads off into a potential Middle Eastern nuclear sunset, you are already probably aware that there are a huge number of similarities between him and Thatcher.
Pencil Sketch On A Boarding Pass
Natalie Neville
on Cuba
Cuba is special. As the Oxford defines the term, special is exceptional in quality or degree, unusual, out of the ordinary, excelling in some positive quality, exceptionally good or talented. Cuba is indeed all of those and a great deal more. Havana is intoxicating and inspiring and decrepit and soiled...

Oddities of India
Meera Manek

With a Muslim President, Sikh Prime Minister and an Italian-born Catholic as Head of the largest political party, diversity and tolerance appear to work hand in hand
Dreaming Dubai
Marwan Asmar
I had been to Dubai twice in my life: In 1998 and 2003, the latter was a harrowing experience.
Failure at the lake
Eric D Lehman

When I was sixteen, my brother Andy and I hiked up the summer Sierra in the backcountry near Lake Tahoe. Our parents had left us with two water bottles and worried instructions to stick to the trail
Cutting the pages
Eric D Lehman

Having taken a walking holiday in England, I began searching the local libraries for accounts of similar journeys. I happened across Afoot In England by W H Hudson
Being French
Dean Borok - real power revealed

No amount of money can induce a French woman to go along with the program if it’s against her nature.
Just How Flawed is the Education System?
Michael Levy

 I was talking recently with a middle school teacher from Louisville, Kentucky and she was telling me all the problems that face her educating her class just to read and write.
The Murphy within us
Sara Towe

Last year I wrote about how Murphy's Law was having way too much fun with me, broken ankles, pain, promises broken and turmoil’s in abundances. I realized that he left an imprint on me,
The Re-Election of Mayor Edward Hagedorn
Antonio Graceffo

The environmentally conscious Mayor Hagedorn was sworn into office to the backdrop of the Pista Y Ang Kueban, the annual Feast of the Forest, tree planting festival.
Mobile India: The Hollywood Connection
Colin Todhunter

Colin Todhunter talks to Anthony Loder, son of Hedy Lamarr described as the most beautiful woman in the world. But not many know that she was also an inventor.
Smile Even When Your Heart is Breaking
Lola Haze

"The teelim fall everyday here," he says, "but they don’t always hit something." He is referring to the missiles launched from Gaza into the neighboring areas of Israel
The Guns of Central America

This bizarre trip, from Havana to San Salvador, took me through five levels of Central American gun culture. My journey started in Havana – probably the safest capital in Latin America.
Burning Man
Annie Lalla
Burning Man… most have barely heard of it, many are intrigued, few are brave enough to go.  If this is your first encounter with the phenomenon of Burning Man, welcome.
Mi Conchita
Jenny Wright
We first encountered the mucky off-white dog hanging around outside a well lit government building, on a Cuban side street.
Memoir de Mumbai
Lalita kakanadan

It has been three months since I began living in this neat and tidy room, all by myself, like "Alice in wonderland".
Valencia – The City That Has It All

Valencia gets to be in the circuit of world music, arts and cultural events.
Modern Odysseus
Lauren Smith
It seems unlikely that many cars would stop for a lanky, 6-foot-4-inch hitchhiker with wavy hair falling past his shoulders and only a backpack to his name.
Chinatown/Koreatown - Flushing, Queens, NY.
Ulle Trautvag
I rush to take the #7 subway train in order to make lunch at East Buffet and Restaurant in Flushing, changing at Queens Plaza to the express that will let me off at Main Street, the last stop.
On the Road
Mike Blake
I remember I first spotted him standing behind the store, smoking a cigarette. He had spotted me first, as I quickly made my way to the clothes dumpster, which was overflowing with discarded goods.
Hassam Al Karmi, the intellectual I knew
Marwan Asmar
I first met Hassan Al Karmi when he was in his 90s. He was still as sharp as a tack. He was living another of his golden ages. He had already 14 Arabic-English, English-Arabic dictionaries under his belt and he was now writing treatises on Islam and the West.
Fail and Fail Again: the choice is yours

Colin Todhunter
I used to feel really great. Then I started to watch TV on a regular basis. I didn’t know it previously but I’m ugly, have bad hair and don’t possess the latest gadgetry that will make me supremely happy.
Teaching in China
Sharon Lockwood
I abandoned my Canadian way of life, traveling thousands of miles across the ocean to central China to teach English. The further from home I traveled, the more second thoughts I had...
Reading in Aqaba
Marwan Asmar
One of the best places to read is along the promenade in Aqaba. Just sit on one of the benches, and open your book, nobody will bother you, the traffic is light, so no noise, the breeze is pleasant, and every once in a while you can turn around to look at the beach and the distant sea.
The world and the Arab world
Marwan Asmar
... laughter, jokes, and mirth is what characterizes human development, and makes us cope with the intricacies and problems of life.
DALHALLA –Opera in a Quarry
Eva Bell
About 300 kms northwest of Stockholm is the beautiful region of Dalarna, spread out all around Lake Siljan
Recovery Diary
Roxy Williams under the knife
Op of Doom minus 20 hours
The day before an op you should be taking it easy, not sat on a freezing platform in Southampton. Burning my tongue on an overprized latte I realise that hours sat on a packed platform, in the rain, are not ideal - because once again the trains are late - very late.

Black Lake
Sophia Hardy
The underground/indie music scene is still thriving in the good ol’ US of A
Car Thieves
Alice Vonsimson
So, Saturday was the big day. Two driving tests taken when I was living in Hawaii had come back with negative results due to technical problems (wasn't sure which pedal was the brake), poor preparation (confused about whether red lights were suggestions or orders)...

Les Vamps - a celebration of the mysterious

Marianne de Nazareth
endell Rodricks has put the tiny Indian state of Goa firmly on the fashion map
Chinese Bathhouse
Valerie Sator

Come along with us. We're going to take a bath. We made our way downtown to Ao Wei – the Miraculous Transformation Bathhouse.
Hope At Dawn
James G Skinner
In March 2003, María Teresa, a perfectly healthy Spanish sixty year old, was diagnosed by a leading orthopaedist, Doctor Domingo Rueda of Povisa Hospital in Vigo, with Spinal Stenosis, a disorder of the spinal duct caused by Primary Osteoarthritis.
Wishes for 2007
by James Campion
Living With Aids: Britain’s Battle
Review by Rosie Wheatcroft
What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)?

Opinion: 2007
It's a Mad World
James Skinner
how do we feel about what’s being going on and what lies ahead?
You say Tomato
Dean Borok

Don’t tell me that American presidential politics has not entered The Twilight Zone. 
Baseball Through the Looking Glass
James Campion - Hypocrisy & Incongruities in 'The Mitchell Report'
Mitt Romney: Don't Ask - Don't Tell
James Campion - The voice of enlightenment bellows from Mitt Romney
Bloomberg in China
Dean Borok

Michael Bloomberg is getting ready to present himself as the only viable challenge to Hillary Clinton
Countdown to Pay Dirt
Iowa Caucuses Loom For GOP & Dems - James Campion
There's been over a year of white noise and revelry and backbiting and futile positioning rhetoric between 16 candidates
The Rise of Women Power
James Skinner
Female power in the 21st Century

Interview with Free Burma Rangers by Antonio Graceffo
 “If I get discouraged, I can go home, the Karen tribe cannot.'
The true price of cheap meat
Asta Audzijoynte

Meat has become a ubiquitous part of our diet. In the last thirty years global meat production has nearly doubled

Is Christmas Shopping Evil?
Lisa Timmerman

The idea of actively searching for new things to buy for people that don’t need anything is really kind of sick.
Musharraf Sweats & Mailer Dies
James Campion

Jersey Pedro and myself watched in relative horror as General Musharraf, the acting president of a crumbling government, spoke to his nation
The web, it's secrets and Me
Laura Patrica

My dad, with all due respect, is crazy paranoid.
Dollar Sinks
Dean Borok

The future prospects for the American economy
Disparities of Culture Shock
Rachel Boone
The Tower of Babel started a phenomenon that we are still dealing with today. One race, one language, one culture
Expat Windfall
How Renouncing Your Citizenship Can Save You Big $
James Campion

Driving Ms Crazy
The Hilary Machine
James Campion
- Madam Shoo-In On The March The Democratic Party is officially scared
The End of Real Estate - and what can take its place- Josef Graf
Woven within the term "real estate" there lives a hint that the nature of the modern land transaction game has little authentic bearing in the real world
James Campion Readers Feedback Oct 2007
Democracy in action
New York City Report
Dean Borok

OK, I killed myself after the Yankees lost last night, and now I’ve come back from the dead and I feel better. 

Tony Alexander

The last samurai's belly that kissed the tip of a sword was Mishima Yukio on November 25, 1970
Flying Bankers
Dean Borok

The Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster ride may be closed for the season but don’t worry, your bank account is getting ready for the ride of its life
Burma’s Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe chose exploitation rather than civil war - Antonio Graceffo
The Burmese civil war, often viewed as a genocide, committed against Burma’s tribal minorities, has been raging off-and-on for a period of nearly fifty years.
Mass Media Democracy
James Campion

The entire planet is televised, web-cammed, You-Tubed, Google-Earthed, camera-phoned, amateur-videoed, and 24-hour cable networked. We're being watched.
Four Corner Petraeus
James Campion

In a staggering eighth Oval Office address since the beginning of military action in Iraq, the president went on to list further benchmarks for a "return on success" set to unfurl in March 2008
Pot and Kettle Revelations
James Campion

Why does Idaho Senator Larry Craig have to resign? Tell me. You can't and he doesn't.
American Intervention and the Middle-East
Brian Appleton

I think that it does Iranians a grave disservice to dismiss their 70 million population as Islamic fanatic madmen
The Emperor's New CDOs
Dean Borok explains sub-prime lending
Broken down into bite-sized pieces that even I can understand, this is how the racket was set up:
Ten Years of Reflections
James Campion
Pt 11
'Know this, as long as this nation is at war the truth can no longer be considered an absolute
Decayed at the Desk
James Campion
10 Years Of Treachery & Mockery
This is not a job description or any kind of reasonable vocation, it is a lifestyle, no, a malady, no, more like a virus one accepts to live with...

The Blame Game
Powerless Senate Debuts Finger-Pointing Show
James Campion
Now that the latest surge of U.S. troops to Iraq has reduced our boy president to a cold-blooded murderer,
The Crash of '08 is coming
Dean Borok

Industrial capacity, driven by China’s need for natural resources, is not keeping up with demand.  There are not enough freighters to transport essential commodities like iron ore and liquefied natural gas.  As a result freight prices are rocketing through the roof, adding to inflationary pressures.
Dean Borok

Russia has a huge nuclear arsenal to prevent Chinese penetration, but with China now a nuclear power too, can a Sino-Soviet standoff over the Russian far east be far in the future?
Al Qaeda & Gunga Din
James Skinner

‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you' Rudyard Kipling
Song of a Dying Whale
James Campion

How A Decomposing Beached Sea Mammal Came To Bury A Presidency
Michael Moore and his 'Sicko' Utopia
James Campion

Michael Moore is one of the few completely moral public figures left. He really is. Everything you read about him, his over-zealous bending of truth, his leftist propaganda, and his antipatriotic rhetoric, pales in comparison to his impeccable moral structure
On Cuba and Castro
Dean Borok

he revelations disclosed in CIA documentation released this week about the Agency’s plot to kill Fidel Castro do not go far enough.
The Nifong Chronicles
James Campion

In our continuing series on "The Law Is Bullshit", we cast our collective eye on the sad and sordid tale of Michael Nifong, former Durham County District Attorney of North Carolina
Paris Hilton
James Campion
Paris Hilton is being railroaded. Period. She deserves to be in prison as much we do for putting her there. What the hell is the point of making a ton of cash in this society if you can't get your wretched progeny off?
Why Are We in Iraq?
Dean Borok

Forty years ago Norman Mailer wrote “Why Are We In Vietnam?” in which he seemed to imply that we had engaged in that war out of a neurotic, predatory god complex.
Latin America Report
Dean Borok

Nobody ever said that transforming this former fiefdom of Standard Oil into a freestanding socialist model economy was going to be easy..
Strong Leadership
Dean Borok
I believe in a republic of independent thinkers. That’s an easy thing to do when you’re sitting at an outdoor café - a ride on the subway, with its population of put-upon commuters, quickly disabuses you of the concept that people are going to educate themselves enough to arrive at their own conclusions on the issues of the day.
Independence 08
James Campion calls for a big political change
I give you the latest Gallup poll, which paints a split electorate: Republicans, 27 percent; Democrats, 34 percent; Independents, 38 percent.
Muscle Bound: Baseball in a fix
Matt Alison
As Barry Bonds approaches to surpass Hank Aaron’s career home run record, a question arises of his legitimacy...
Frat House Fracas
James Campion
A Month Of Peeling Back White House Mayhem
This is truly a country run by lunatics.
It is the only explanation.

Kurt Vonnegut,Jr 1922-2007
James Campion
All this happened, more or less
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. "Slaughterhouse Five"
The greatest living American author is no more. Who's left?

NBC & Network Rubber Necking
The Virginia Tech Killer's 15 Minutes Of Infamy
James Campion
Random violence is really interesting. Especially epic slayings by lone nuts for no fathomable reason. Big ratings. Big talk. Big headlines. Big reasoning. Tons of that. Why? How?
Cert Ed For Post-Compulsory Teaching
Chris Philipps
'The Importance of Teacher Training'.
The above statement is used as a diagnostic tool in the assessment of trainee teachers’ literacy skill and/or acumen in order for them to qualify – irrespective of their previous training or qualifications.

Villains, Victims and Vengence
A Radio Has-Been and Student Athletes
James Campion
Condescending. Patronizing. Exploitive. Hypocritical. Disingenuous. All the words that make this supposed democratic society of equals so pathetic.
Why I should be a Juror
James Campion
Unfortunately the author did not experience the privilege of serving as a juror. He was dismissed for being a freelance journalist

Free Trade Propaganda
James Campion
Have you seen the new ad for the Armed Forces? CBC has been running it incessantly during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Prime audience. Good demographic. No doubt.
Democrats 2008
James Campion
Sixty days is a long time in Washington. In 600 days there might not even be a Washington.
Bush 1 - Democrats - 0
James Campion
"The president needs a check and a balance. This president hasn't had one, hasn't listened to others, including his top military commanders, and it's about time he did..."
Let's Interface
Colin Todhunter
on how corporate jargon invades daily life and politics
A Sales Career Can Pay Big Money, No Matter What Your Major
- Antonio Graceffo
If you get a degree in engineering, you graduate and work as an engineer. But if you graduate with a degree in English, do you work as an English? What do you actually do with a degree in history or political science?
Gerald Ford
James Campion
For some sad reason only known to the gods of misfortune, I found myself listening to the "Imus In The Morning" radio broadcast sometime during the surreally long week of funeral events surrounding the passing of our 38th president.
A Challenge to the 110th Congress
James Campion
"What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that the people preserve the spirit of resistance?"
Thomas Jefferson
Will lack of market demand save Icelandic whales?
Iwona Roman
"We are back in business with about 100 tons of excellent eco-friendly whale meat and blubber ready for the market.", said Kristjan Loftsson
The French Do it Weekly
Neil Smith on strife in Paris
On March 30th 2006, nearly two thousand Parisian youths proceeded to block off highways and streets...

Dead Man Talking
James Campion
'This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we are in'. - George W. Bush 1/23/07
A death rattle echoed through the chamber Tuesday night
Shilpa Shetty in the House
Colin Todhunter
Pay a volatile mixture of famous personalities a shedload of money to live in an enclosed house, hope they’ll get on each other’s nerves, and let the nation vote them off the show one by one. The last one in is the winner.
Hot House Rising
James Campion
on how Oil Money crushes Global Warming Science
Snow Day
James Campion
Frozen precipitation has a way of bending the mind. Terror rules the day. Otherwise functioning humans with nary a care in the world become jabbering loons, dangerous to themselves and others almost immediately.
Tranquil Coup d' Etat
Eliot Ballard
I am standing in front of a smashed car. Its hood is crumpled like wadded paper, and someone has spray painted a Thai slogan over its caved windshield. Soldiers file past. To my left, protestors are waving signs. "No To Dictatorship," they scream silently, "No Thaksin No Coup." "Restore Democracy NOW."
Dream Surgery
Eric D Lehman
Subhash began regaling Andy with plans for the trip that he and I would take when we’re thirty. "We’re leaving the wives in Sydney or Melbourne and renting an old Army Jeep, and just going, heading into the outback, Midnight Oil blasting on the stereo, seeing Ayer’s Rock, the desert, maybe going all the way to the wilds of the west coast."
The Poor Always Pay Back:Capitalism for the Poor
Ginette Ballard on Muhammad Yunus
"Credit is so important in the lives of all people that I have been arguing that credit should be accepted as a human right."
The Citrus Heights Vortex
Paul Dale Roberts
The location is Citrus Heights, near Sacramento - one critical moment the occupant felt like she was almost possessed
Heddy Lamarr
Colin Todhunter
I have just had the privilege of spending an evening with the most beautiful woman in the world. I had been watching a Hollywood film from 1949, the biblical epic “Samson and Delilah” starring Hedy Lamarr and Victor Mature in the two lead roles
Chip for Brains
James Skinner
Many moons ago, some astute XX century futurologist stated that Man would eventually be dominated by machines. He was obviously referring to the computer age

Exile On Main St
Nasty, Funky, Junky,Country Blues
I gave you diamonds, you give me disease.
James Campion
On May 12, nineteen hundred and seventy-two, the greatest rock and roll album by the greatest rock and roll band, smack dab in the middle of the genre's golden age, hit the streets.
You think the British Government will look after you
James Skinner
‘I’ve finally decided to retire as Her Majesty’s governmental representative in this remote part of Europe known as Galicia after nearly 5 years of rescuing Brits from the gallows...
Cereal Ethics
Eric D. Lehman

On the first night of my "Meatless Meals" cooking class, the casually dressed chef told us that she was vegan for health reasons
The Other Adams Family
Eric D. Lehman
On a bright August morning, my girlfriend and I drove into downtown Quincy, Massachusetts, searching for the Adams National Historic Site. Where was this house? The map displayed the icon in the center of the downtown, and we circled the blocks, confused...
The Joy of Audiobooks
Eric D Lehman
I always hated the idea of audiobooks. I’m afraid that as a younger man I was a bit of a purist, loving the feel of the pages and the musty smell of the paper. But one summer, having little to do and little money, I began to explore my local library a bit, and found their enormous "audio" section, taking up a whole room.
Where the Well-Oiled Wheel Still Squawked
Michael Bober

For all of the riches that Nigeria holds, to the people it means little, a sad truth across much of Africa.
Banking On Greed
Michael Levy

Almost everyone I speak to these days has a continuing story to tell on how they are being ripped-off by erroneous charges and hidden fees
Clever versus Wisdom
Michael Levy
Science has yet to define the meaning of wisdom in scientific terminology. I guess they require some type of theoretical proof that wisdom exists?
Rock On
Jeffrey Beyl
If a marriage ends in divorce, is the diamond disappointed?
The Squatter, The Pacer, Bride & Groom
Paul Dale Roberts
There is a full moon out this night.  I can only wonder what is in store for me as I get together with H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California.
The Toilet Tour of the Universe
Brett Hardman
I fought with my son this morning, again. At eight-going-on-nine he knows more about everything than anyone on earth ever has or will, and defends his positions with unassailable conviction and his own brand of inarguable logic.
On Thomas McGuane and 'Gallatin Canyon'
Paul Burga
When I first read Thomas McGuane’s "Gallatin Canyon" (in The New Yorker) I was baffled. Despite its straightforward presentation of plot and character, I was left with a "What’s wrong here?" feeling.
Memories of Honey
Natalya Popova
I was lucky to witness the process of honey making at my dad’s honey farm situated in the Fergana Valley region of Tajikistan many years ago.
The Other Side
J.A. Laraque

I truly believe it is brighter here. The sun shining on my face feels warmer more welcoming

Celebrity Overdose
Colin Todhunter
wants out
How can you break a broken heart?
Natalie Tehrani

Barrie Singleton on evolution
James Campion
on secret calls at night
The Gueem
James Campion
celebrating a special life
The Fungus of Friendship
Eric D Lehman
Money has ruined many frendships...

Day in the Life of a Tour Leader
Tariq El Kashef
Imagining Pain
Sagar Sanyal would rather not
Lousy Vacation Deals on-line
Andy Fetterhof recommends the phone book
Epic Life Changes
Sara Towe on love and 'emit'
Syd and Arthur R.I.P.
James D Evans

Shine with Blairpaste (whilst stocks last)
Colin Todhunter
Sara Towe's Big Test
Murphy's Law strikes again
New Orleans - One Year on from Katrina
Jack Shenker
Ward 9 - a Nation's Shame
Mickey Mouse Degrees
Ben Macpherson on Creative Arts
Baku Wedding
Jim Solan in Azerbaijan
Iran in a Football Frenzy
Kevin Widdop
Working in WTC and 9/11
James Skinner
Iranians in Israel 20.09.06
Ali Beach - the future of Iran
Voices of Louisiana
Rose Marie Sand
Impressionist Affair
Eric D Lehman discovers Monet et al
Lollopalooza 2006
Jesse Johnson
Climb the Mountains
Joshua H Silavent
Reflections on reflection
Simon Mussell
At the Grave of the Roosevelts
Eric D Lehman
Bath House Etiquette
In Search of the Rainbow
Jayne Pearson
Night on Kobe Tower
David Tavernier
James Campion
on the passing of a Rock Institution
James Skinner

One Planet - One Water Supply
Infidelity and the Whistle Blower
Lesley Mathews
Kevin Morra
on the road sleeping rough
Pink Girl
Natalie Tehranie
is a softy
A Wandering Traveler
Joe David
There is only one explanation for my wanderlust
Michael Bernard

A concept that has cropped up a lot recently in my life has been "balance"
A Chill to Make You Think
M. Blake
Cold enough for you?
A Reconciliation of Space: The Parisian Apartment
Erin B. DeBernardo
Space is at a premium in Paris
Say Yes to Dungeon Majesty
The addictive drama now on PBS
Aiko Misaki

A Haunting in Jackson
Paul Dale Roberts
This is my first time experiencing a true paranormal investigation.
The Red Coat
Alaina R. Alexander
It’s my junior year in college and my  footlocker from back home has just arrived and  the most important item of all… a new winter coat.
Transistor Radio
Jeffrey Beyl
John Lennon once said that the transistor radio (if I may paraphrase) made him what he was.

Management Newspeak
Dave Angus
more is done by less staff
Punchline Iraq
James Campion on the Iraq Study Group Report
Democratic Sweep - GOP Weep
Jame Campion
the smell of victory on Capital Hill
Conservatism v Fundementalism
Final Battle for the soul of the Republican Party
James Campion

Senate See Saw
James Campion
2006 Midterm Election Dilemma
James Campion

Working the Impulse Curve
Antonio Graceffo

Praise Be to Oil Barons
James Campion has a relgious experience
Speed Generation
James Campion on fast living
Welly and the nukes
James Skinner - is nuclear option inevitable?

Fear and Loathing in the UK
Colin Todhunter
Yenna Acharama? (Are you that traditional?)
Kiran Kannappan in Subway
Why the Democrats won't surge in '06
James Campion - GOP rule forver?
The Al Qaeda Shell Game
James Campion -
How do you defeat chaos?
The Israeli Defense Force Summer Tour
James Campion on Lebanon
Dogpile on the Loons
James Campion on al- Qeada now
Middle East Solutions
James Campion

The Liberman Experiment
James Campion
The Killing of a Westchester Institution
James Campion champions Ray Gallagher 09.1.06
Become a Better Public Speaker
Antonio Graceffo
Africa on the Move
James Skinner on refugees
Goats on the line
Kit Chapman in Kenya

Cashing in on Tragedy
James Campion on corporate corruption
The Bull and Penelope Cruz
E S Morford
on barbarism in the ring
Inconvenient Truths
Michael Levy
on we can all save the planet
Fight Fire with Fire in South Africa
Julie Thompson
on volunteers in Africa
Charming Irregularities of Brussels Bureaucracy
Stefanie Stiles
Mex Rex Holiday
James Skinner
- airport terror 22.10.06
On Prejudice and Japan

A Jolie Good Time
Colin Todhunter
on a silverspoon
Open Letter to Senator Joe Lieberman
Joshua Lineberry
Christopher Parrish
He was called Fatty by the jeering kids at school.
OJ Simpson
James Campion on media hype
Abi Davis
on wasting time
Terror is Winning
James Skinner on air-safety
Walking Home
Natalie Tehrani
I hate walking home alone at night
Does size really matter?
Too fat, too thin, will women ever win?
Carly McClain

On being Uber Cool in Beijing
 Paul Haire
needs a drink
Olive Oil - DOC
Raymond k Clement
The finest wines of Italy carry the DOC (Denominazion di Origine Controllata) designation
In Rhythm with Wolves:
From A Calendar of Nature and Soul

Josef Graf
a starving hunter is given the first pair of snowshoes by a mysterious man who turns out to be the Spirit of the Wolf.
The Parable of the Square Egg
James Skinner
‘I’m tired of writing about politics, warfare, imbecile terrorists, do-gooders

Scottsdale: Arizona Paradise
Kelsey Havens on USA's best city?

What's Up Doc?
Trita Mrema consults her Doctor

The Full Treatment
Trista Mrema on Dutch Medical Practice Pt 2

How to become a travel writer
Antonio Graceffo

Cool by Cooler than Thou: Lost in Austin
Sara Whelan

Mother Africa
Trista Mrema discovering Arusha at election time

Welcome to Arusha Part One
Trista Mrema

Welcome to Arusha Part Two
Trista Mrema

James Skinner on Spinal Stenosis
On Expectation and Friendship
Eric D. Lehman
I expect too much from people
The Curse of the Diet Monster
Michelle Attridge
Eat me!
The Big Question
Michelle Attridge ponders her reply

An Actor's Life For Me
Ian Jordan in Vancouver

Chasing Dragons
Nicole Trilivas on wanderlust

The Big Desperate
James Campion on New Orleans after Katrina
On Heroes in Art
Eric D Lehman

Travel Without Destinations

Claire Kulikowski on crossing borders
First Holiday
Holly Bates
Live Well - Live Longer
Michael Levy
Friends in Part
Eric D Lehman on friendship skills
The Beginnings of Strength
Eric D lehman
Get your coat you've pulled
Mandy Mand on chat up lines
Meet The Penguins
Journey to Boulders Rock - Simonstown
Joy of Live Alchemy
Michael Levy
Zen and Varsity Basketball
Jeffrey Beyl (A Parents Primer)
Dog Walking in Brooklyn
John Lowry
A Brief History of Freejazz in New York
Robert Levin
Sara Gets New Life at 50
Join the Ezone lifestyle
Feedback June '05
Readers on James Campion
My Indian Coffee House
Colin Todhunter
Eminent Domain and Zander the bat
James Campion
Intelligence v Evolution
James Campion stirs the pot
Hilary v The Bride of Uncle Rudy
James Campion
The Desert of Death on Three Wheels
Antonio Graceffo
Me, Ozzy and The Beat next door
Jayne Andrews
The Return of Tabytha Towe
I did my whole ludicrous cleanse wrong actually...
Indian Idol
Shubba Menon
Four Bucks and a microwave
Kyle McDonald

The Big High
Kate Watson is going to Jump
Tales From Zirzameen
Brian H Appleton in Iran
Why You Travel
Richard Turner
on arriving

Teardrops and e-mails
Colin Todhunter heart on sleeve
Data Shadows
Victor Manley knows they are watching
Maxims, Paris and Me
Caitlin Metland
Blur: My new jumper
James D Evans on fashion in pop
Show us some loyalty
Lousie Powell on consumer tracking
Approval Ratings and Dick Cheney
Barry Mitchell bytes back

The Unprofessional
Phil Kayberry in Japan
Behind the Bar
Anna Kosmanovski
Holidays en famille
Anna Kosmanovski
Mud In Your Eye
James Skinner at the Health Spa
A Berlin Moment
Elizabeth Haggerty
Middle East Dogs Dinner 1.02.06
James Skinner puts indigestion on the menu
Sparrow Watch
Eric D Lehman
Grounds for Abuse
M Joseph Hunt on Café Culture
Loony Tunes and Religious hatred
James Campion
Dick Cheney: King of all the Media - James Campion takes a shot
Losing Momentum
P L George on CD launch disaster
What Matters
Leslie Chen on dying with dignity
Haircutters Inc
Dmetri Kakmi
Tis The Season be be Jolly?
Tabytha Towe

La Jintera
Barbara Torresi on sex workers in Cuba
I don't Want your freedom
Eugene Englebrecht on
South Africa ten years on
Why You Are Still Fat
Robert Levin
Farewell to Ronnie Barker
Sacha Markin
No 'Stars' for the Eclipse

Robert Levin
A Lifeless Companion
Caitlin Metland visits hospital
The Take-Over System
James Morford on how to avoid time-share touts
Tammy Gillis in 'briefs' lives
Canadian Lifestyles

Iran Crisis a Fraud
James Campion
Nukes no solution

Writing and Political Freedom
Eric D Lehman

Scooter's Song
James Campion 18.04.06

Evo Morales - Bolivia Presidente
James Skinner

James Campion
All the news you didn't want to read

The Quest for Universal Human Rights
Nayeefa Chowdhury

King Chavez
James Skinner on Venezuelan politics

The Executives New Clothes
James Campion- Iraq Papers One

The Iraq Papers Part Two
War and Politics by Dunderheads
James Campion

The Iraqi Papers: Pt 111
The Song and Dance men
James Campion

The Iraqi Papers Part 1V
Surrealism Safety Brigade
James Campion

The Iraqi Papers Part V
James Campion
Jan 2006
26th Avenue
Diana Hurlbut - crack on the street

Dr Bush and Mr Hyde: The Fundementalist Shadow of George W Bush
John D Goldhammer Phd
Solutions for Oil Gouging
James Campion on OPEC
Katrina Political Fallout

Jason Hayworth
An Open Letter to Fidel
James Campion makes a polite suggestion
Caveat Emptor
James Campion on US hubris
Karl Rove - Innocent?
James Campion comes to the defence
Peddling Morality in the Den of Iniquity
James Campion at Erotic Expo NYC

We Want Bolton - America the Ugly speaks
James Campion
The Telephone
James Skinner from analog to digiblog

GOP Gridlock Parts 1 & 11 05.18
James Campion with the Republican Oracle
New Labour Pains
James Ryder's Post -Election rant
A is for Art?
James Evans on Damian Hirst
Die Hipster Die
M Barakat
Swallow This
Sam North on how modern drugs will kill you
Is this the real Deep Throat?
James Campion on Mark Felt
The Future of Adult Branding
Naseem Javed on
Is Your Brand Worth Billions?
Naseem Javed on brand values

Internet Branding: The '06 Corporate Challenge
Naseem Javed

Who Are The Dumbest People in the World?
Nasem Javed
Bringing Back the Dead
Authenticity in the historical novel
Sam North - a discussion paper
Going Legal
James Campion on how pot will save the world
When People Do Nothing
Save Africa from itself?

The Vacuum of Journalism
James Campion
The Origins of Anarchy
The Beauty Police: Hollywood and 'The Look'
Christophe Phillips
Ballbusting 101
James Campion
The G8 Summit Diary
Elle Gray
The Great & Future Insurrection
Punkerslut plots a new revolution
Tom Delay- Road Kill
James Campion
The Beggars of Bangladesh
Mary-Louise Olsen
Intelligent Design?
Dr Mark H. Shapiro
Compassion Fatigue
Sam North on a year of disasters
View from the Barricades
James Campion inside the GOP
Stinky Branding
Naseem Javed on the smell of money
Rosa Louise Parks 1913-2005
James Campion
Oil Futures- A Shell Game?
Michael Levy
Moratorium - Peace March 1969
Richard Grayson
I have a dream
James Campion and the FCC
Judging Alito
James Campion
Sam North on armageddon
James Campion- the gory truth about Arab politics
Western Hypocrisy and Jihad
James Skinner
Human Rights
James Skinner ponders prison life 01.03.06
Druze: A small peace of Israel
Kevin Widdop
President on Trial at High School

James Campion 20.03.06
Rebel Youth in Mass Protests
James Skinner
Homeland Insecurity: Fear and Fighting in CA
M Joseph Hunt
Jack Shenker on Israel and the Wall
Mr Mojo Sinking

James Campion on second term disasters
Is ETA's peacefor real?
James Skinner
Building Houses in Costa Rica
Wes Weston
My War on America's Drugs
Ginette Ballard
Cheap Labor Votes
James Campion
May Day Celebrations
James Skinner

The Zen of Japanese Interiors
Sam Barnes

Desperately Seeking Housewives
Robert Cottingham

A Close Call
Lionel Darmendrail survives a passion attack

Told You So
James Skinner on Iraq
Micro Credit in action in Cambodia
Antonio Graceffo
In the Absence of originality
Alex Segal wonders if the musical will survive

Celebrity Kulture
Rowena Betts
The Allure of the Magic Kingdom
Gemma Ayres
Raising A Spark
James Skinner
in Spain
Life in Plastic
Amy Dunmall on Barbie - Kultural Icon
Five Year Plans
Sam North
Fighting Boredom - Making Choices
Michelle Cochrane
Is Paris Safe for women?
Elizabeth Haggarty doesn't think so
Schoolday Pranks
Michael Levy
Growing Roots as a writer
Kat Roberts

Coping with a Hostile Planet
Michael Levy
Hunter S Thompson is no more
Brodie Parker
Farewell Gonzo
James Ryder
Under the Influence of Gonzo
James Evans
The Man who got the world for free
Ramon Stoppelenburg
Hunter Stockton Thompson RIP
James Campion
The Paper Trail
Reading on the road
Good Grief Charlie Brown
Alex Hillman on Charles Schulz
Why Writers Write
Colin Todhunter
Buy Now - Retail Therapy
Laura Jones
Must Have it
Amy Barlow is a girl who caint say no
Parker Posey and a stolen car
James Campion

Spa Time in Spain
James Skinner at the Arnoia Caldaria Health Spa
Researching an historical novel about Argentina
James Skinner on fact and fiction

Lay off the Catholics
James Campion on dogma 04.18
How to Gain in a Negative Market
Michael Levy
A Moment of Weakness
Erid D Lehman climbs Old Smokey
Is Spain going Marxist?
James Skinner on the political chages in Spain
Politics of the Brain Dead
James Campion on the Schiavo story

Aerophobia - Fear of Flying
Sarah W offers good avice
The Hell of a UK Hospital
Kat Roberts
Manifest Destiny made easy
James Campion

The NFL stinks
James Campion on a sport in decline
Spam - Curse of...
James Skinner can't take any more
Malpractice Lunacy
James Campion on Doctors who kill
In Bush We Trust
James Campion 01.29.05
When Love Ain't Enough
Michelle Cochrane on achy breaky hearts

Man Overboard
James Skinner - Diplomatic Diaries Pt 3

Crisis Management
James Skinner in Vigo

Diplomatic Diary 4
James Skinner on ID theft

Diplomat Diary 5
James Skinner - When Cruise Ships call
Diplomatic Diary 6
James Skinner on English invaders
The Perils of Comfort
Eric D Lehman on the joy in inconvenience
State of Independence
James Campion's guide to fair tax reparations
A Michael Jackson Reality Check
James Campion
Everything you wanted to know about steroids
James Campion

Dan Rather: Liberal Bias in the media?
James Campion
The Fight against Complacency in Advertising
Clive Branson
Snatching Victory
Eric D Lehman on The White Mountain
Twilight in Candlelaria
William Brazil on social cleansing in Bogota
Gemma Williams recycles fashion
Wine, Spirit and Song in Sonoma Country
Paul Dale Roberts
Memoirs of a Disco King
Paul Dale Roberts

How to make a woman happy
Loving and Leaving
Rebecca Kingsbury
Saying Goodbye
Gemma Williams

We Are Driven
Michael Halmshaw on safe driving

First Memories
Gemma Williams -the first steps of freedom

It's Not You - It's Me
Kat Roberts on breaking up

A Boy Possessed
Andy Walker
Counter Couture
Clare Sager tries to resist
Suits U Sir
Michael Halmshaw & Armani culture

It Aint Cool
Daniel Moore isn't buying it
The Real Meaning of Christmas?
Holly Bates
Secret Life of a Chav
Kerry Savage
All we want is more, more, more
Kat Roberts

Gucci Girl
Michelle Attridge
No Mod Cons
James Ryder living without stuff

The Iron Fist Principle
James Campion with the Washington Insider

Dangerous Art
James Campion on the Simpsons

Korea reunited

John Duerden explores the issues
pro & con

Kit's Gangsta Bitch

Heather Neale gets a death threat
The Forked Path
Josh Davidson ponders his and our future
James Skinner on all our oppressors
Does the Middle Class exist?
James Skinner
Don't mention the war
Sam Barnes on talking to soldiers about Iraq
Dental Health Tourism in India
Colin Todhunter opens wides
The Black Hole of Corporate Branding
Naseem Javed
Slogans and Taglines
Naseem Javed making words count in advertising

The Art of Active Relaxation
Prof Eric D Lehman takes a break
Smoke, Drink and Drive this season
James Skinner looks back at carefree times
You can be a Maestro too
Michael Levy
Bullfighting is Wrong
James Ryder watches Bulls being murdered
Stage Frightener
Michael Williams and his guitar

Wishing For Tomorrow
Rowena Betts on growing up too fast
Get that book published
Antonio Graceffo
Canadian Life
Clive Branson on strippers

Building Ohanas for Alohas
Molly Ness in Hawaii

Deconstructing Gigi
James Skinner on the 1958 musical
About a Father
Anne Young remembers
The Last Voyage of a Warrior
Michael Halmshaw 1904
Babtized by the Rainforest
Marcie Pullman cycling in Costa Rica

Shop Culture
Rebecca Kingsbury

Bush's Low Paid Mercenaries
Larry S Rolirad on why Bush must be evicted fromthe Whtie House
US Election Debrief: The Democractic Image Gap
Dan Schneider

Second Term Madness
James Campion
The Boss is Back
James Skinner on Europe's reaction to US Election
Red Sox
Thomas Foster on versions of the Babe

Exit Stage Arafat
James Campion
Politics & Poetry
Fighting words with Bly and Barks
Prof Eric D Lehman
Moral Values?
Barry Mitchell on the Bush Bandwagon

Who you gonna choose? John or George?
James Skinner offers a Euro perspective

Why Terrorism is Winning
James Skinner

A Tribute to Mattie Stepanek
Augustine Nwaka

The Way Bush Stands Still
Dan Schnieder on liberty, aliens and fundementalism in DC

Death Race 2004
30,000 Suicides a year in the USA
Ben Jonjak wants to know why
Encounters with a god
Eric D Lehman in Rome
Why Politics doesn't matter in the Summer
James Skinner

Where the Buffalo Roam
James Skinner on mass migration
Maximillian Day
A James Evans interviews the young auteur

The French
Clive Branson is a little piqued...

Processing the Travel Experience
Eric D Lehman on communication skills
Surviving the Golden Years
James Skinner on the Third Age
The Free City of Christiana
Eva Bell in the Danish Hippie Capital
Turning Fifty and Loving it
Sara Towe celebrates life
The Reagan Myths
Dan Schneider on how Ronald Reagan saved the world and other stories
Toyota Echo -The 21st century Beetle?
Charles Dickinson
On The Shelf
James Ryder in a bookshop

Bum Fashion
Rachael d'Cruze out on a thong

Remembering the Good
Michelle Cochraine won't go back to the ex
Being Korean is suddenly Cool
John Duerden
Adulthood - a primer
Tolu Ogunlesi
Driving to see Howard
Clive Branson in Columbus , Ohio
Living Life with Verve
Margaret Manning
Techno Prisoner
Andrea Wren on why you need to operate the modern home
The LA Music Scene
Marlene Montez on Banyan and killer tomatoes

Why Bush Must Go
James Campion gives a reality check
Down to the wire

Dan Schneider does the numbers on US Eection
Election battlegrounds
James Campion on where Kerry must fight
Half Truths and Soundbites

James Campion on the TV debates
Kerry Loses it - Campaign 2004 a lost cause?

James Campion

When Doves Burn

Phil Mershon surviving Democratic Fundraising
When Doves Burn Two- 9/27/04

Phil Mershon's Survivors guide to the US Election
When Doves Burn Part Three
Phil mershon in post trauma 11.23.04

The Ralph Nader Interview
James Campion
The New Jersey Political Cesspool
James Campion wades in
New York Reptiles
James Campion: Republican National Convention

Part Two - NJ Cesspool 9/14
James Campion digs deeper

Why isn't Health Care Election Issue No 1?
Michael levy
GW Bush and the Death of Diplomacy
Larry Rolirad
Will the taller man win?
Larry S Rolirad considers the odds of a Kerry win
The Terror Threshold
James Skinner on why men torture others
Throughly Modern Princesses
James Skinner on royalty
D- Day 60
James Campion on June 6th 1944
Essence of Education
James Skinner

So you think you want a revolution in Saudi?

James Campion
Cham Muslims in Cambodia
Antonio Graceffo
Gamblers Ruin
Clive Branson in Niagara

Ani DiFranco in Bloom
James Campion interviews the folk diva


Dean H Ruetzler on convenience culture in Japan
Going Going Gone
Colin Todhunter on fleeting kisses
Mao Mao - Vancouvers Asian/Fusion restaurant A Jenny Brown review
Chris Brandt Profile
Jenny Brown interviews the founder of Cazart!

Sundays in London
Peacocks and black rabbits
When Martha Met Ronny
Ron Silver loses $5000
Big Yellow Thing
Colin James Haslett on rain
Go Snowboarding and get paid
Racheal D'Cruze

Turning 30 - Making Changes
Alaina Alexander

Laser Eye Surgery
Sara Towe gets the treament

Branding a Century
Naseem Javed on the cyber-market in naming

Letter From Santiago No 3
Dermot Sullivan
Buying Misery On-Line
Why Headlines are bad for you
Good Eating
Dining Out in Taiwan with Denni Schnapp
The Language Barrier
Richard Cooper on how we are judged
The Politics of Boredom
Phil Mershon
Two Sides - One War
J Lee Fredrick on Iraq
Torn Between Cultures

Dean H Ruetzler in exile
The Culture Of Vultures
M.C. Wood on film censorship
Fixing Capitalism
Dan Schneider - a fair society in the 21st century?
After Martha - Saving the Brand
Nassem Javed
Bigotry & Gay Marriage
James Campion gives a reality check
Free Speech and Absolution
Brodie Parker on the soapbox

The End of the Akha Hilltop Tribes?
Antonio Graceffo
The Bush Bind
Dan Schneider on truth and lies in the White House

Joker in the White House
Barry Mitchell

High Stakes - Bad Breaks
G W Bush and his addiction
James Campion
James Skinner on political prisoners
9-11 Commission and Election '04
James Campion
Zapatero & Spain's Future
James Skinner

Clinton: A retrospective
Dan Schnieder
"I’m here to write songs. I’m here to make noise.
Springtime for Bernstein
James Campion in New York

A New York State of Mind
Clive Branson write and photographer

Patriotism and the Vote
Robert Wolf won't be voting for the 'President'
Why Rumsfeld Must Stay (and sort out the mess)
James Campion

Business Ethics - We take your money
Brian Cooke in the boardroom
Of Course I love you darling
David Hill on British parents
A girl, a bike and a padlock

Heather Neal wishes to report a theft
Chick Lit - Fiction lite
Jessica Schneider on women writers
The best little Steakhouse in Japan

Dean H Ruetzler
Dalia Lama on Ice
Scott Schnaars
Uncle Leukaemia

Laura Coope on sickness in the family

Broken Wings

Maraget Manning on surviving marriage breakup
Allowing Yourself to Fail Toward Success

Anne Marie Baugh
Effects of Porn & Compulsive Addiction

Laura A. Drentea-Morgan
Embarassing Parents
Ben Macphereson
The Art of Shopping with Mother
Ben Macpherson is off his trolley
Barber Shop Philosopher
Ben Macpherson

An Atheist's Guide to Surviving Christmas

Colin Haslett will not enjoy the festive season

Making Mistakes
Melanie Tucker

Beyond the Celebrity Crush
Michale Sean Morris
My Mind
Clover Tucker
My Life as a Writer
Michael Levy
Bobby Hatfield Remembered
Jeffrey Beyl
Unemployment Hell
Jeffrey Beyl
It Happened Here
Chris Underhay on the consequences of a German Victory in WW2
How to Beat Your Wife
James Skinner on domestic violence in Spain
Learning to be human
James Talbot on happiness
Consider the Alternative
James Talbot on history

At Death's Door
Tabytha Towe discovers a reason for living

Taking the Hard Way
Tabytha Towe's Vancouver Diary '04
At the Door of the Coffee Roaster
Sam North has a flashback
Why Don't You Get A Proper Job?
Tristan Scott Davis on being a writer
Oprah- In praise of mediocrity
Dan Schneider
Unadvisable Behaviour
Michelle Cochrane in the schoolyard
Fear of Flying
Colin Todhunter takes flight
Me, You, and The Truth About Starbucks
Tom Donoghue
Alaska Bound
Sara Towe: Change your life take a cruise

Women Rights and Wrongs
James Skinner
How to speak
M.C. Wood on speaking your mind

Laura Coope

Boy's Room
Michelle Cochrane revisits the ex...
Laura Coope
The Nebraska Bedroom Massacre
Georgina Lord
O Happy Day

Michelle Cochrane

James Campion on Jesus, Mel Gibson and history
The Georgetown Factor Pt 2
James Campion US Election Battlegrounds

The Georgetown Factor
James Campion May 24th GOP in disarray

Home of the Meek - Cowardly Voters
Dan Schneider

Last Word on WMDs
James Campion on war and money

Super Tuesday Hammerlock
James Campion - US Primaries

New Hampshire Fallout
James Campion - primaries '04

Primary Blues
James campion on Iowa and beyond

IOWA Dogfight Revisited
James Campion Part Two

Why Howard Dean Won't be President
James Campion on 2004 election analysis
What Howard Dean can learn from J-Lo
Kate Morrison
What Europe Thinks about the US Elections
James Skinner

Bushspeak: The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction
John Goldhammer

Can Japan Save the Garden of Eden?

J T Brown
John Stossel

Dan Schnieder investigates
Examining Hackwriters

Dan Schneider takes a critical look at Hacks and the contributors.
Ranking Websites
Dan Schneider on the numbers game

Pete Rose - 14 years too late

James Campion
The Balance of Terror in the Middle East
Robert Levin
Your Emails to James Campion

Have your say on US politics
What Has Your Union Done For You Lately?

Dan Schneider
Saddam's End

James Campion
Do Not Trust Your Government
Jim Curtiss on truth and history
Parasite Singles
J T Brown on contemporary Japan
Japan in Cambodia - Demining in progress
J T Brown on the new face of Japan
McJob Branding
Naseem Javed
Whose Truth Is It Anyway?
Ben Jonjak on truth in the media
UK TV Sucks
Erin Hopkins
Birth of a Cynical Age
James Campion - Kennedy 40 Years On
Harbinger of the Flower People
James Campion on Medicare legacy
Why Saddam had To Go
J T Brown
2003 Review and 2004 Predicitons
J T Brown
Is Your Money Safe?
Michael Levy
Weapons of Mass Uselessness
J.S. on the future of terror
When the Music Stops
James Skinner doesn't do the 'Timewarp'
A Layman's Guide to Globalization
James Skinner
Globalisation Part Two: Linkage
James Skinner with a world economics primer
The Case for Same-Sex Marriage
M.C. Wood
Living In Sin
M. C. Wood on life-partners

Grandmaster Flash
Rachael D'Cruz

Battle of the VW Bugs

Rachael D'Cruz
Just One Cup of Coffee
Ben Macpherson on stereotypes
Casino du Lac Leamy
Habeeb Saloum on Quebec style
Street Art or Street Vandals?
Graffiti Culture by Rachael D'Cruze

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